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    Std 12 Books PCMB | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Books PCB | HSC Science Maharashtra State Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Science Books - Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English | PCM + E | Set of 7 Books
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    Std 12 Physics Book Vol 1 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Chemistry Book Vol 1 and 2 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Chemistry Book Vol 1 Notes | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Chemistry Book Vol 2 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Maths Book Vol 2 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Biology Books Vol 1 and 2 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Biology Book Vol 1 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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Best Std 12th Science 2024-2025 HSC Maharashtra State Board Reference Books, Notes & PYQ Books By Target Publications

HSC Boards are a pivotal milestone in a student’s academic journey. Administered by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, the HSC Board exams for the Science stream witnessed the participation of more than 6 lakh students. Given the substantial number of students undertaking these exams, it becomes crucial that you are provided with books that can help you excel in this examination.

How the Standard 12 Reference Books You Use Impact Your HSC Board Scores?

To excel in the Board exam, you need to possess a solid conceptual understanding, be able to write perfect answers and do it all on time. And where else do you get these but the books your refer and study from. That’s why it’s important to have access to the best standard 12 science reference books, notes and solutions.

Target Publications: Your Key to Excel HSC Board and Entrance Exams

Rated as one of the most promising SME brands to look out for in 2023 by Great Companies, Target Publications has earned a strong reputation for providing a wide range of reliable educational resources catering to students at every level-from preschool up to college. But it doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile by offering students the convenience of self-paced learning through our Quill - The Padhai App.

Why Choose Target Publications for Your HSC Exam Preparation?

With over 17+ years of experience in educational content publishing, Target Publications has an inclusive collection of study materials, practice papers, question banks and guides. Our resources have been carefully designed to assist students in comprehending the core concepts and honing their problem-solving abilities, the two most crucial aspects for not just excelling in exams but life.

Standard 12 Science Books By Target Publications - The Perfect Companion For Every Student!

Whether you want study materials just for the HSC Board exam or wish to prepare for the entrance exam as well, Target Publications offers the best study material for each need.

The Perfect Series

Created for students who wish to target their HSC Board Exam as well as Entrance exams simultaneously, the Perfect series has a plethora of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and NCERT Corner which covers information from the NCERT textbook. All the books are equipped with Previous Year’s Solved Question Papers (March 2024). What’s more? This series is for the truly curious. The real learners who wish to understand the world of Science. That’s why it also answers many of the projects and activities in the textbook along with real-life examples.

Following are the books included in the Perfect series:

  1. Std. 12 Physics Book Vol I & Vol II
  2. Std. 12 Chemistry Book Vol I & Vol II
  3. Std. 12 Mathematics Book Vol I & Vol II
  4. Std. 12 Biology Book Vol I & Vol II
  5. Std. 12 Geography Book

The Precise Series

If your focus is solely on HSC Board exam preparation, then the Precise series is just what you need. These notes feature comprehensive study materials that align with the latest Maharashtra Board syllabus and paper pattern. The content is presented in a question-answer format, focusing on exam-related topics. Previous Year’s Solved Question Papers (March 2024) are also added to give you an extra edge.

Following are the books included in the Precise series:

  1. Std. 12 Physics Book Vol I & Vol II
  2. Std. 12 Chemistry Book Vol I & Vol II
  3. Std. 12 Biology Book Vol I & Vol II

The Yuvakbharati Series

Introducing the Yuvakbharati Series — a comprehensive language learning curriculum for English, Hindi and Marathi. Our books go beyond traditional approaches, aiming to foster a deeper understanding and proficiency in these languages.

Meet the 12th Science Guides: Your Trump Cards for the HSC Board

Std. 12 Physics Book Vol I & II | Perfect Series

Target’s Std. 12 Physics guides follow the ideal that ‘Physics is communicated in English, it is expressed in Mathematics’. Theoretical answers and numericals are covered in a logical order. With a coherent question-answer approach, you get exam-ready notes at your fingertips while with QR code-linked videos, a real understanding. These books include previous year’s Physics papers of the 12th standard as well as tagged previous years’ questions (Physics PYQs).

Std. 12 Chemistry Book Vol I & II | Perfect Series

Target Publications’ standard 12 Chemistry books simplify the seemingly complicated world of chemistry, opening your eyes to how incredibly interesting the subject is. The unique General Reactions feature makes it easier to remember even the most complex chemical reactions. Inside, you will find the previous year’s Chemistry papers of 12th standard (March 2023).

Std. 12 Mathematics Book Vol I & II | Perfect Series

Target’s standard 12 Maths books have Topic Tests, which provide you with a quick opportunity for self-assessment. These books have an Important Formulae section to help you remember the formulae from every chapter. Get ample practice needed to master Maths with multiple questions based on every topic in the official syllabus.

Std. 12 Biology Book Vol I & II | Perfect Series

Target Publications believes that the study of Biology helps in the understanding of many fascinating and important phenomena. Our Std 12th Biology books contain examples that relate Biology to real-world events, showing that Biology is a vibrant branch of Science. They cover Biology papers of the 12th standard from the year 2023.

