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    ABCD Alphabet Colouring Book and Blossom Vegetable Colouring Book
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    101 Activities Book for Kids | Fun Activity Book for Preschoolers
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    My First 1000 Words Book : Early Learning Book for Kids | Words and Pictures Book
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    Nurture Pattern Writing and Stroke Books for Kids | 2 to 5 Year | Set of 3
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    Nurture Colouring and Join the Dots and Color Books for Kids | 3 to 6 Year Old
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Fun and Educational Activity Books for Pre-Primary by Target Publications

In every child's journey lies the potential for extraordinary growth, and it's during their formative years that we have the opportunity to nurture their budding talents and ignite their curiosity for learning. At Target Publications, we believe in the power of education to shape young minds, and our Activity Books are made to do just that.

Introducing Target Publications' Activity Books, where learning meets adventure! Whether kids are an aspiring artist, a curious explorer, or a budding mathematician, our Activity Books are here to unlock their inner genius and make learning an exciting journey. These best preschool activity books are carefully crafted for pre-primary children aged 2–10.

Engaging Activity Books for Children Ages 2 and Above

Our activity books for 2 years old and above children are designed to be engaging, interactive, and developmentally appropriate. It features simple and easy-to-understand activities tailored specifically for toddlers. Children can enjoy activities that help develop their fine motor skills.

ABCD Alphabet Colouring Book

Our ABCD Alphabet Colouring Book is a fantastic nursery activity book to unleash kids creativity while learning about letters and colours.

The Special Features of the Activity Book:

  • Over 100 large pictures for easy colouring, introducing kids to objects starting with each letter.
  • Introduces basic colours used in colouring, making learning fun and colourful.
  • Specifically curated to help kids recognise letters, with colour references provided.
  • Includes fun activities to keep kids entertained and engaged throughout the book.

Blossom Bird Colouring Book

Our Blossom Bird Colouring book is far from ordinary. It offers a unique and exciting way for kids to colour birds using a variety of materials and vibrant colours. It makes each activity a delightful adventure.

The Special Features of the Activity Book:

  • Enjoy over 100 large pictures for easy colouring fun.
  • Dive into 22 amazing colouring activities, each offering a new and exciting challenge.
  • Get a reference image and step-by-step directions for every colouring activity, ensuring kids can create beautiful artwork with confidence.
  • Access guidance videos via QR code on the first page of the book, providing additional support and inspiration for budding artists.

Blossom Vegetable Colouring Book

Our Blossom Vegetable Colouring book offers a unique and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional crayon colouring. Kids get to explore the world of veggies by using actual vegetables along with colours to bring each picture to life.

The Special Features of the Activity Book:

  • Over 100 large pictures for easy colouring fun.
  • Introduce kids to various objects starting with each letter of the alphabet, while also learning basic colouring techniques.
  • Specifically made to help kids recognise letters and colours, with handy colour references provided.
  • Enjoy fun activities throughout the book for an extra dose of entertainment and learning.

My First 1000 Words Book

Introduce your child to a world of words with My First 1000 Words book. Filled with familiar objects from their everyday surroundings, this book engages children in fun and educational games like 'Treasure Hunt' and 'I Spy'. They help them learn and remember new words effortlessly.

The Special Features of the Activity Book:

  • Discover over 1000 words across 70+ categories.
  • Enjoy vibrant and lively images accompanying each word.
  • Durable hardbound cover ensures long-lasting use.
  • Relatable images make word identification easy and enjoyable.
  • Promotes vocabulary building and comprehension skills for young learners.

Introduction to Alphabet and Numbers Book

Introduce your child to the world of letters and numbers with Introduction to Alphabets and Numbers. This book helps children build a strong foundation in alphabet and number recognition, starting with one alphabet per page and progressing to numbers 1–20.

The Special Features of the Activity Book:

  • Comprehensive introduction to alphabets and numbers.
  • Ideal teaching aid for educators and parents alike.
  • Engaging activities included to enhance learning and retention.

Blossom Number Book

Our Blossom Number Book 1 to 20 Numbers make learning numbers enjoyable and effective for children. This book focuses on developing essential number skills such as number recognition and counting, laying a strong foundation for mathematical understanding.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Practise-oriented number book for hands-on learning.
  • Each page contains approximately 112 boxes for ample practise opportunities.
  • 'Units' and 'Tens' headers included for every number, aiding in understanding place value.

