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Best Maharashtra State Board 2023-24 Study Tools: Notes, Grammar, Writing Skills, and Question Bank with Solutions from Target Publications

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is a key educational authority in Maharashtra, India. It formulates and regulates the curriculum for Classes 1 to 12, publishes textbooks and study materials, conducts Board examinations for both secondary and higher secondary levels (SSC and HSC), and ensures quality education standards in affiliated schools.


Around 14,00,000 students for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and 17,00,000 for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) appear for the main examination every year.


The Board plays a pivotal role in shaping students’ academic journeys, conducting examinations, declaring results, and issuing certificates essential for future endeavours.

Target Publications: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Educational Resources

For 17 years, Target Publications has been well-known for consistently delivering high-quality Maharashtra state board books. Books by Target Publications are specifically designed to help students prepare for exams, especially standardised tests or Board exams. Students need effective exam-oriented materials and we make sure that every student’s need is fulfilled.


Target Publications makes books for students in different classes like Pre-Primary, Primary, SSC, HSC, and for entrance exams. We focus on helping learners of all ages by providing easy-to-understand educational books, e-books, guides, and digital learning resources. Through Quill - The Padhai App, we also offer students the comfort of studying at their own pace.

Kick-Start Your Maharashtra State Board Journey with Target Publications:

We're proudly licensed by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, also known as Balbharati. We craft comprehensive Maharashtra State Board books (notes and workbooks) for standards 1 to 10. Naturally, all our materials align with the Maharashtra State Board textbooks, ensuring students are provided with Maharashtra State Board textbook solutions to make their journey through education seamless. Whether you’re in an English Medium, Marathi Medium, or Semi-English Medium school, we've got you covered.


Get your hands on the best Maharashtra State Board notes by Target Publications:

Standard 1 Maharashtra Board Books

Our Standard 1 English and Mathematics workbooks cater exclusively to English Medium students. These vibrant 1st standard books align with the Balbharati textbooks and follow the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern.

Standard 2 Maharashtra Board Books

Our 2nd standard books include English and Mathematics workbooks that are also in line with the CCE assessment pattern.

Standard 5 Maharashtra Board Books

Target Publications’ 5th class Maharashtra Board books comprise Perfect Notes for English, Hindi, Marathi, Maths as well as EVS 1 and 2. Standard 5 workbooks are also available for all the subjects for both English and Marathi Mediums. Through Sulabhbharati Marathi Grammar and Writing Skills and Hindi Grammar and Writing Skills, children are gradually introduced to the fundamentals of regional languages.

Standard 6 Maharashtra Board Books

As children progress to standard 6, they are introduced to subjects that set the stage for the latter part of their secondary education. To help them traverse this significant part of academics, we offer 6th standard notes and workbooks for English and Marathi Mediums. Supplementary books for learning Hindi and Marathi are available, too.

Standard 7 Maharashtra Board Books

In addition to standard 7 English Medium notes for English, Hindi and Marathi, students can also access Grammar and Writing Skills (LL) books for regional languages to ensure they secure the best scores. Enrich your knowledge with our guides and workbooks for General Science, Mathematics, Geography as well as History and Civics. We have special notes and workbooks tailored for students of Maharashtra board 7th standard Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium, too.

Standard 8 Maharashtra Board Books

For Standard 8 English Medium students, Target offers Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (LL); Hindi Grammar and Writing Skills Book (LL); English Grammar and Writing Skills Book (HL); Perfect Notes for English, Hindi Marathi, General Science, Mathematics, History & Civics as well as Geography and workbooks for English, Hindi and Marathi.


Since the Marathi course for students of Std. 8 Marathi Medium is advanced, Target has released the Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (HL) for them. Not to forget the notes for all subjects and workbooks for the 3 languages in their curriculum.

Standard 9 Maharashtra Board Books

Keeping up with the increasing number of subjects and students’ needs, Target Publications’ range of books for Standard 9 is expanded to accommodate study guides for Aanand Sanskrit, Sanskrit Amod, Hindi Lokbharati and Hindi Lokvani. Additionally, Perfect Notes are available for the remaining subjects in English Medium, Marathi Medium, and Semi-English Medium. The supplementary language books include English Writing Skills (HL), English Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (HL), Hindi Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (LL), Hindi Writing Skills (HL), Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (LL), and Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (HL) as well as workbooks.

