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    Std 12 Commerce Books | Eco, OC, BK, Maths, English | HSC Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Commerce Books | Eco, OC, SP, BK, English | HSC Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12th Organisation of Commerce Book in Marathi | Commerce Guide | Marathi Medium
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    Std 12 Commerce Secretarial Practice Book - SP | HSC Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Accounts Book | BK | HSC Commerce Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Maths Books | Volume 1 and 2 | HSC Commerce Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Maths Book Volume 1 | HSC Commerce Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Maths Book Volume 2 | HSC Commerce Maharashtra Board
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Best Std 12th Commerce 2024-2025 HSC Maharashtra State Board Reference Books, Notes & PYQ’s Books By Target Publications

The 12th HSC Board exams mark a significant milestone where students' knowledge and comprehension of various subjects are evaluated, opening doors to higher education and career prospects.

Administered by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, the 12th HSC Board exams attract over 14 lakh students annually. About 3.5 lakh students appeared for the HSC Commerce examination in the academic year 2022-23, boasting a 90% pass percentage. In order to stand out among the vast number of students taking the HSC 2024 exams, it is vital to push yourself further and aim for the highest possible level of personal growth and achievement.

Today’s Commerce as a Subject: How the Right 12th Commerce Books Help You Stay At the Top!

Commerce as a subject has become extremely adaptive. It had no choice—with the world moving at such a fast pace, Commerce theories, concepts and definitions had to undergo the changes we see today. This makes it important to keep ourselves constantly updated and informed.

For this, you need regularly up-to-date 12th commerce study materials. You must be equipped with only the best notes, reference books and Std. 12 Question banks to ace the HSC 12th Board Exams 2024!

Target Publications: Aiming for HSC Board and Entrance Exam Excellence

Target Publications, ranked as one of the Top 20 Most Impactful Education Companies in India by the Corporate Review Magazine, has built a solid reputation for delivering diverse dependable educational materials that cater to students at all stages of learning, spanning from preschool to college. However, our commitment doesn't stop there. We go above and beyond by providing students with the added convenience of self-paced learning through our Quill - The Padhai App.

Complete Your HSC 12th Commerce Targets With Target Publications!

Target Publications is dedicated to meeting your educational requirements by offering a wide range of resources, including comprehensive reference books and notes. We prioritize student feedback and adhere to the guidelines set by the Maharashtra State Board for the 12th standard to ensure that our materials are of the highest quality and according to the Std. 12 commerce new and updated syllabus.

Get the Best Std. 12 HSC Commerce Guides to Bring Out the Best in YOU!

Target Publications recognises the significance of having the best study materials, so you feel confident and stress-free for your exams. That is why we have meticulously crafted three distinct series that cater to a wide range of students, enabling them to surpass their expectations and achieve remarkable results.

Precise Series

Target Publications’ Precise Series offers to-the-point notes aligned with the latest Maharashtra Board syllabus and paper pattern. The books have been curated keeping exam effectiveness, easy understanding and important questions in mind. While Chapter Assessments allow self-evaluation, previous years’ questions (PYQs) and the latest 2023 Board question papers ensure 100% Board preparation.

The books for the Precise Series are available in the following subjects:

  1. Std. 12 Commerce Economics Book | English
  2. Std. 12 Commerce Organisation of Commerce and Management Book | English
  3. Std. 12 Commerce Secretarial Practice Book | English

Yuvakbharati Series

Introducing the Yuvakbharati Series: Unlocking the World of English, Hindi, and Marathi! Step into a language learning experience that goes beyond the conventional methods. The notes utilize precise and articulate language in order to improve both your writing and speaking skills. Not only does it contribute to the development of your personality but also aids in crafting grammatically accurate responses during exams. Get the exam-like experience with the Board activity sheets from March 2023 (with solutions).

The books for the Yuvakbharati Series are available in the following subjects:

  1. Std. 12 English Yuvakbharati Book
  2. Std. 12 Hindi Yuvakbharati Book
  3. Std. 12 Marathi Yuvakbharati Book

Smart Notes Series

The Smart Notes Series by Target Publications goes beyond providing answers to textual and additional questions. It takes learning a step further by incorporating QR code-linked external resources, ensuring that students have access to updated and supplementary materials to enhance their understanding. For optimum Board preparation, it also has chapter-wise previous year’s Board questions and the latest 2023 Board question papers fully solved.