Engaging Activity Books for Children Ages 3 and Above

Activity books tailored for 3 years old and above continue to captivate young minds with interactive and stimulating tasks, all while introducing next level concepts and skills suitable for their developmental stage.

Picture Dictionary–A Book

Picture Dictionary–A is an engaging book that invites children to immerse themselves in their surroundings and expand their understanding. With captivating illustrations, this book aims to empower young minds to recognise and comprehend everyday objects through playful imagery.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Delightful labelled illustrations of over 300 everyday objects.
  • Interactive activities and personal response questions for hands-on learning.
  • Enhances vocabulary through engaging exploration of the world around us.

Vegetable Information Book

This vibrant learning activity book for 3 year old and above is filled with fascinating information about both common and unique vegetables.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Colourful encyclopedia showcasing 22 common and exotic vegetables.
  • Loaded with engaging fun facts to spark curiosity.
  • Explores different ways to enjoy each vegetable.
  • Scan the QR code for a brief introduction video about vegetables.

Bird Information Book

Explore the wonders of nature with our Bird Information book, introducing you to the beauty and diversity of birds.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Discover fascinating information about 22 common birds.
  • Learn about the key features of each bird.
  • Delight in amazing fun facts about our feathered friends.

Nurture Colourful Memories Book

Immerse in the vibrant world of Nuture's Colourful Memories series. Part A brings the joy of the monsoon season, with kids dressing up in raincoats and playing with paper boats. Part B celebrates the playful world of toys, an essential part of every child's learning journey. Part C delves into daily activities, introducing children to the routine moments that shape their everyday lives.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Each book explores a unique theme, capturing cherished memories and experiences.
  • Beautiful illustrations bring each theme to life, captivating young readers' imaginations.
  • Engaging stories and visuals provide a delightful journey through childhood experiences.

101 Activities for Kids Book

Dive into a treasure trove of 101 exciting activities to complement the school curriculum. From Mathematics and English to General Awareness, Colouring, and Drawing, this activity workbook offers a variety of engaging tasks that promote fine-motor skills, cognitive development, comprehension, critical thinking, and so on. It's the perfect gift to keep your little ones creatively engaged and endlessly entertained.

Dot To Dot Part A and B Book

Our Dot to Dot Drawing Series are a brilliant learning activity books which offers two levels of engaging activities to enhance children's counting, drawing, and colouring skills. In Part A, children learn to connect the dots with numbers 1–10, guiding them to draw objects accurately while reinforcing number recognition. In Dot to Dot, kids advance to numbers 1–20, challenging their skills further. With simple, relatable images provided for colouring, children can unleash their creativity and bring their drawings to life.

Good Habits Book

Take a visual journey through a kid's everyday life with our book, Good Habits. From waking up in the morning to going to school, engaging in studies and extracurricular activities, to learning about social interaction and table manners, this educational activity book serves as a comprehensive guide for instilling good habits in kids. It includes 30 basic habits covering personal hygiene, fitness, discipline, healthy eating, kindness, and courtesy. Beautiful illustrations set in a world of friendly bugs help kids understand important concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Engaging Activity Books for Children Ages 4 and Above

Activity books for 4-year-olds feature advanced activities and introduce concepts that build upon their developing skills. These books aim to engage young learners with more complex tasks that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Additionally, these educational activity books explore fundamental concepts such as colours, shapes, and basic counting in greater depth, providing a stimulating learning experience for 4-year-old kids.

Blossom Jumbo Colouring Book–1

Blossom Jumbo Colouring Book–1 is made to inspire a love for art in young minds. This is a perfect holiday activity book for keeping children entertained and engaged during holidays. Featuring carefully selected objects from a child's environment, the pictures in this book foster familiarity, simplicity, and easy comprehension.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Large and beginner-friendly, with bold outlines and simplified images across 34 topics including animals, plants, and cartoons.
  • Provides ample space for kids to explore their creativity.
  • Includes a colouring reference guide at the end for added convenience.

Bumper Activity Part A and Part B Books

Bumper Activity Book - A is a delightful recreational book filled with fun activities tailored for three to four-year-old kids. It encourages children to observe and learn from their surroundings, fostering curiosity and creativity. Bumper Activity Part B builds upon this foundation with additional activities that deepen understanding of the environment and people.

