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Std 6th English Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

The Maharashtra State Board school curriculum for class 6 can be difficult to navigate; especially with the introduction of new, more advanced concepts in subjects like Mathematics and Science. Students may struggle to grasp these concepts without adequate support. That’s why it is important to give your child the finest 6th-standard Maharashtra Board books to learn from.

Target Publications: Fostering Your Child's Progress Amid Learning Challenges

For over 17 years, Target Publications has been providing students from pre-primary to college with educational resources that make a difference. What’s made our Std. 1 to Std. 10 Maharashtra Board books exceptional is how we incorporate feedback from parents, students and Maharashtra State Board educators in them. This way, every type of student gets to learn meaningfully while meeting the standards of the Maharashtra Board to score well in exams.


Discover the best 6th standard English Medium guides and workbooks here at Target.

Perfect Notes Series for Maharashtra Board Class 6

Perfect Notes series is a collection of Std. 6 English Medium guides for all subjects. In alignment with the CCE pattern, the notes compile lessons from the Maharashtra State Board books into a question–answer format that is easy to study. This equips students with answers they can directly use in their exams—all while ensuring they truly understand what is being taught. With fun facts sprinkled in, the Perfect Notes series is a favourite amongst students.

Std. 6 Perfect Notes for English Medium:

6th Standard Workbooks for Maharashtra Board English Medium

Target’s standard 6 workbooks are the perfect practice and revision tools for your kid. Once the workbooks are duly filled, your child will have a source of well-organised, handwritten notes that they can use for studying or revising.

Target’s Std. 6 English Medium Workbooks:

ProLingo Series: Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Class 6 Maharashtra Board

Just like Rome was not built in a day, learning a language, too, takes time. Thus, the key to learning a language is to build strong grammar and writing skills from the get-go. With our ProLingo Series, you can help your child build that strong foundation. Not only are the books created as per the latest Maharashtra Board syllabus, but they also explain the rules of grammar and writing skills in simple language with solved examples. They cover all textbook exercises. Practice worksheets and additional exercises with solutions are provided as well.


Discover an effective way of learning languages with our Std. 6 Grammar and Writing Skills Books for English Medium:


Because Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Shine

Irrespective of caste or creed, every child has a potential for academic excellence. All they require are the right tools. With Target Publications' educational resources, you can empower your child to reach for excellence by cultivating a passion for learning.


Choose from a range of notebooks to be back-to-school-ready.

FAQs about Std. 6 English Medium Maharashtra Board

You can get the latest Std. 6 Maharashtra Board syllabus from the free Maharashtra Board Balbharati textbooks given on their official website.

Yes, it is essential to follow the textbook for the Std. 6 Maharashtra Board. That being said, there are various supplementary resources, like Target’s notes and workbooks, which enhance understanding and cater to diverse learning styles. Ultimately, the goal is to grasp the concepts thoroughly, and using various resources can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

You can download Std. 6 Maharashtra Board Textbooks in PDF format from the official Balbharati website:

The first and foremost recommended study materials for Std. 6 Maharashtra Board would be the State Board textbooks (SCERT).

Target Publications’ Perfect Notes for 6th standard are also amazing study materials because they have exam-ready answers and fun facts for real learning.

To excel in Std. 6, prioritise regular practice and understanding of subjects. In Mathematics, focus on conceptual understanding and consistent problem-solving. For Science, visualise concepts through diagrams/videos and perform simple experiments. In English, enhance reading and writing skills by exploring various texts. For Social Studies, create timelines and maps to aid memory. In language subjects (Marathi/Hindi), build vocabulary and practise grammar. Incorporate time management during exams and ensure regular revision. Stay physically active for Health and Physical Education. Seek help when needed, and maintain a balanced approach to achieve overall success.