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    Std 9 Aanand Sanskrit Notes English and Marathi Medium | MH State Board New Syllabus
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    Std 9th My English, Hindi Lokbharati and Marathi Kumarbharati Workbooks | Set of 3 Books
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    Std 9 Hindi Lokbharati Grammar and Writing Skills Books | 2 Book
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    Std 9 Hindi Lokbharati Writing Skills Book Maharashtra Board
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    Std 9 Perfect Notes Sanskrit Aamod (Entire 100 Marks) Book | All Mediums
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    Std 9 Perfect Notes My English Course Book | Marathi and Semi English Medium
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Best Std 9th Marathi Medium Maharashtra State Board Notes, Workbooks & Reference & Grammar Books By Target Publications

Standard 9 plays a pivotal role in solidifying your foundational knowledge for the Std. 10 Board exams. It's natural to feel some level of stress. But, the good news is that it isn’t as difficult as you think. With the right mindset and helpful study materials, you can get on the path to victory in the 9th and 10th exams, conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education.

Std. 9 Marathi Medium Guides to Streamline Your Exam Preparation

To excel in the Std. 9 examinations, one must possess a comprehensive understanding of the prescribed curriculum, adopt a committed study method and engage in consistent practice. Opting for appropriate study materials not only enables you to break through your comfort zone but also empowers you to attain remarkable scores. Disciplined practice and constant revision with workbooks and notes specifically tailored for Std. 9 exams is extremely necessary.

Triumph with Target Publications’ Best Std. 9 Books!

Discover the power of knowledge with Target Publications. We are your ultimate learning companion, catering to students of all ages and levels. From comprehensive guides to insightful e-learning alternatives, our resources are designed to simplify complex subjects and ignite a passion for learning. We incorporate student feedback and Board guidelines in all our study materials.


With user-friendly content and interactive features, our Quill - The Padhai App ensures the comfort of self-paced learning, so every student excels in their academic journey. Experience the difference with Target Publications and unlock your true potential!

Uncover Maximum Efficiency with the Best Std. 9 Marathi Medium Guides

Empower yourself with Target Publications' collection of Std. 9 Marathi Medium notes, guides and workbooks. Our meticulously crafted resources are designed to meet your diverse requirements, thereby allowing you to surpass your own expectations. Along with thoroughly preparing you for the Std. 9 exams, these resources strive to build a steady groundwork for your Std. 10 journey. Now say goodbye to exam stress as you confidently navigate your academic path.


Listed below are the Best Marathi Medium books for Std. 9 by Target Publications.

Perfect Notes Series for Std. 9 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

Dive deeper into your studies with the Perfect Series—the ideal choice for students seeking an in-depth learning experience beyond traditional textbooks. Packed with exam-ready answers, these books make studying a breeze. Explore subjects through QR Code-linked videos that promote holistic knowledge. Engage in a more interactive learning process with Projects and Activities.


Books for Std. 9 Perfect Notes Series in Marathi Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. My English Coursebook Notes
  2. Hindi Lokbharati Notes
  3. Hindi Lokvani Notes
  4. Marathi Kumarbharati Notes
  5. Sanskrit Aamod (Entire) Notes
  6. Sanskrit Anand (Composite) Notes
  7. Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2 Notes
  8. Science and Technology Notes
  9. History and Political Science Notes
  10. Geography Notes

Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Std. 9 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

Unlock the path to high scores in the Std. 9 exams by mastering grammar and honing your writing skills. It's common to face challenges in these areas due to a lack of practice and comprehension. Embrace this golden opportunity to sharpen your skills and strive for those additional marks. Dedicate time in perfecting grammar and writing, and witness the remarkable difference it makes in your exam performance.


Std. 9 Grammar and Writing Skills Books in Marathi Medium:


  1. Marathi (HL) Grammar and Writing Skills
  2. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Writing Skills
  3. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar (Language Study) and Vocabulary

Workbooks for Std. 9 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

Make revision and referencing extremely easy with Target's range of Workbooks. Once filled, these invaluable resources serve as your own handwritten, systematic notes so you do not have to refer many books. This makes last-minute revision all the more easier. Engage in thorough practice using these workbooks to witness remarkable results.


Std. 9 Workbooks for Marathi Medium:


  1. Hindi Lokbharati
  2. Marathi Kumarbharati
  3. My English Coursebook

Harness the Power of Target’s Std. 9 Materials for Elevated Results!

Embark on a journey of academic excellence with Target Publications' extensive Std. 9 study materials. Unleash your potential with these valuable resources that allow you to explore topics, access exam-oriented notes and master fundamental concepts with precision. These materials serve as important tools to enhance your understanding and optimise time management. They also lay a strong foundation for Std. 10, providing clarity to complex topics. Secure your favourite resources today and outperform yourself!


Target Publications offers study materials for English and Semi-English Mediums as well.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 9th Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

The Maharashtra State Board offers English (Lower Level), Hindi (Lower Level), Marathi (Higher level), Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Political Science as well as Geography for Std. 9 Marathi Medium.


For the complete syllabus of all these subjects, please visit the official Board website.

For Std. 9, the most recommended reference books are Notes and Guides published by Target Publications. These publishers have gained a strong reputation for curating materials aligned with the curriculum set by the Maharashtra State Board. Their resources offer factually accurate information, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared and confident for your Std. 9 exams.

The weight-age for the Grammar section in each language paper is different; for the English Coursebook - 10 marks out of 80, for Hindi Lokbharati - 14 marks out of 80, for Hindi Lokvani - 8 marks out of 40 and for Marathi Kumarbharati - 16 marks out of 80.


The Grammar section is an extremely important part of each paper because its marks can be easily earned. But for that, you need to have a complete understanding of Grammar theories. Target publishes just the right books for you, so you have proper understanding and ample practice to excel in the Std. 9 exams.