JEE Main Exam Tips to Crack JEE Main

Trust me there is not rocket science to crack any examination, no matter how tough it is. Putting in your 100% with perseverance and determination is the ideal way of ensuring you get ahead of your competition. Also, we won’t deny the fact that JEE is a crucial examination especially if you are aiming for institutes like IITs, NITs.

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And no matter what the world says, anything is possible, if you are a stubborn soul, bent upon achieving your dream. Then even the world can't stop you from getting what you want. So the first thing you need to start with setting yourself away from distractions.

Stay away from distractions

The Internet is one of the top distractions. However, using it to your advantage can turn the table to your side. You will often be tempted to browse or run through your feed, but if you wish to ace your exam, you can leverage it by using it to revise topics, browsing details about the subject wherever and whenever you are stuck and also for solving online test series.

Start early start better

Well Begun is Half Done

Do not postpone it for tomorrow. Often students get driven with the vast amount of time they have at disposal. However, this is a psychological trait wherein we go on to delay things knowing we have immense time. The idea for success is when the heart says no, go for it. Start early and go unloading the worry little by little.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into how you can prepare for JEE Main:

Use precise study material

Study Smart

Second, to question papers, it is the study material that you use that play a major role. It is necessary to use appropriate JEE Main study material which can offer you a compact understanding of the subject in detail. Furthermore, numerous authors in the market offering almost similar information in each of their books. Hence, purchasing all the books will only be futile. 

Herein, what will you do to ensure you have landed on the right book? Well, these are the top three things to look for when choosing a book:

1. Is the content precise and easy to understand?

2. Does it offer a detailed crisp insight?

3. Are ample objective questions and practice tests included?

4. Does the book clear your doubts?

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If a book covers the above four points, then it is surely worth considering it as the best reference material for JEE Main

Additional Tip - Use a maximum of 2 reference materials to save yourself from confusion.

Collect previous year papers

Previous Year's Papers for Practice

While most will suggest starting with preparing a timetable, I ask you to first gather the previous year papers. Previous year question papers are a gold mine which can prove to be beneficial when deciding how you should strategize your study plan. So firstly, begin with consulting previous year papers and go on to looking through the various questions. See if any questions are repeated, the type of questions asked and which topics are more prominent.

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Set your timetable

Follow a TimeTable

Bifurcate the topics based on your difficulty level. Give more time to the difficult topics and topics from which questions are frequently asked. However, don’t completely concentrate on one category of topics. Instead, maintain a balance between easy and difficult topics. 

Revise and practice

Revision is must

Studying alone won't fruit results. Thus, revise and practice every time you complete one topic. Keep revising the topics every alternate day to be in the loop with what you have studied. While revising, make sure you give enough time to the topics you are weak at. Practising more questions on tough topics will definitely help to master those topics. 

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Take Mock Tests

Mock Test for Exam feel

The best thing about Mock Tests is that it readies the students far in advance before taking the actual exam, thereby acquainting them to the examination. After having been taken over by NTA as the conducting body, JEE aspirants are rendered the benefit and advantage of participating in the mock tests. Students can register for the Mock Test on the NTA website, choose the place and gain a perfect detailing about how to attempt the exam.

Additionally, you need not limit yourself to JEE Mock Tests alone, you can go on to participate in Mock Tests available on the internet by many prominent websites. This will help in refining your skills and putting a stronghold in strengthening your foundation in time management.

All study and No Play will never be Fruitful

Take a break

Your mind and body need as much rest as much as work. Continuous study will be futile if not backed by proper rest and rejuvenation. Thus, the midst of the worry of exams, do not forget to take rest, sleep well without burning the night oil and indulge in other activities like sports or good read of a novel!

Last 2-3 months before JEE

Follow the above timetable but now divert your preparation towards indulging more in revision and solving questions. Solve as many papers as possible, take as many mock tests as required and revise, practice, revise!

Cover the pending topics without forgetting to revise the previously covered ones.

A month before the exam

Things to do a month before the exam


Herein, keep yourself calm and just go with the flow. Eat well, sleep well and spend time in revision.

A week before

Things to do a week before the exam

Just revise through the cheat notes, the formulae, vocabulary, etc. DO NOT START ANY NEW TOPIC!

Other fun ways to study:

Revise by uttering the answers aloud. As per human psychology, talking to self helps in remembering things. Hence, read loud and revise.

Stand in front of the mirror and talk

Boost your Confidence

You can also try outstanding in front of the mirror and talk. Talking in front of the mirror has a similar effect as that of listening to teachers explaining a topic. It will not only help in boosting confidence but also aid in remembering things well.

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In conclusion, nothing is difficult for those who have gripped their mind to learn and reach the peak. Throughout the preparation, send out the vibe of positivity and watch the universe conspiring to make your dream come true.

All the BEST! May the Victory be with YOU!

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