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  1. Parenting Tips for Early Learning with the Help of Visual Aids

    Often, in our daily conversations, we end up asking our friends to describe a certain thing by its shape, colour or physical appearance if it happens to be unfamiliar to us. ‘Putting a face to the name’ is a phrase that comes to be of use when you meet someone who you have only heard of and never seen in person. All of these phrases point to the importance of visualisation skills, which every person, regardless of their age must possess. This becomes even more important when you are a parent and want to extend a holistic learning experience to your children. This article touches upon exactly that by listing down varied parenting tips to encourage early learning with visual aids.

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  2. The Best Way to Learn Hindi Grammar for Std 10 SSC Exam: Hindi Grammar Worksheets

    Is Grammar impeding your score in languages? A low score in languages affects your aggregate examination performance. However, scoring full marks in Std 10 Hindi Grammar has always been a seemingly monumental task for students.

    Students generally take to Hindi grammar only after completing the textual syllabus. This eventually leads to insufficient practice and hampers the final score. A systematic study-plan and refined study material might just do the trick!

    Knowing the basics of Hindi grammar is the primary requirement to answer board questions. However, all it needs is consistent practice. A student can excel in grammar when he/she practises it religiously once or twice a week. As the board

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  3. Things to Remember During NEET Counselling

    With the admission process in full swing, candidates are finding it difficult to understand the complexities of the neet counselling process. The Directorate General of Health Sciences (DGHS) will start the NEET counselling for MBBS/ BDS seats under 15% All India Quota (Deemed Universities/Central Universities ) will be managed by the MCC. For the remaining 85% quota seats counselling will be organized separately by the respective state authorities.

    1. Online registration:-

    The first step in the NEET counselling process, it is very important to read all the

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  4. How Can Parents Help their Child during Board Exams?

    Dear friends,

    It seems like a usual year when your child jumps from Std 9th to Std 10th. Every family member is so excited and at the same instant, you feel nervous. You stroll on a street or go to a shop. You go to market or work. All the people you meet, ask you the same question:

    'How is your child's study going on?'
    'How many hours does he study?'
    'What percentage did he score in the last test?'

    Then, your phone rings up. All the relatives are

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  5. How to study in minimum time?

    Want to study in minimum time? 
    Yes, It is possible.
    'If you can dream it, you can do it.'

    Board examinations are a crucial juncture in every students life. And many of us start studying the difficult topics in the last few months. Don't feel tensed if you haven't started, there is still a lot of time left.

     “It is never too late to be what you might have been."

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  6. How many hours a day should a Std 10 SSC student study?

    Not sure about the number of hours a day you should study? You're not alone. There are millions out there who are puzzled with this question.

    About 90% of students ask this question every year. Well, I have thought long and hard about this question and finally, I am here with the following conclusion. Don't think about the time, focus on the quality of study rather than it's quantity.

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  7. How should SSC aspirants study during this phase of Coronavirus?

    Dear friends,
    SSC exam is one of the most important steps in a student's journey. All of us study hard. Considering the dreadful coronavirus pandemic today, students seem to scratch their heads in the look-out for coaching classes and reference material. Technological barriers tread teachers' paths while explaining complex topics and network connection is the worst issue. However,

    'Every dark cloud has a silver lining.'

    We must never lose hope. To turn your dark day into a bright

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  8. How to score 90+ in Std 10 SSC board examinations?

    Want to score 90% or above in board exams?

    It is possible!

    Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

    Board examination is the crucial juncture in every students' life. This is the year, wherein the competitive world awaits for the budding aspirants. Regular practice and study are extremely necessary to win this competition. However, equally important is proper planning. And scoring above 90% is a piece of cake. I will tell you how.

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  9. Points to Remember before Appearing for a Board Examination.

    Are you tensed for cracking the board examinations?
    It's easier than you think.

    'Quitters never win and winners never quit.'
    Various platforms await to divert your attention. But, you need to conquer over.

    Every student learns. But the top scorers also minutely study the tips which others don't pay attention to. I will show you how in the below mentioned points.

    Apart from studying thoroughly for the entire year and mastering your presentation skills, here are  a few  points that students should adhere

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  10. The Best Way to Study for Std 10 SSC Board Examinations | 12 Months Strategy Plan

    Do you want to crack the board examination with flying colours?
    It is possible.

    'For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.'

    A Board Examination is a primary milestone in every students' life. Students prepare themselves for months in the anticipation of this examination. Some feel nervous and some feel overconfident. However, balance is the key. To drive your woes away and to help you score well, here're a few basic guidelines. 

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