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    Std 12 Marathi Yuvakbharti Model Questions Paper Set with Solutions
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Std 12th (HSC) Maharashtra Board 2023-2024 Arts, Commerce & Science Streams Solved Question Banks, Previous Year’s Solved Paper Books & Model Question Paper Sets By Target Publications

Welcome to Target Publications' Std. 12 Question Banks—a range of comprehensive tools to bolster your exam preparation. As you gear up for the HSC 2024 Board examinations, having the right resources at your disposal is crucial. Our question banks are thoughtfully curated to enhance your exam readiness and boost your confidence, providing an in-depth understanding of the exam patterns, important questions and how to answer them.

Why Are Std. 12 Question Banks Important to prepare for Std 12 Board Exams?

When it comes to preparing for your Std. 12 exams, practice and familiarity with question types are key. Our question banks offer several advantages:


  1. Tailored Study Strategies: Align your study approach based on the pattern of questions provided.
  2. Improved Time Management: Don’t race against the clock. Learn to allocate time for each section efficiently during the exam. Moreover, repeated practice will give you the muscle memory and speed required to breeze through your HSC 2024 Board papers.
  3. Enhanced Exam Readiness: Practice extensively to face the exam with confidence.

Discover the Best Std. 12 Question Banks by Target Publications

From gaining insights into important topics to getting enough practice, we have a diverse collection of Std. 12 question banks for Commerce, Science and Arts. These include:


  1. A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions (1996 to 2023): This HSC PYQ book has relevant previous years’ questions (PYQ) of the HSC Board. The 12th standard PYQs of the Maharashtra Board are neatly arranged topic-wise and subtopic-wise. This will help you gauge topics of higher weightage while highlighting Std. 12 important questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  2. HSC 25 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions (Science): There are four Std. 12 model question papers each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English with solutions. In addition, the HSC Board previous year’s question papers with solutions have been provided.
  3. HSC 30 Question Papers and Activity Sheets with Solutions: This is a book of Std. 12 Commerce practice papers. It includes 4 model papers each for Economics, Secretarial Practice (SP), Mathematics, Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM), Bookkeeping and Accountancy (BK) as well as English. It also includes the 12th Board exam question papers of 2023 that are fully solved.
  4. Marathi Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Set with Solutions: It carries ten 12th standard Marathi model question papers, their answers as well as HSC (12th) previous years (2022 and 2023) solved question papers.
  5. Hindi Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Set with Solutions: It has 10 Hindi model papers. Solutions to all of them are provided along with the Std. 12 HSC previous question papers (2022 and 2023).
  6. Commerce Solutions to HSC Board Question Bank Book: ECO, SP, OC and Mathematics & Statistics (2022): This book covers the entire Commerce 12th standard question bank with answers.
  7. Science Solutions to HSC Board Question Bank: It comprises the entire question bank of the class 12 HSC Maharashtra board with answers. The subjects covered include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English.

Perks of Target Publications' Std. 12 Question Banks

Here’s what you get when you use Target’s Std. 12 Question Banks:


  • Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage: Thoroughly cover the Std. 12 Maharashtra Board syllabus, aiding total exam preparation.
  • Insights into Important Topics: Focus your efforts on crucial topics with a high probability of appearing in the exams.
  • Varied Difficulty Levels: Access questions of varying complexities, allowing for a gradual progression in your preparation.
  • Detailed Solutions and Explanations: Understand the application of concepts through detailed solutions and explanations for each question. But what’s more is you also get access to winning answers you can write as is in the exam.
  • Previous Year Question Papers (PYQ) of Maharashtra Board: Familiarise yourself with the exam pattern and types of questions asked in previous years.
  • Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts: Learn important tips and techniques for writing answers that let your answer paper shine among the rest.

Why Choose Target Publications for Std. 12 Question Banks?

With close to two decades of experience, Target Publications has earned a reputed name in the world of Maharashtra State Board educational resources. Our notes, guides, workbooks and question banks for Std. 12 exams are crafted to ensure you receive the best assistance for your HSC Board exam preparation. In our commitment to quality, we strive to provide you—the student—with the tools you need to excel in your exams. How do we accomplish this? By striking the perfect balance between the Maharashtra State Board’s standards and your inputs. Every book we make has you at the heart.


As you finish the final leg of preparation for your Std. 12 HSC 2024 Board exams, let our question banks be the guides that seal your spot amongst the list of HSC top rankers. Prepare smartly, practise consistently and take the exams with confidence.


Gearing up for entrance exams as well? Check out our top-notch preparation books for MHT-CET, NEET (UG), JEE (Main) and CUET (UG).

Frequently Asked Questions about 12th Standard Question Bank Books

A Question Bank book for Std. 12 is a collection of the most important questions from the Board exam perspective. A Question Bank book can be of different kinds. It can be a collection of previous years’ board questions, sample papers for practice or a set of questions released by the Board itself.

Question Banks are important for several reasons. But to sum it up, they improve your speed, accuracy, confidence and, as a result, your performance in the Board exam.

A question bank is a collection of important questions. It could also be a collection of model papers or question papers. A question paper, on the other hand, is prepared by a particular testing authority for a particular subject.

Question banks are very useful for preparing for the Std. 12 HSC Maharashtra Board exam. Why? Because they give you enough writing practice to finish your paper on time. They can also give you insights into the most important topics or questions. But ultimately, they can improve your performance in the exam by up to 3X.

There is no definite answer to this question. Questions from question banks do come in the HSC Maharashtra Board. However, the percentage of questions that appear in the actual exam change every year.

Model papers, collection of previous years’ HSC Board questions and the solutions to the entire question bank (Commerce and Science) released by the Maharashtra Board—these are the kinds of question bank books available at Target Publications for Std. 12.

Yes, Target Publications’ question bank books for Std. 12 are provided with solutions to the questions, so students can cross-check their answers or learn how to write answers that score well in the exam.