Smart Notes are available for the following subjects:

  1. Std. 12 Commerce Economics Book | English & Marathi
  2. Std. 12 Commerce Organisation of Commerce and Management Book | English & Marathi
  3. Std. 12 Commerce Secretarial Practice Book | English & Marathi
  4. Std. 12 Commerce Maths and Statistics Vol I and Vol II
  5. Std. 12 Commerce Supplementary Questions for Eco, OCM, BK and SP | English
  6. Std. 12 Commerce Book Keeping and Accountancy Book | English
  7. Std. 12 Commerce Book Keeping and Accountancy Solutions Book | English
  8. Std. 12 Commerce Book Keeping and Accountancy Practice Book | English

A One-Stop Solution for All 12th Commerce Subjects:

  1. Designed in a manner where you can access answers to all textual questions, practice tests and examples, the Std. 12 Precise Economics Book acts as a concise source for exam preparation. It also offers multiple objective-type questions, previous years’ Board questions and the latest 2023 Board question paper for a well-rounded practice.
  2. From helping you keep your eye on the ball HSC Board exam- to giving focused information for your comprehensive understanding, the Std. 12 Organisation of Commerce & Management Precise Book does it all. It also provides an exclusive Chapter Index, so you can glance through all important sub-topics quickly!
  3. Be 100% exam-ready with the Std. 12 Secretarial Practice Precise Book. Get to-the-point and exam-like answers in this uniquely designed book for crystal clear conceptual clarity. Find the latest 2023 HSC Board Paper with solutions just a QR Code away!
  4. The Std. 12 Yuvakbharati English Book empowers you to excel in English not just as a subject but also in real-life communication, enabling you to write ideal answers. It encompasses passage-wise prose interpretation, appreciation of poetry, literature analysis and grammar assignments, ensuring in-depth exam preparation.
  5. In addition to reading textbooks, decoding language complexities, cultivating interest in the subject, and learning how to write answers are equally crucial. The Std. 12 Yuvakbharati Hindi Book offers passage-wise paraphrasing, exam-oriented answers, grammar lessons, writing skills practice as well as qualitative tests.
  6. Understanding language nuances is important for language learning. The Std. 12 Yuvakbharati Marathi Book offers paragraph-wise paraphrasing and grammar exercises. It also instils listening, speech, reading and writing capabilities. This unique approach keeps learning engaging, preventing monotony while enhancing language skills as well as exam preparedness.
  7. With detailed explanations, clever mnemonic devices and convenient access to practical insights through QR codes, the Std. 12 Economics Smart Notes covers it all. It offers you a comprehensive and holistic approach to the subject, developing a deep understanding of economics while acquiring the necessary skills to excel in examinations.
  8. The subject of OCM forms the basis of any commercial activity i.e. employment, business or profession that we undertake in our lives. Std. 12 Organisation of Commerce & Management Smart Notes helps you learn the basic fundamentals of management and sets a base for future learning. When you are completely sure of your understanding, you write your exams perfectly. That’s why the book also contains a healthy dose of real-life examples.
  9. You will find the Std. 12 Secretarial Practice Smart Notes filled with textual questions, textbook references and additional questions, so you get a proper overview of every chapter. The book carries point-wise and detailed answers, just the way you are expected to write in your Board exams.
  10. The Std. 12 Mathematics & Statistics Vol I & II Smart Notes offer lucid explanations of fundamental concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It provides effective problem-solving methods, illustrative examples and smart checks to ensure correct methodology usage. The book also includes a smart recap for last-minute revision, topic tests to assess your understanding and a competitive corner for entrance exam preparation, thereby enabling you to become an expert problem solver.
  11. If you are a student who believes in covering all aspects of a subject, Std. 12 Bookkeeping and Accountancy Smart Notes is the one for you! The book provides proper theory coverage, textbook questions, textual, non-textbook questions, HOTs and provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the Board exam.
  12. The Std. 12 Bookkeeping and Accountancy Solutions Smart Notes have been meticulously crafted to provide targeted answers to all the textual questions you encounter. These notes serve as a condensed resource to complement your preparation for exams.
  13. Once you have fully read the textbook, solved all textual questions and gathered all additional knowledge, it's time to step up your game with the Std. 12 Bookkeeping and Accountancy Practice Smart Notes. The book provides extra sums apart from textbook and SCERT questions to holistically complete your understanding and exam preparedness.
  14. An all-in-one book to solve all your worries about Economics, OCM, BK and SP, the Std. 12 Commerce Supplementary Questions Smart Notes (Eco, OCM, BK and SP) covers all objective and new types of questions with solutions. Additional questions provide a wide-ranged coverage of the syllabus, including a variety of interpretative questions.
  15. With Target’s Information Technology (IT) notes for 12th Commerce, get neat, organised, detailed point-wise solutions. Simple explanations, relevant diagrams and displayed outputs break down even the most complex concepts. Chapter-wise Previous Years’ Board Questions will help you find the pattern of questions asked in the exam. Ace the practical exams, too, with solved "Skill Oriented Practical" questions.

Add the Final Icing on the Cake by Solving Model Question Papers and Question Banks for the Std. 12th!