Std. 12 Geography Book | Perfect Series

This Geography book helps you promote awareness of geographical concepts like human settlements on a global scale, to differentiate between various economic activities and study their impact on day-to-day life. It also helps you learn how to use and analyse data to build conclusions.

Std. 12 Physics Book Vol I & II | Precise Series

The Physics Precise books build concepts and advance into numbers and equations. It helps you understand physics in the easiest possible way. This book features various sections, topics and sub-topics which gives a holistic learning experience. Coupled with the previous year’s Physics Board question paper (March 2024), you will be 100% exam-ready.

Std. 12 Chemistry Book Vol I & II | Precise Series

These Precise Chemistry books collate textual topics in a comprehensive manner so as to foster a robust knowledge base as well as to help you score excellently in the Board examination. Additionally, previous years’ questions and the latest solved March 2024 Board paper is included.

Std. 12 Biology Book Vol I & II | Precise Series

The Precise Biology books have been crafted to provide an exam-centric approach to the curriculum while retaining the essence of the subject. Videos are included to make concepts easier to grasp. Relevant questions from Board examinations from March 2009 to March 2024 are provided so that students get an idea of the types of questions that could be asked in the 2024 Board examinations.

Std. 12 Yuvakbharati English Notes

Our Std 12 English Yuvakbharati book is based on the latest Maharashtra SCERT textbook, the book focuses on helping you develop skills, such as interpretation and analysis of prose, appreciation of poetry as well as a thorough understanding of grammatical structures. The 2024 Board activity sheet is included, too, along with previous years’ Board questions.

Std. 12 Hindi Yuvakbharati Notes

The Std 12 Hindi Yuvakbharati book provides an excerpt-wise breakdown of chapters and poems in a simple format in accordance with the revised syllabus. With coverage of all questions based on the textbook exercises, extensive activities, a glossary for difficult words, integrated questions, poem appreciation, additional practice questions and grammar sheets for thorough practice, this book ensures a holistic learning experience. It also includes a dedicated section for grammar to improve language skills. Previous year’s board questions have been tagged for easy reference. Get the actual exam-like experience with the March 2024 Board paper with solutions.

Std. 12 Yuvakbharati Marathi Book

Std. 12 Marathi Yuvakbharati book is specifically designed for HSC Maharashtra Board students. It provides a comprehension style that divides chapters and poetry into extracts. This book covers all textual questions, previous years’ questions, the 2024 Marathi Board activity sheet, engaging activities, grammar practice sheets and a dedicated section to improve your writing skills.

Std. 12 Information Technology (Science)

This student-friendly Information Technology (IT) guide is in question-answer format. Along with point-wise solutions—neatly organised by sections—the book makes learning about the world of IT easy through simple explanations, diagrams and displayed outputs. With the dedicated solved “Skill Oriented Practical” questions, acing the practical exams is a breeze.

Std. 12 Electronics Paper-I: Applied Electronics

These HSC syllabus-based Electronics Paper – I notes are created to give you a smooth studying experience. Navigating through the guide is easy with the section-wise segregation. It follows a question-answer format with detailed point-wise solutions. While the chapter-wise weightage helps you unearth the important chapters, the Past Board Questions will give you much-needed insights into the types of questions asked in the exam. Simple explanations, relevant diagrams, solved examples of numerical from Past Board Papers and a plethora of objective questions—all come together to form an epic set of notes that will have you exam ready in no time.

Std. 12 Electronics Paper-II: Digital Electronics

On the lookout for easy-to-understand Digital Electronics notes? Then Target’s Std. 12 Electronics Paper-II: Digital Electronics guide is just what you need. The section-wise division and question-answer format make studying a systematic and smooth experience. What’s more, is that you will be able to get the knack of tackling numerical using the board-solved examples and illustrative examples. Various objective questions are also incorporated, so you can sharpen your analytical skills.

Std. 12 Computer Science–I & II

Do you find programming hard? These Std. 12 Computer Science Part 1 & Part 2 notes will make it easier to crack. Get simple solutions to all programming questions from the Maharashtra Board Textbook—complete with displayed outputs. Discover the pattern of questions asked in the HSC Board exam using the Chapter-wise Past Board Questions and Board Question Papers. We’ve included simple explanations and relevant diagrams so even the toughest concepts don’t seem so tough. Get the upper hand in practical exams, too, with the Solved Lab Manual questions.

Standard 12 Question Banks: The Bank That Stores Your Scores

To truly excel in the HSC Board exam, studying alone isn't enough. Students need to solve Std. 12 Science question banks and mock tests to increase their speed and efficiency. Furthermore, consistent practice enhances self-confidence, enabling individuals to maintain composure during the actual examination. Kick-start your HSC Board exam preparation with Target Publications' Question Paper Sets designed for Std. 12 Science.

  1. HSC 25 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & English
  2. A Collection of Board Questions With Solutions (1996 to 2023)- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology
  3. Solutions to HSC Board Question Bank - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & English
  4. Hindi Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Set with Solutions
  5. Marathi Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Set with Solutions

Standard 12 Calculus And Mechanics Notes: For Students Who Go Beyond

Basic Concepts of Physics Simplified (Mechanics) Book

This book is specifically tailored for students in classes XI and XII who wish to master Mechanics effortlessly. Written by an expert after extensive research for six years, it presents the Physics theories in a simple language, making complex concepts easier to comprehend. With over 200 examples, you'll deepen your understanding of Mechanics and enhance your analytical skills.

