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Best Single Line Interleaf (One-Side Ruled) Notebooks by Target Publications

Target Publications’ Single Line Interleaf Notebooks are created for hassle-free note-taking during classes. Our one-side ruled page can be used for drawings and the other one-side blank page in the notebook can be used for notes. They are perfect one-line interleaf notebooks for both students and professionals.

With sturdy binding and high-quality paper, our one-side ruled notebooks are durable and easy to carry. These one-side ruled, one-side plain notebooks are available in 76-page and 172-page options. They are ideal for school, office work, and daily notes as well.

The Special Features of the Interleaf Notebooks:

  • Crafted from high–quality 57 GSM white paper, our ruled notebooks are eco–friendly and elemental chlorine-free.
  • Includes an Index to provide a quick peek into the book content.
  • Utilise the 1 cm Margin Markings to draw neat and straight lines with ease.
    Enjoy engaging activities at the end of the book for a fun break from note–taking.

The Available Sizes In The Interleaf Notebook:

Notebook Size (cm) Binding Style Cover Type
18 x 24 Soft Bound Brown
17 x 27 Soft Bound Brown
15.5 x 19 Hard Bound Brown

Browse through the available selection of interleaf notebooks online to find the perfect practice book.

FAQs of Single Line Interleaf (One-Side Ruled) Notebooks

1. What are one-side ruled, one-side plain notebooks?

Ans: One side ruled, one side plain notebooks are notebooks where each page has ruled lines on one side for writing and is blank on the other side for drawing.

2. What sizes are available in your interleaf notebooks?

Ans: There are three sizes available in our interleaf notebooks including 18 cm x 24 cm, 17 cm x 27 cm and 15.5 cm x 19 cm.

3. What type of paper do you use for your notebooks?

Ans: We use high-quality 57 GSM paper for our notebooks. They are eco–friendly and elemental chlorine–free.

4. Are your interleaf notebooks suitable for both writing and drawing?

Ans: Yes, our interleaf notebooks are suitable for both writing and drawing.