Standard 10 Maharashtra Board Books

Standard 10 is one of the first major turning points in a student’s academic career. To help them ace this crucial hurdle, Target Publications has a vast library of books encompassing all subjects across English, Semi-English, and Marathi Medium streams for the Standard 10 Maharashtra Board Exams.


Perfect & Precise Series Notes: For English Medium students that go beyond, the Perfect Notes Series offers the best blend of exam-ready notes and real learning. At Target, we also understand that some students prefer strictly exam-oriented notes to study for the standard 10 Board exam. These are provided in the form of the Precise Notes series.


Std 10 MH Board Workbooks: Workbooks are additionally provided so students have a go-to book wherein they cannot just practise solving problems and learning answers but also have a point source of solutions that are easy to find for quick revision.


Grammar & Writing Skills: Target Publications’ ProLingo Series is crafted to help Maharashtra Board students build their grammar and writing skills. Whether you're studying English, Hindi, or Marathi, we have resources designed just for you. For Class 10 English Medium students, there are also 3 in 1 Grammar (language study) & Vocabulary as well as 3 in 1 Writing Skills Books for students of Standard 10 English Medium.


Std 10th Board Question Banks: Solved Maharashtra State Board previous year question papers and sample practice papers are key to securing exemplary marks in the SSC Board exam. That is why Target has a specialised collection of question banks for SSC 2024. This includes A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions 2019-2023, 54 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium, Sanskrit Aamod 11 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions, as well as Sanskrit Anand 12 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions.


IQB (Important Question Bank) Books: If you are a student preparing for the Board exam at the last minute, or a student looking for the most important questions from the SSC Board exam perspective, then Target’s Important Question Bank (IQB) series is what you need. Not only does it contain purely the most important questions, but also their answers, smart tips and tricks. The IQB series is available for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium. Thus, from notes to question paper sets, our 10th Maharashtra Board books ensure that students are well-prepared for the SSC Board exams.

Soar and Shine with Target Publications

  • Accurate, up-to-date content
  • Clear notes and summaries for a rock-solid foundation
  • Master grammar, vocabulary, and writing for confident communication
  • Conquer exam formats and identify weak areas with targeted exercises
  • Books for English, Semi-English, and Marathi Mediums for inclusive learning
  • Solution-packed resources and detailed explanations
  • Get the best value for your academic success

Gear up for Maharashtra State Board success with Target Publications! #StudySmartWithTarget

FAQs about Maharashtra State Board Books

Yes, Balbharti books cover the Maharashtra Board syllabus well. The questions asked in Board exams are all from Balbharati books. But to ace the exams, Target Publications’ Maharashtra Board books will give you not just winning answers, but also real understanding of the course material.

While online solutions exist, their accuracy and clarity can be unreliable. To guarantee comprehensive understanding and 100% exam preparedness, invest in Target Publications' Maharashtra Board books. Their step-by-step explanations, winning solutions, diverse problem-solving approaches, and ample practice problems offer a structured and dependable path to academic success.

Take comprehensive notes, seek clarification when needed, and utilise resources like books from Target Publications' for deeper understanding. Solving past papers is an absolute must. Other than that, trust your dedication, celebrate milestones, and learn from any missteps.

The difficulty level of the Maharashtra State Board exams can vary from student to student, depending on factors such as individual study habits, understanding of the subjects, and preparation strategies. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is known for setting exams that assess students’ understanding of the curriculum. With dedication and the right resources, many students successfully navigate and excel in Maharashtra State Board exams.

Target Publications has preserved previous years’ question papers by Maharastra State Board. And if you need their solutions, you can try our Std. 10 A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions 2019-2023.

Target Publications caters to a wide range of needs for Maharashtra Board students. Whether you are in English, Semi-English and Marathi Medium, we’ve got just the books for you. Get a clear and concise understanding of key concepts with comprehensive notes for classes 1 to 12. Sharpen your language skills and master the art of effective writing with dedicated books on grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Engage in active learning with interactive workbooks. And for the final leg of preparation, Target Publications has question banks with solutions.