Basics of Calculus Simplified

Target Publications' "Basics of Calculus Simplified" is specifically designed for students in 11th and 12th grade studying Science, Commerce and Arts. This book serves as an introduction to the subject of Calculus, providing a fresh and simplified perspective for junior college students.

Here’s What You Get from Using Target Publications’ Books

  1. Updated According to the Revised Syllabus - All Target Publication books are up-to-date and in accordance with the most recent syllabus which makes them the most reliable study material for Class 12.
  2. Makes your Conceptual Understanding Solid - All standard 12th books by Target Publications have in-depth explanations for every topic and sub-topic mentioned in the official Maharashtra Board syllabus. You gain a firm grasp of these ideas by applying what you learn from these books.
  3. Maximum Scores - Since these books are designed in such a way that they give you more conceptual clarity, it becomes easy to answer questions based on the topics. Students will be more confident while answering the exam questions if they are thorough with the topics. Unique exercises and activities mentioned in the books by Target publications will help you to prepare for the exam.
  4. Speed and Accuracy - “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” - Vince Lombardi. Practising the questions and exercises present in Target’s question bank books becomes the perfect practice for standard 12th Science students.

Entrance Exams: It’s Time to Take Your Next Step

After tackling the Boards, the next milestone is the entrance exams. Target Publications takes immense pride in being a distinguished provider of entrance exam books:

  1. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduate courses (NEET-UG)
  2. Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT-CET)
  3. Common University Entrance Test (CUET-UG)
  4. Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main)

FAQs about Std 12th Science Maharashtra Board

What are the subjects in the Maharashtra HSC Science stream?

Ans: Maharashtra HSC Science stream has subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English and Environmental Education. Additionally, students may have the option to choose elective subjects, such as Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Geology, etc. based on their interests and availability at their respective junior colleges. It's important to note that the availability of elective subjects may vary for each college.

Which are the best books to study for the 12th Science Maharashtra Board?

Ans: Along with Maharashtra State Board 12th Science textbooks, Target Publications’ Prefect and Precise series are the best books to study for the 12th Science Maharashtra Board. The Precise series offers exam-ready notes and the Perfect series covers the syllabus from the HSC exam and competitive exam point of view. These series have notes for all core subjects that cover the entire textbook in a question-and-answer format.

How to score well in the Physics examination of the Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) Board std. 12?

Ans: To score well in the Physics examination of the Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) Board Class 12, it is important to follow a strategic approach. Start by understanding the syllabus and becoming familiar with the concepts to be covered. Use the Maharashtra Board Physics textbook and Target Publication’s Precise Physics (Vol. I & II) to cover the entire syllabus systematically and thoroughly. Focus on mastering the basics of physics, including fundamental principles, laws, and formulae. Practise solving a variety of numerical problems and conceptual questions to enhance your problem-solving skills. Utilise previous year's question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and types of questions asked. Stay confident, calm and focused on the day of the exam, carefully reading and answering each question with clarity and accuracy.

I am having trouble understanding Chemistry for the Maharashtra HSC Board examinations, what shall I do?

Ans: If you're struggling with understanding Chemistry for the Maharashtra HSC Board examinations, here are steps you can take to improve. Begin by reviewing the basics and ensuring you have a solid understanding of fundamental concepts. Seek clarification for any doubts or difficulties you encounter by reaching out to teachers, classmates or online communities. Regularly practise Chemistry problems, questions and previous year's question papers to reinforce your understanding.

Utilise visual aids such as videos and diagrams to enhance comprehension. Create study notes summarising key concepts and formulae. If needed, use additional resources like reference books, study guides like Target’s Perfect Chemistry books and online tutorials. With perseverance and a proactive learning approach, you can improve your understanding of Chemistry and excel in the Maharashtra HSC Board examinations.

Numerical or derivations, which are more important from the perspective of Board examinations?

Ans: Both numerical problems and derivations are equally important in Board exams. It is crucial to have a strong command over numerical problem-solving techniques to secure good marks in subjects where they are prominent. Similarly, understanding and practising derivations are essential to excel in subjects where they are emphasised. It's important to allocate sufficient time to practice both types of questions and ensure a well-rounded preparation for Board examinations. There may be questions that require a combination of both numerical problem-solving and derivations as well.

How important are the previous year's question papers while preparing for Maharashtra HSC Board Examinations?

Ans: Previous years' question papers are highly valuable when preparing for the Maharashtra HSC Board Examinations. By solving these papers, you become familiar with the exam pattern, including the types of questions asked and the distribution of marks. This understanding helps you plan your study approach accordingly. Additionally, reviewing these papers allows you to grasp the marking scheme used by examiners, which can vary across subjects. Moreover, solving these papers under exam-like conditions allows you to hone time management, ensuring you can complete the exam within the allotted time.