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    Std 11th Perfect Sociology Books | Arts Guide | Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus
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    Std 11th Perfect History Books | Arts Guide | Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus
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    Std 11th Geography Book | Science and Arts Guide | Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus
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    11th Std Marathi Yuvakbharati Book | FYJC Marathi Guide for Arts,Science and Commerce
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    Std 11 Sociology | FYJC Marathi Medium | 11th Arts Digest Maharashtra Board
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    Std 11 History Book | FYJC Arts Notes Marathi Medium | 11th Std Maharashtra Board
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Best Std 11th Arts 2024-2025 Maharashtra State Board Reference Books & Notes for English & Marathi Medium By Target Publications

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela


Standard 11 is the secured runway for your flight to Std. 12 success! The year also holds the beginning of a future career, for which rightly informed decisions must be taken. With rigorous preparation and support from Std. 11 itself, students must strive to excel in the Std. 11, 12 and entrance exams.


The curriculum and syllabus for Std. 11 across colleges is decided by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education. The introduction of more project work, e-learning options and a variety of study tools has had a great impact on student’s academic growth.


Students must know the revised and updated syllabus for Std. 11 correctly as well as get the right study materials to achieve extraordinary results!

How the Best Std. 11 Arts Reference Books Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve?

HSC Arts has become a popular choice for students who are looking for unconventional career opportunities. With so many students vying for the same spots, it is important to prepare in the best possible manner.


While covering the syllabus is important, it is not enough to guarantee success. Students who want to score high marks need to put in extra effort. This means going beyond the Std. 11 Arts textbooks and referring to personal notes, reference books and solving questions. By doing this, students gain a strong basis for the Std. 12 Board exams and learn how to answer questions in a way that will impress the examiners.

Complete Your Std. 11 Arts Targets With Target Publications!

Target Publications has been recognised by the Corporate Review Magazine as one of the Top 20 impactful education companies in India. Our commitment to providing reliable educational materials for all levels of education, from preschool to college, has contributed to this achievement.


We prioritise student feedback and align our resources with the Board’s requirements to meet students' needs. Through Quill - The Padhai App, we strive to offer you the comfort of studying at your own pace.

Arts Books By Target Publications—The Perfect Buddy For Your Std. 11 exams!

At Target Publications, we understand that every student is different. That's why we have developed a wide range of Std. 11 notes, guides, and reference books to meet the needs of every learner. Our resources are specifically designed to empower you with the best content, so you can surpass your own expectations and attain exceptional results.

Perfect Notes Series for Std. 11 Maharashtra State Board

The Perfect Series is the ultimate option for students with ambitions of attaining holistic knowledge and venturing beyond the confines of textbooks. These books present a 360-degree coverage of the relevant textbook material in a question-answer format. This approach enhances conceptual clarity and facilitates deeper comprehension.


The books for the Std. 11 Arts Perfect Series are available in the following subjects:


  1. Std. 11 Arts History Book | English & Marathi
  2. Std. 11 Arts Geography Book | English & Marathi
  3. Std. 11 Arts Sociology Book | English & Marathi
  4. Std. 11 Arts Psychology Book | English & Marathi
  5. Std. 11 Arts Political Science Book | English & Marathi
  6. Std. 11 Arts Maths & Statistics Vol I and Vol II Books | English

Yuvakbharati Series for Std. 11 Maharashtra State Board

Discover the path to language efficiency with the Yuvakbharati Series for English, Hindi and Marathi. Step into a language learning experience that goes beyond the conventional methods. The books utilise simple language in order to improve your writing as well as speaking skills. Not only does it contribute to the understanding of grammatical concepts—rendering accurate answers during exams—but also aids in personality development.


The books for Std. 11 Arts Yuvakbharati Series are available in the following subjects:


  1. Std. 11 English Yuvakbharati Book
  2. Std. 11 Hindi Yuvakbharati Book
  3. Std. 11 Marathi Yuvakbharati Book

Smart Notes Series for Std. 11 Maharashtra State Board

While incorporating answers to all textual questions and additional questions, the Std.11 Smart Notes Series supplements learning with QR code-linked external resources that help you access updated and supplementary materials to enhance understanding.


The Smart Notes Series is currently available for Std. 11 Economics (English Medium).

