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Std 7th Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

Welcome to Target Publications’ standard 7 Marathi Medium section. From 7th standard notes to workbooks based on the latest standard Balbharati textbooks, you will find it all here.

Target Publications: Your Destination for the Best Standard 7 Marathi Medium Books

For the past 17 years, we at, Target Publications, have been committed to empowering students by providing all the resources they need to do well both in and outside of academics. By incorporating feedback from parents, students and teachers, and strictly following the Maharashtra State Board’s guidelines, we ensure our collection of 7th standard Marathi Medium guides and workbooks cater to the diverse learning needs of students.


Moreover, we provide the opportunity for self-paced learning through our Quill - The Padhai App.

Perfect Notes Series for Standard 7 Maharashtra Board

Target’s standard 7 Marathi Medium Perfect Notes follow the CCE pattern. They cover the Maharashtra Board textbooks in a question–answer format. So not only do students get exam-ready answers to the exercises in the Balbharati textbooks, but also a 360° understanding of all concepts.


Explore our range of 7th-standard Marathi Medium books for all subjects:


  1. 7th Standard Marathi Medium English Book
  2. 7th Standard Hindi Sulabhbharati Guide
  3. 7th Standard Marathi Guide
  4. 7th Standard Maths Marathi Medium
  5. 7th Standard Science Marathi Medium
  6. 7th Standard History Book In Marathi
  7. 7th Standard Geography Book In Marathi

Workbooks for Standard 7 Maharashtra Board

Practice and revision are key elements that can get your kid the best scores in the Std. 7 exams. And with Target’s 7th standard Marathi Medium Workbooks for all subjects, your kid can get both. Once they are done practising in the ample space, they will have a point source of organised, handwritten notes they can use to revise easily.


Std. 7 Workbooks for Marathi Medium:


  1. Std. 7 English Balbharati Workbook
  2. Std. 7 Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  3. Std. 7 Marathi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  4. Std. 7 Mathematics Workbook
  5. Std. 7 General Science Workbook
  6. Std. 7 History & Civics Workbook
  7. Std. 7 Geography Workbook

Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Std. 7 Maharashtra Board

Grammar and writing skills are the foundation of any language. But mastery of both will have the added benefit of improved scores in other subjects as well. With Target, now give your child the best grammar and writing skills books. They follow the latest Maharashtra Board curriculum, are packed with simple explanations, examples, and offer ample practice questions to perfect their communication skills.


Std. 7 Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Marathi Medium:


  1. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar and Writing Skills

Open a World of Opportunities for Your Child

Every child has the potential to excel. They just need the right guidance and tools. With Target Publications, nurture a passion for learning in your kids, thus helping them strive for excellence.


Target also offers Std. 7 Maharashtra Board books for Semi English Medium as well as English Medium.


Are your kids back to school ready? Discover the perfect stationery to take care of all your child’s academic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 7th Marathi Medium

Subjects in Std. 7 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board are English (LL), Hindi (LL), Marathi (HL), Mathematics, General Science, History and Civics and Geography.
It's important to note that what's considered the "most scoring" subject may vary for each student based on their individual strengths and interests. That being said, Mathematics is considered the most scoring subject provided students understand how to apply mathematical concepts. It is the only subject where students can score full marks.
Target Publications offers notes and workbooks for all Std. 7 English Medium Maharashtra Board subjects. In addition, we offer Grammar and Writing Skills books for English, Hindi and Marathi.
Creating an effective study plan for scoring well in Std. 7 Marathi Medium exams involve organizing your study time efficiently, understanding the syllabus, and adopting effective study strategies. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make a study plan:
  • Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern
  • Prioritize Subjects and Topics
  • Create a Daily Study Schedule
  • Include Regular Revision
  • Practice Regularly
  • Evaluate Your Progress