The Special Features of the Book:

  • Compilation of 55 activities across 8 categories, introducing kids to a variety of engaging ideas.
  • Consistent graphic style throughout the book for a cohesive and comprehensive look.
  • Creative sections including 'pattern recognition', 'number games', 'route maze', 'spotting differences', and 'vocabulary-based exercises' to reinforce learning and knowledge development.

Engaging Activity Books for Children Ages 5 and Up

Activity books for children aged 5 and above are more pronounced. They continue to build upon foundational skills while introducing more advanced concepts and activities that align with their growing capabilities and interests.

Nurture Pattern Writing and Stroke Book Part A, B, and C

Nurture Pattern Writing and Stroke Books Part A, B, and C are essential resources to help children master the fundamental strokes that form the basis of alphabet writing. Each part demonstrates how practising these strokes can improve writing skills and enhance drawing abilities.

The Special Features of the Books:

  • Practise boxes for each stroke and alphabet to aid children in writing alphabets correctly.
  • Colourful images and simple indicators accompany each alphabet, facilitating correct stroke formation.
  • Simple illustrations introduce children to colouring, enhancing creativity.
  • Activity sections throughout the book provide ample practise for writing alphabets, reinforcing learning.

Vegetable Craft Book

Enter into the world of creative exploration with our Vegetable Craft Book. While craft activities may get a little messy, they are excellent for nurturing young minds and bodies. Our book offers a range of advantages, helping kids identify shapes, colours, and textures, develop fine motor skills, enhance dexterity, and express themselves creatively. Craft activities based on 22 common vegetables, offering a hands-on learning experience. Each craft activity includes a QR code for easy access to guided video tutorials, enhancing the crafting experience for kids.

My First Book of Places

Discover the world around you with My First Book of Places. We believe that education goes beyond textbooks, which is why we've introduced fifteen locations in this book that are relevant to our immediate environment. These places are integral to our daily lives and contribute to our support system. Each location is accompanied by a brief introduction and thought-provoking questions to spark curiosity and exploration.

Blossom Animal Kingdom Book

Step into the captivating world of animals with Animal Kingdom, a comprehensive journey spanning 88 pages. Through stunning illustrations and fascinating facts, children will discover the variety, beauty, and quirks of the animal kingdom. The book provides insights into each animal's name, sound, group, habitat, lifespan, and eating habits, accompanied by engaging activities to foster independent and creative thinking. From graphic organizers to word mazes, compound words, kangaroo words, picture comprehension, riddles, and spot the differences, each activity offers a unique learning experience tailored to children with diverse intelligence.

Why Choose Target Publications’ Engaging Activity Books?

At Target Publications, our activity books align seamlessly with the development milestones of early childhood, ensuring that learning is both engaging and age-appropriate. Our vibrant and interactive preschool activity books feature colourful illustrations, captivating stories, and a diverse range of activities to keep children entertained and eager to explore. Beyond mere rote memorisation, our engaging activity books inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a genuine passion for lifelong learning. By focusing on building essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, social interaction, and creativity, our books empower children to develop a well-rounded foundation for future success.

FAQs of Activity Books for Kids

1. What are activity books for kids?

Ans: Activity books for kids are interactive books filled with a variety of engaging activities made to entertain and educate children.

2. What types of activities are included in the activity books?

Ans: The types of activity books we have are early learning, colouring, craft, general knowledge, and more, all aimed at stimulating their creativity, problem-solving skills, and cognitive development.

3. Are your activity books educational?

Ans: Yes, our activity books are educational. While these books are designed to be entertaining, they also incorporate learning elements into various activities included.

4. Can your activity books be used for homeschooling or supplemental learning?

Ans: Absolutely! Our activity books are an excellent resource for homeschooling or supplemental learning. They provide a structured and engaging way to reinforce concepts taught in traditional schooling or to introduce new topics in a fun and interactive manner.

5. Are your activity books suitable for travel or on-the-go entertainment?

Ans: Yes, our activity books are suitable for travel or on-the-go entertainment. Their compact size and lightweight design make them convenient to pack and carry, whether for long trips or short outings.