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Best JEE-Mains Entrance Exam 2024 Chapter-wise Online Mock/Practice Tests Series by Target Publications

The Joint Entrance Examination (Main) or JEE (Main) is a national-level exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. It is held twice a year for admission to undergraduate engineering and architecture courses in various prestigious institutions across India, including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other centrally funded technical institutions.


JEE (Main) is conducted in online mode as a Computer-Based Test (CBT). The exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and numerical-based questions that candidates are required to answer within 180 minutes. Questions are asked from three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


This entrance exam is highly competitive and requires thorough preparation. Moreover, for every incorrect answer, a mark is deducted, making accuracy a key role in securing a good rank. Thus, candidates need the best study tools to prepare for the JEE (Main) exam.

Why Target Publications for Entrance Exam Preparation?

From pre-primary books to college books, Target Publications has been the trusted brand for many parents, students and educators for close to 20 years. Our team of experts prepares the best books for common entrance exams every year according to the official curriculum. Be it NEET preparation books or JEE Mains books, every title is revised as per the latest exam paper pattern.


Target Publications offers students the convenience of learning at their pace through its mobile application, Quill - The Padhai App, too. In it, candidates can access a massive digital library as well as online NEET mock tests, JEE (Main) mock tests and MHT-CET mock tests.

The Best Online Mock Tests for JEE (Main) by Target Publications

From chapter-wise mock tests for JEE to full-length model tests, practice with the Target Publications’ Online Test Series for JEE (Mains), namely JEE (Main) Physics Online Test Series, JEE (Main) Chemistry Online Test Series, JEE (Main) Mathematics Online Test Series and JEE (Main) PCM Online Test Series. Every one of the JEE (Main) online tests is carefully designed to help a candidate manage their time efficiently during the exam.

JEE (Main) Physics Online Test Series

Target Publications JEE (Main) Physics Online Test Series has 2,150 multiple choice questions spread across 45 Physics mock tests for JEE (Main).


  • The tests have a user-friendly mobile interface students can access through Quill – The Padhai App
  • Thirty JEE Mains chapter-wise mock tests are given in the form of Topic Tests. Taking these will help candidates gauge their understanding of each chapter
  • The 10 Revision Tests gradually build a candidate’s ability to solve MCQs of different topics together
  • The 5 Model Tests are based on the latest JEE (Main) exam pattern
  • Time-bound tests can be attempted once per user to simulate the true exam experience
  • Easy, moderate and difficult MCQs are included
  • View the Correct Answers and Hints at the end of each test
  • Graphical Analysis Performance report is provided with questions classified as correct, incorrect and not attempted
  • Detailed Solutions are also provided. Tap on the attempted test to view them

JEE (Main) Chemistry Online Test Series

Get ample practice for the entrance exam with the JEE (Main) Chemistry Online Test Series. It contains 45 JEE (Main) Chemistry mock tests of 2,150 MCQs.


  • User-friendly mobile interface
  • Thirty chapter-specific Topic Tests are included
  • Ten Revision Tests comprising questions from 3–4 topics to train the candidate to solve MCQs of different topics
  • Based on the latest JEE (Main) exam pattern, 5 Model Tests of 30 MCQs each are provided
  • Every test is time-bound to simulate the real exam experience
  • Includes varying difficulty levels of multiple-choice questions
  • Correct Answers, Hints and Graphical Analysis Performance Report displayed at the end of each test
  • Detailed Solutions provided
  • Every test can be attempted once per user

JEE (Main) Mathematics Online Test Series

Target Publications JEE (Main) Mathematics Online Test Series consists of 39 JEE (Mains) Maths mock tests with a total of 1,850 multiple choice questions.


  • User-friendly mobile interface
  • One attempt per test per user
  • Covers 25 Topic Tests, 9 Revision Tests and 5 Model Tests
  • A healthy mix of easy, moderate and complex MCQs included
  • Answers and Hints are shown at the end of each test along with a Graphical Analysis Performance Report
  • The Detailed Solutions can be viewed multiple times

JEE (Main) PCM Online Test Series

With more than 6,000 MCQs, the JEE (Main) PCM Online Test Series has 129 JEE Main mock tests for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


  • Contains 85 Topic Tests, 39 Revision Tests and 15 Model Tests
  • Every test covers simple, moderate and difficult questions
  • Answers, Hints and Graphical Analysis
  • Performance report displayed after completion of each test
  • Detailed Solutions are provided, which can be viewed repeatedly
  • The time-bound tests can be taken once per user

How to Register for the Online Test Series on Quill – The Padhai App?

Download Quill App from Playstore

Step 1

Download and install Quill – The Padhai App from Google Play Store

or Apple Store.

Enter a mobile number to register on Quill App to access Online Mock tests

Step 2

Sign up with your 10-digit mobile number.

Enter an OTP to complete registration on Quill App to access online Mock tests

Step 3

Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

Step 4

Fill in the required information to register.

Step 5

Select the standard you are currently studying in along with the year.

Step 6

Select your Board of education and medium of language.

Step 7

Choose your stream and the entrance exam you are preparing for.

You can choose multiple entrance exams along with the year

you are appearing for it/them. Choose you’re medium

of language and select done.

Step 8

Tap on “I agree”.

Step 9

You will now see the homepage. Tap on the “Main Menu” at

the top left corner.

Step 10

Select the course/entrance exam you are preparing for.

Step 11

Then tap on “Apply code” and enter the Product Key provided

after purchase.

Step 12

You can now start taking tests. Your progress will be displayed on the


Frequently Asked Questions about JEE-Mains Online Test Series

JEE Main is conducted in computer-based test (CBT) mode.

JEE Main Mock Test 2023 is an online practice test set by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to help candidates prepare for the JEE Main 2023 exam.

But other mock tests are also available online such as Target Publications’ Online Test Series. They come with detailed performance reports for every test you take. These graphical reports not only help you track your progress but also highlight your strengths and weaknesses, thus helping you prepare for the JEE (Main) exam effectively.

The JEE Main Mock Test is available in online mode, that is, a computer-based test (CBT). However, if you would like to access JEE Mains practice test online anytime, anywhere—be it college, classes or at home, then Target Publications’ JEE Online Test Series is what you need.
JEE Main Mock Test 2023 is important because it familiarises students with the computer-based test (CBT) mode of the entrance exam. JEE Main online mock tests also improve a candidate’s performance by 3 times as it helps them manage their time properly during the exam.
Taking JEE mock tests is not mandatory. But if you want to secure a good rank, then it is a must. The JEE (Main) entrance exam requires you to answer different question types in a short period. With barely a minute and a half to solve a question, irrespective of difficulty level, you need the practice only mock tests can give you.
You can take the JEE Main mock test by registering on the official NTA website. You can also take JEE Main mock tests through Target Publications’ Quill – The Padhai App. It has a series of subject-wise online tests a candidate can easily access through their phone.
With Target Publications JEE (Main) Online Test Series, you can attempt topic-wise mock tests. This will ensure your conceptual understanding of each lesson is thorough.
There are many advantages to taking a JEE Main mock test, or rather, tests. Not only does it make you aware of areas you need to improve, but it also accelerates your speed of solving questions accurately. The more number of mock tests you take, the easier it is to analyse your preparedness for the entrance exam. Moreover, every mock test you take gradually eases test anxiety, helping you stay focused during the actual day of the exam.