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    Nurture Marathi Ank Lekhan (Number Writing) 1 to 100 Book for 3-5-Years Old Kids
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    Nurture Marathi Ank Lekhan (Number Writing) 1 to 50 Book for 3-5-Years Old Kids
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    Marathi Mulakshare Chart for Kids | Jumbo Marathi Learning Chart (Alphabet and Numbers)
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    English, Hindi and Marathi Alphabet Learning Books for Kids | Set of 3
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    Nurture Marathi Akshar lekhan, Shabdha olakh and Mulakshare Books
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    Nurture Marathi Shabd Olakh Book
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Best Marathi Books for Pre-Primary by Target Publications

Children acquire languages more easily during their early years. That's why we created an entire range of Marathi books for kids. With this collection, your child will learn the basics of Marathi, right from pre-writing strokes to reading and word formation.

Discover Pre-Primary Marathi Books by Target Publications

  1. Nurture Marathi (Mulakshare): This visually appealing book introduces children to the basic Marathi alphabet (Mulakshare) with pictures and illustrations.
  2. Nurture Marathi Akshar Lekhan: Packed with plenty of tracing exercises, directional indicators and free-hand writing space, this Marathi letter-writing practice book is one of the best of its kind.
  3. Nurture Marathi Shabd Olakh: This delightful book introduces young learners to Marathi vocabulary. With the help of captivating illustrations, children will start on a journey of building their foundational language skills.

4. Nurture Marathi Ank Lekhan: These activity-based number writing practice books offer a playful space for children to refine their Marathi number writing skills.

Watch this video to learn more about the Nurture Marathi Ank Lekhan series:

What Will My Child Learn?

  • Pre-writing strokes         
  • Marathi letter identification and formation
  • 1 to 100 number identification and formation
  • Comparison
  • Meaning of numbers
  • Object identification
  • Marathi vowels (Swar) and consonants (Vyanjan)
  • Marathi Barahkhadi
  • Sanyukt Akshar and Sanyuktvyanjan
  • Marathi vocabulary
  • How to read Marathi

Benefits of Our Marathi Books for Pre-Primary Kids

  • Walk children through the language learning process step-by-step
  • Include fun activities for active learning
  • Blend different learning styles such as play, finger-tracing, tracing, and counting
  • Also suitable for adult or young adult beginner-level learners

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FAQs of Marathi Books for Pre-Primary Kids

1. Which age group are these books designed for?

Ans: Our Marathi books for pre-primary learners are ideal for children aged 3 to 5 years. But it is also useful for any beginner-level Marathi language learner.

2. Where can I find more information about these books?

Ans: Visit the product page for each book for more information.

3. Does Target Publications offer books in other languages for pre-primary learners?

Ans: Yes! We offer a variety of pre-primary books in Hindi and English. Explore our website to discover our full range.