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  1. Worried about finding Answers to SSC Maharashtra Board Exam 2021 Question Bank? Know how to get it for FREE!


    If your last minute preparation for SSC Board Exam is not up to the mark, no need to worry.

    SCERT recently uploaded the Maharashtra SSC Exam 2021 Question Bank on their website. This can help you prepare well for your SSC 2021 Board exam.

    But, what about the Answers to this Question Bank? No worries. Target Publications is here to help you!

    Our team of content writers are working vigorously to provide you with the answers to the Question Bank. And guess what? To help you stay stress-free, we have started uploading the Answers to Maharashtra Board Exam 2021 Question Bank on our Quill App for FREE.

    Yes, these answers are available FREE OF COST for you!

    To make the best use of these, install the QUILL App. It is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store

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  2. How To Prepare Well For Std. 10 Geography Paper Of SSC Maharashtra State Board Exam

    Geography is a subject which is quite different as compared to other subjects. Geography could be boring or difficult as it requires memorizing terms/facts/information and visualization of cities/territories on maps. Along with sincere study, if you adopt different techniques to study geography, you can score good marks in geography.

    Understanding the geography paper pattern:

    The most important thing before you start preparing for Geography exam, you must understand the exam pattern. You must gather information about Geography exam-paper pattern and weightage of chapters in exam.

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  3. The Best Way to Learn Hindi Grammar for Std 10 SSC Exam: Hindi Grammar Worksheets

    Is Grammar impeding your score in languages? A low score in languages affects your aggregate examination performance. However, scoring full marks in Std 10 Hindi Grammar has always been a seemingly monumental task for students.

    Students generally take to Hindi grammar only after completing the textual syllabus. This eventually leads to insufficient practice and hampers the final score. A systematic study-plan and refined study material might just do the trick!

    Knowing the basics of Hindi grammar is the primary requirement to answer board questions. However, all it needs is consistent practice. A student can excel in grammar when he/she practises it religiously once or twice a week. As the board

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  4. Quick Tips for Writing Perfect Answer Sheet | SSC Board Exam 2020

    No matter how much time you devote preparing for your SSC board exam, but if you are unable to put across your knowledge on the answer sheet, then all the hard work goes in vain. As per studies, it is observed that students often tend to get anxious ad stressful while attempting to an exam in the examination hall. Moreover, the pressure turns so intense that they often end up forgetting what they have learned during the preparation.

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  5. Beat your exam stress trying these top tricks | Board Exams

    If you are a student, you won’t be oblivion to the feel of knots in your stomach. A feel that reminds you, exams are around the corner and you need to pull up your socks to kickstart with revision. Exam stress is a common phenomenon faced by every student before the commencement of the exam. However, while many would believe that stress can be good for you, science has a different point of view.

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  6. Common Mistakes Committed by Std 10th SSC Board Students

    The Std. 10th final examination, better known as the SSC Board Exam is considered to be one of the most important exams in a student’s life. As a student who is starting his/her academic year, you will encounter many people who will give you a mountain of advice, to help you secure marks in the SSC board exam. These people generally include your school teacher, tuition teacher, your parents, relatives, friends, neighbors. The list is quite endless if you go to see.

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  7. Tips to Track your Exam Progress | SSC Board Exams 2020

    Talent and Success can hardly be judged. Rather it can only be measured based on how far one has reached in the process. Success is the result of efforts put in for achieving a particular quest backed by determination and zest. Remember, the possibility of success or failure depends solely on you. It is determined by the efforts you put in, the ideologies you apply and strategic measures you take to make it possible.

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  8. SSC Boards 2020 | Guidelines for Writing Skills and Grammar

    Guidelines for Writing Skills and Grammar

    A gist of SSC Board Exams

    The Secondary School Certificate Examination which is better known as the SSC Board Exam is conducted by various educational boards in India. The Maharashtra State Board, popularly known as the MH Board conducts this examination for all Std. 10th or SSC Board students around the first week of March every year. It also conducts an additional examination in July for all those students who may have failed to acquire satisfactory marks to successfully pass this examination in their previous attempt.

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  9. Is traditional coaching the only way to crack board exams SSC & HSC Board Exams

    Our country has seen a great amount of development in the past few decades. We have grown by leaps and bounds to create an international identity of our own on the global map. Many companies with their headquarters set in developed countries look at us as a great ground to market their products. Additionally, these companies also offer golden opportunities for impressive salary, employment, and security. Majority of Indians nurture a dream of working with a foreign company that pays them well, provides them with great technological services, comfort and the chance to become an expert in their fields. However, the path to such a job is only through the road of excellent educational credentials.

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  10. 6 Months Study Strategy for SSC 10th Boards

    Std. 10th is a big year for students studying in high school. It is a big year for a number of reasons. First of the many, is the fact that it is the first time when students study their entire syllabus for the final examination. This is much different from the previous academic years when marks are an aggregate of exams that are conducted over both the semesters of the year. Another important reason is that SSC Boards happen to be one of the biggest milestones that a student faces in their academic life.

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