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    Std 8th English Medium English Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary Book
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    Std 8th Mathematics Workbook | English Medium | VIII Maharashtra State Board
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    Std 8th English Balbharati (English Medium) Workbook Maharashtra State Board
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    Std 8th Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook (100 Marks) |Hindi Workbook for All Mediums
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    Std 8 Perfect Notes Maths and Science Books | English Medium | Set of 2 Books
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    Std 8 Perfect Notes Entire Set Books | English Medium | Maharashtra State Board (2024-2025)
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Std 8th English Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

As students progress through their academic journey, standard 8 marks a crucial stage in which they build upon the foundation laid in earlier years and embark on a path that will shape their future. It initiates a transformative journey where students transition into a Board-based study pattern.


Additionally, recent amendments to the Maharashtra Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Act, 2023 wherein students need to compulsorily pass all the annual examinations from Std. 5 to 8, has created a more challenging environment. However, these changes have promoted comprehensive and holistic learning processes. Students are encouraged to explore and understand concepts, ideas and perspectives. With the stakes so high, your child deserves nothing but the best to learn from.

How Guides Empower Your Child’s Academic Growth?

With the increasing demand for quick yet easy study methods, holistic, up-to-date and easy-to-understand study materials have gained popularity. Providing valuable knowledge, these guides encourage analytical thinking, foster creativity and promote a growth mindset, preparing your child for their future academic endeavours.


Enable your child to optimise their scores with guides, notes and workbooks for the Std. 8 exams, enabling them to break barriers, think out-of-box and excel through focused practice.

Target Publications: Propelling Your Child To Elevated Academic Heights!

Target Publications is a renowned educational brand that offers a diverse collection of resources, ranging from comprehensive guides to engaging e-learning opportunities. Our unwavering commitment to student feedback and Board guidelines has led us to produce only the most relevant resources.


Additionally, our Quill - The Padhai App guarantees the comfort of a self-paced learning experience, empowering every student to excel in their studies.

The Destination for All Std. 8 English Medium Notes and Workbooks

At Target Publications, we have curated a collection of notes, guides and workbooks to meet the diverse educational requirements your child may have. Our resources are made to provide students with flawless content, empowering them to exceed their own expectations. These top-notch study materials will not only greatly influence your child’s scores but also boost their confidence.


Listed below are the best English Medium books for Std. 8 by Target Publications.

Perfect Notes Series for Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board

Perfect Notes is the perfect guide to your child’s academic journey. These notes compile every chapter in a question-answer format. They contain exam-ready solutions while engaging students in more complex problem-solving methods, scientific exploration and analysis of historical as well as geographical events.


Books for Std. 8 Perfect Notes Series for English Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. English Balbharati Notes
  2. Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes
  3. Marathi Sulabhbharati Notes
  4. Mathematics Notes
  5. General Science Notes
  6. History and Civics Notes
  7. Geography Notes

Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board

Grammatical concepts and writing methods were very straightforward till now. But your child will be required to delve in more complex theories and writing techniques moving forward.


It is very common amongst students to not practise writing and grammar frequently. This results in poor scores in language subjects due to incorrect grammar usage. Hence, acquiring proficiency in grammar and developing the necessary writing skills is extremely important for achieving high scores in the Std. 8 exams.


Std. 8 Grammar and Writing Skills books for English Medium:


  1. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar and Writing Skills Book
  2. Marathi (LL) Grammar and Writing Skills Book

Workbooks for Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board

Practice and revision are the two key aspects of a proper study routine. Both can be achieved through workbooks. With Target’s workbooks, your child gets systematic self-made notes, all in one place. Thus, they make last-minute revision and referencing extremely easy for your child.


Std. 8 Workbooks for English Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. English Balbharati Workbook
  2. Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  3. Marathi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  4. Mathematics Workbook

Target Publications: Simplifying the World of Education for Your Child

With Target’s resources, your child will be able to go above and beyond. They will be able to select effective study techniques, gain important exam tips and manage time during the exams. We understand the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals and our resources aim to instil discipline, resilience and a passion for learning amongst students.


As parents, your support and involvement in your child's education are invaluable. Encouraging them to be diligent in their studies, providing them with the right study materials and motivating them to be the best versions of themselves is what will help them grow.


Together, let's help them unlock their full potential and set them on a path to a bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 8th English Medium

For the entire syllabus for Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board, you must refer the textbooks. Get additional clarity from your teachers and the school administration for correct information.

Yes, you can download all Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board textbooks for free in PDF format from the Balbharati Website.

Primarily, you must refer to the prescribed textbooks by your school and the Maharashtra Board. Apart from these, extra study resources like guides and reference books must also be used. The best study resources available for Std. 8 are Notes and Guides by Target Publications. They are reputable publishers that align all resources with the Maharashtra State Board curriculum and provide factually correct information so you are fully prepared and confident for your Std. 8 exams.

The Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board marking schemes are available in the form of sample question papers and allotment of marks for every subject. Please visit the official Maharashtra Education Website for complete details.

Preparing for the Std. 8 exams requires a lot of hard work and appropriate study strategies. Here are some tips to score good marks:

  • Know the syllabus thoroughly
  • Curate a schedule according to your timeline
  • Get the best study resources
  • Make concise handwritten notes
  • Clear all doubts beforehand
  • Practise with workbooks
  • Revise regularly and stay motivated!