An Std. 11 Arts Guide for Every Subject

  1. Std. 11 English Yuvakbharati book is a comprehensive resource that equips you with the tools you need to write ideal answers. It covers passage-wise prose interpretation, appreciation of poetry, literature analysis and grammar assignments. This ensures that you are fully prepared for your exams and have the language skills you need to succeed in the real world.
  2. Decoding language complexities, developing interest in the subject and understanding how to write answers is equally important to reading textbooks. Along with these, the Std. 11 Hindi Yuvakbharati book provides passage-wise paraphrasing, exam-oriented answers, grammar, writing skills and qualitative tests with a dash of fun, so studying doesn’t feel monotonous.
  3. Understanding language nuances is vital for acing language learning. The Std. 11 Marathi Yuvakbharati book offers passage-wise paraphrasing and grammar exercises. It also instils listening, speech, reading and writing capabilities. This unique approach keeps learning engaging while preparing you for the exams.
  4. Detailed explanations, clever mnemonic devices and convenient access to practical insights through QR codes are what you will find in Std. 11 Smart Notes Economics Book. It offers an all-encompassing approach, which nurtures a profound understanding of the subject matter while effectively equipping students with the right skills for examinations.
  5. Std. 11 Perfect Arts History Book is a consolidated and engaging resource that provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their Std. 11 exams. The book covers an extensive range of historical events and concepts in a concise manner, includes point-wise answers and fun-filled activities to enhance memorising skills. It is a trusted go-to book for students who want to gain knowledge about history and appreciate the roots they came from.
  6. Providing students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their Std. 11 exams, the Std. 11 Perfect Arts Geography Book is a must-have. These notes contain an array of topics in a ready-to-write question–answer format and ample map practice.
  7. Being a valuable resource for students, the Std. 11 Perfect Arts Sociology Book offers a detailed understanding of concepts, making exams easier to write. The inclusion of thought-provoking case studies as well as real-life examples enhances one’s ability to apply what they have learned. With practice questions and model answers, it facilitates effective exam preparation.
  8. From preparing you for the Std. 11 examinations to strengthening your foundational knowledge for Std. 12, the Std. 11 Perfect Arts Psychology Book does it all. Chapter overviews, MCQs along with For Your Understanding snippets enable you to grasp concepts faster. Find extensive notes in a question-answer format to understand concepts in a more holistic manner and increase exam preparedness.
  9. Offering a 3-D coverage of the subject and aiding students in understanding the past, present and future of Politics, the Std. 11 Perfect Arts Political Science Book is an absolute must-have. It presents challenging concepts, scientific analysis and real-world examples in simple terms. Smart Codes enable easy retention and recall of answers. Be 100% exam-ready with this book!
  10. The Std. 11 Perfect Arts Maths & Statistics Vol I and Vol II Books facilitate an easy understanding of complex Mathematical concepts. Become an expert problem solver with the help of quick problem-solving methods, illustrative examples, Smart Checks for correct methodology use and Smart Recap for last-minute revision. Use the Competitive Corner for 12th and entrance exam preparation.

Maximise Your Std. 11 Preparation with Target!

Target Publications' reference books and guides for Std. 11 Arts offer valuable resources to dive into topics, access crisp, exam-oriented notes and grasp fundamental concepts effectively. These books serve as tools to expand your understanding, improve time management and craft exemplary answers during the Std. 11 exams. They provide a pathway in building a strong foundation for the Std. 12 Board exams. With thorough preparation using Target Publications' resources, you are now ready for the final stretch. Embrace the opportunity and confidently excel in your exams with the utmost efficiency!

Frequently Asked Questions about Std 11 Arts Books

The Std. 11 Maharashtra Board offers English, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology as a core subjects in the field of Arts.

The compulsory subjects in Std. 11 Arts Maharashtra Board encompass English, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography and History.

Find the entire syllabi for all subjects in the Std. 11 Arts Maharashtra Board on the official Board Website.

To effectively prepare for the Std. 11 Arts exams, students must read the SCERT textbook prescribed by the Maharashtra Board. Additionally, to achieve exceptional results, study materials like reference books, guides and notes must also be used. This will complete your preparation with ample information and practice to crack the Std. 11 exams.

Primarily you should refer to the Maharashtra State Board textbooks as they cover the entire Std. 11 Arts syllabus. However, additional resources that can enhance your conceptual clarity must also be used. The best reference books and guides available for Std. 11 are by Target Publications. They are reputable publishers that align all resources with the Maharashtra State Board curriculum and provide factually correct and engaging content so you are fully prepared and confident for your Std. 11 exams.