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  1. Printing Glitch Fetches 6 Marks to Students in English Exam: Maharashtra HSC 2023


    The Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Examinations for Maharashtra are currently being held. The printing glitch that occurred in the HSC English Exam has been recognised by the authorities, as three questions were missing from the question paper. On March 4, 2023, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) declared that the Board will now grant 6 marks to all students who attempted those questions.

    More insights on the missing questions

    The HSC exam began on February 21, 2023 with mistakes in the English question paper; three questions worth two marks each were missing. The

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  2. Maharashtra HSC 2023: Three Mistakes Found in Std. 12 English Exam; Will Students Lose or Gain 6 Marks?


    Maharashtra HSC examinations commenced with a bang on 21 February, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. starting with the English paper. However, the first paper itself was laden with errors as answers and instructions to paper checkers were printed in place of certain questions.

    Read on for a deeper dive into the incident.

    Three mistakes were found in the poetry section of the Std. 12 English Board question paper. Students were unable to comprehend sub-questions A3, A4 and A5 of Question 3. 
    In sub-questions A3 and A5, instructions to paper checkers were printed instead of the actual questions. Sub-question A4 had the synoptic answer printed.

    Students were understandably confused and panicked, seeing as this was the first Board exam paper. While a few exam takers attempted the questions

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  3. Is traditional coaching the only way to crack board exams SSC & HSC Board Exams

    Our country has seen a great amount of development in the past few decades. We have grown by leaps and bounds to create an international identity of our own on the global map. Many companies with their headquarters set in developed countries look at us as a great ground to market their products. Additionally, these companies also offer golden opportunities for impressive salaries, employment, and security. The majority of Indians nurture a dream of working with a foreign company that pays them well, provides them with great technological services, comfort and the chance to become an expert in their fields. However, the path to such a job is only through the road of excellent educational credentials.

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  4. Expert HSC Board Exams Study Strategy to Crack 12th Science with Flying Colours!

    HSC 12th examination is one of the turning points in a student's life. It is from here that a candidate decides on what stream to choose further and how the career thereon will take a turn. Additionally, for science students, it is a never-ending quest as board exams will open up their door to competitive exams for some of the major entrance exams including NEET, JEE Main, MHT CET, and many other college and engineering entrance exams.

    As per experts, beginning your HSC exam preparation right from Std 11 can make a lot of difference to the marks that are scored. It also includes

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  5. Board Exam Tips to Smooth Sail Through SSC & HSC Board Exams!

    Success in exams is the quest of every other student. But success is only possible if the candidate has done good preparation and has the best tools for making the preparation possible. Additionally, it also depends on the student's temperament, which particular exam they are attempting and how confident are they with the topic.

    However, exams are one such point when students find their knowledge being scrutinized and gain a platform to enhance their knowledge further. Hence, we at Target Publications comprehensively work to present to students a perfect

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  6. Things to keep in mind before preparing for HSC Board Examination!

    Examinations are always a time of stress. The quest to rank ahead in the exam and score well is the dream of every student. Candidates are often obscured about what notes to refer to, how to begin the preparation process, and what timetable to follow. While there whole year left for students to begin their preparation, the sooner it is started the better it is. Here are top strategies which can aid you to ace your dream of success in HSC.

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  7. What are the Important Tips to get full marks in the Writing Skills section of Board Exams?

    Board Exams are the pedestal for setting our future in line with our desired profession. 10th boards are the first time when a student appears for an exam as big as boards and thus nervousness and stress are prevalent to exist. Getting done with the syllabus and revision is an important aspect of the exam preparation which students proficiently gear up to. While the preparation for theories, mathematics problems, and objectives are well covered by the students, one aspect of studying to which they often turn a blind eye is the writing skill section.

    The writing skills section

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  8. 6 Cheat Hacks you can try out in preparing for Std 12th HSC Maharashtra Board Exam

    Studying for an examination is no different from preparing for a battle. Imagine yourself as a soldier of the medieval period in history. Think of your castle as your intelligence that needs to be protected as well as showcased to the entire world. So how does a soldier of the olden days go about protecting their precious castle? They find the proper armour, practice their fighting skills, follow the various strategies and focus on winning the battle with their entire might.

    Now, as an Std. 12th student, you might wonder how the comparison of your HSC boards can even be made

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  9. What things to avoid while preparing for Board Exams? Smart & Healthy Study Tips

    As soon as you enter Std 10th one is bombarded with numerous pieces of advice and tips on how to crack the exam, what to follow and what not as well as many other pieces of advice. So, if you are expecting a blog that would cater to what should be done then you will be quite disappointed. But not completely disappointed actually. Here we have listed things that you must probably avoid when preparing for board exams rather than those which you must follow:

    Do not go by mob culture

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  10. 8 Months Study Strategy for Std 12th HSC Maharashtra Board Exam

    The HSC Board results were recently out and considering the tough correction this time, students who have gone to Std 12th are sporadically looking for strategies to make it work for them in the coming year. So, considering the examination for HSC is ideally conducted in the month of February/ March every year, the HSC students still have a whole 8 months' time at their disposal.

    Without exempting students of any stream whether Science, Commerce or Arts, we here are presenting an ideal 8-month study strategy for acing the examination and making the most of the time you have

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