Merely reading the prescribed textbooks may not be sufficient to crack the HSC Board exam in the given time. To achieve that, it is essential to develop speed, which can only be attained through consistent practice of model question papers, mock tests and question banks for 12th Commerce. Engaging in regular practice will not only enhance your self-confidence but also help eliminate exam anxieties, enabling you to remain composed and focused during the actual exam. Begin your preparation for the HSC Board exams with Target Publications, as we provide the necessary resources and support to facilitate your journey towards success.

Target Publications offers two types of Std 12th commerce question banks :

   1. Solutions to HSC Board Question Bank

Finding books that not only provide question papers but also offer solutions in the correct format expected by the Board Council can be challenging. However, you have come to the right place! The Std. 12 Solutions to HSC Board Question Bank Book for Economics, Secretarial Practice, Organisation of Commerce and Management, and Mathematics & Statistics offers comprehensive solutions to the question bank released by the SCERT in 2022. This book not only prepares you thoroughly for the HSC exams but also provides helpful hints and smart codes for easy memorisation of answers.

   2. HSC 30 Question Papers and Activity Sheets with Solutions

This book offers 24 Model activity sheets and 6 solved HSC previous year’s question papers (March 2023). It covers a range of subjects including bookkeeping and Accountancy, Economics, Maths and Statistics, Secretarial Practice, Organisation of Commerce and Management, and English for 12th Commerce students. Practising with the Std. 12 Commerce 30 Model Question Papers and Activity Sheets With Solutions book, improve your ability to write winning answers in the HSC exams.

   3. The Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Sets for Hindi and Marathi for Std. 12 Commerce

Each book features ten model question papers, Hindi/Marathi HSC 2023 solved Board activity sheets and an answer sheet in handwritten format to promote neat and organised answer writing. This will help you understand how the Board expects you to write answers and, in turn, help you get greater scores!

Accelerate Your Academic Journey with Target Publications!

Target Publications' reference books and question banks for HSC Commerce offer valuable resources to delve into topics, access remarkable exam-oriented notes and grasp fundamental concepts effectively. These books serve as tools to expand your understanding, improve time management and craft winning answers during the HSC Board exams. With thorough preparation using Target Publications' notes and model question papers, you are now ready for the final stretch. Embrace the opportunity and confidently excel in your Board exams with utmost efficiency!

Think Far, Think BIG and Leap towards Commerce Entrance Exams!

Having mastered the HSC exams, it's time to elevate your aspirations and excel in the CUET Entrance Exam, opening doors to a world of new opportunities!

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET-UG) 2023 grants admission to all Undergraduate Programmes in Central Universities under the Ministry of Education.

In the 2023 CUET exam, 14,99,790 lakh students appeared. This makes it the most intense Entrance exam in India among all Indian Competitive Exams.

No need to fret! We've got you covered every step of the way. Target Publications presents books specifically designed for CUET preparation: CUET Notes and CUET Practice Paper Sets. With these comprehensive resources at your disposal, you'll have everything you need to achieve top scores in this competitive exam.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 12 Commerce Books

Q. What are the subjects in Std 12th Commerce Maharashtra board?

Ans: Maharashtra Board offers 4 Compulsory Subjects, namely English, Modern Indian/Foreign/Classical language, Environment Education and Health and Physical Education. The Board offers as many as 21 languages like Hindi, Marathi, German, French, Sanskrit etc.

Elective Subjects include Economics, Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM), Book-keeping (BK) and Accountancy, Mathematics and Statistics, Secretarial Practice (SP), Information Technology (IT), Co-operation, Occupational Orientation and Defence Studies.

Q. What kind of books are available in the market to prepare for Std. 12 Commerce?

Ans: Books available for Std. 12 Commerce preparation include textbooks, reference books, guides, workbooks and online study materials. Choose reputable publishers that align with the Maharashtra State Board curriculum like Target Publications.

Q. How to study for Std 12th Commerce Maharashtra Board 2023-2024?

Ans: Preparing for Std. 12 Commerce requires a lot of hard work and effective study strategies. Here are some tips to help you prepare for Std. 12 Commerce for the academic year 2023-2024:

  • Know your syllabus
  • Curate a schedule according to your timeline
  • Make concise handwritten notes
  • Clear all doubts beforehand
  • Practise solving previous years' question papers
  • Take regular mock tests
  • Revise regularly

Q. How important are previous years’ question papers while preparing for Std. 12 Commerce?

Ans: Previous years’ question papers are highly important for Std. 12 Commerce preparation. They provide familiarity with the exam pattern, help identify question trends, aid in time management, highlight weak areas and boost confidence. They should be used alongside textbooks and other resources for comprehensive preparation. Question Banks and Model Question paper books by Target Publications will help you achieve tangible results!

Where can I get/download Std. 12 Commerce Previous years’ question papers?

Why worry when everything is just a click away! Visit to find all the Std. 12 Commerce Previous years’ question papers and other resources for free!