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Top Medium Square Notebooks by Target Publications

Target's medium square notebooks are a must-have for students. They are best for subjects like maths. The medium square ruled notebooks are ideal for kids to practice numbers. Moreover, they're also handy for making plans and lists, practising handwriting, and even doodling.

They can also be a perfect medium square exercise book. They are great for keeping everything tidy and organised. Our medium square maths books for kids are available in 76-page and 172-page options. With the notebooks special features, studying becomes more enjoyable and learning is easier.

The Amazing Features of the Medium Square Notebooks:

  • Our medium square maths books are made from top–notch 57 GSM white paper, while being eco–friendly and elemental chlorine–free.
  • Use the Index for a quick look at what's inside the medium square books.
  • Have fun with entertaining activities at the end of the book to take a break from note–taking.

The Available Sizes In The Medium Square Notebooks:

Notebook Size (cm) Binding Style Cover Type
18 x 24 Soft Bound Brown
15.5 x 19 Hard Bound Brown

FAQs of Medium Square Notebooks

1. What is a medium square notebook?

Ans: A medium square ruled notebook features medium box, grid-like patterns on each page.

2. What are the dimensions of your medium square notebook?

Ans: Our medium square notebooks are available in two sizes including 18 cm x 24 cm and 15.5 cm x 19 cm.

3. What type of paper do the medium square notebooks use?

Ans: Our medium square notebooks are made from high–quality 57 GSM paper. They are eco–friendly and elemental chlorine–free.

4. Do the medium square notebooks come with any special features?

Ans: Yes, our medium square notebooks have special features like high-quality GSM paper, an index, and fun activities at the end of the notebook.

5. Who would find medium square notebooks most suitable?

Ans: Medium square notebooks are most suitable for students, professionals, artists, or anyone who prefers a structured layout for their writing, drawing, or organisation.