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    SSC English Kumarbharati | Perfect Series | English Medium Maharashtra Board
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    SSC Marathi Aksharbharati Book | Perfect Series | English Medium Maharashtra Board
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    SSC Hindi Lokbharati Book | Perfect Series | All Mediums Maharashtra Board
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    Std 10 Science & Technology Book - Part 2 | Perfect Series
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    SSC Aamod Sanskrit Book | Perfect Series | All Mediums Maharashtra Board
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Best Std 10th English Medium SSC Maharashtra State Board 2024-2025 Reference Books, Workbooks, Notes, Question Banks & IQB Books By Target Publications

It is undeniable that examinations hold significant importance in the lives of students. They serve as a valuable tool to gauge our knowledge and assess our educational progress. For students, the 10th Board exams mark a crucial milestone as they experience the Board Examination for the first time. It's natural for stress levels to rise during this period, but it's important to remember that facing this phase is a common experience shared by many.


Administered by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, the SSC Board exams attract over 16 lakh students annually. With a pass percentage of 93.89% in the 2022-23 exams, the 10th SSC exams demonstrated a commendable level of success among the students who appeared for the examinations.

How the Best 10th Board Exam Guides Help You Stay At the Top?

The 21st century has been a century of numerous technological, infrastructural and educational advancements. The Indian education system has been undergoing various changes and developments in order to stay relevant to every new generation.


Thus, students need up-to-date study materials like concise notes and reliable reference books that are also easily understandable. Std. 10 Question banks are also essential to excel in their Std. 10 SSC 2024 Board exams. With the right study materials, you can streamline your preparation and achieve remarkable results.

Target Publications: Enabling You to Achieve SSC Board Exam Success

The Corporate Review Magazine ranks Target Publications among the Top 20 Education Companies in India! And with good reason. From preschool to college, we offer a diverse range of trusted educational resources so you are able to strategise, study and go beyond. But that's not all! We have also created Quill - The Padhai App, where you can learn at your pace.

Conquer Your SSC Goals with Target Publications!

At Target Publications, we are committed to fulfilling your educational needs by providing an extensive range of resources, such as detailed reference books and comprehensive notes. We give utmost importance to student feedback and strictly follow the guidelines set by the Maharashtra State Board for the 10th standard. Our materials are meticulously crafted to align with the new and updated syllabus for Std. 10 English Medium, ensuring the highest quality of content.

Find the Perfect Guide in English Medium for Your Std. 10 Journey!

At Target Publications, we understand the importance of having top-notch study materials that instil confidence and alleviate exam-related stress. That's why we have devoted careful attention to creating a unique series that caters to diverse student needs. Our resources empower students to exceed their own expectations and achieve outstanding results.


Here are the best English medium books for Std. 10 by Target Publications.

Perfect Series for Std. 10th English Medium Maharashtra Board 

For students seeking a deeper exploration beyond the textbook, The Perfect Series is the ultimate option. Designed to facilitate overall development, these books provide thorough coverage of the entire textbook in a question-and-answer format, including additional knowledge for holistic learning. They include Chapter Overviews and Videos that enhance conceptual clarity. Quick revision tools like Memory Maps and Flowcharts ensure absolute memorisation of what has been studied. Chapterwise previous years' questions (PYQs) and the Board question paper from the year 2023 have also been added.


The books for the Perfect Series in English Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. English Kumarbharati
  2. Hindi Lokbharati
  3. Marathi Aksharbharati
  4. Hindi Lokvani
  5. Sanskrit Aanand (Composite 50 Marks)
  6. Sanskrit Aamod (Entire 100 Marks)
  7. Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2
  8. Science and Technology Part 1 and Part 2
  9. History and Political Science
  10. Geography

Precise Series for Std. 10 English Medium Maharashtra Board

The Target Publications Std. 10 Precise Series is a focused collection of study materials tailored for students aiming to excel in the SSC Board exams. It equips students with winning answers. This series provides a condensed yet detailed coverage of the entire syllabus while ensuring a thorough understanding of each subject by offering clear explanations, relevant examples and practice questions. The series also features questions from previous Board exams—organised by chapter—and the latest solved Board paper from 2023 to ensure students are completely prepared for the Board exams.


The books for the Precise Series in English Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. History-Political Science and Geography
  2. Science and Technology Part 1 and Part 2

MCQ Books for Std. 10 English Medium Maharashtra Board 

Master concepts effortlessly with the Target Publications MCQ Series. It offers a quick theory overview at the start of each chapter along with over 1000 chapter-wise MCQs and answer keys. You will be able to test your knowledge with topic tests and assess your progress. Caution and Connection help you avoid common mistakes made during the 10th Board exams. The books familiarize you with objective-based questions and offer ample practice.


The books for the MCQ Series in English Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. History and Geography
  2. Mathematics Part I and II
  3. Science and Technology Part I and II

Workbooks for Std. 10 English Medium Maharashtra Board 

Target’s range of Workbooks acts as a one-stop solution for revision and self-prepared systematic notes. With these workbooks, you will be able to make last-minute revisions and the tedious task of referencing extremely easy for yourself.


Workbooks in English Medium are available in the following subjects:


  1. English Kumarbharati
  2. Hindi Lokbharati
  3. Marathi Aksharbharati
  4. Perfect Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2
  5. Geography Map and Graph Practice

Grammar and Writing Skills for Std. 10 English Medium Maharashtra Board 

Grammar is an area where most of us lack practice and understanding. But now it’s time to brush up on those antique skills and buck up to secure those extra marks! Learn how to use correct grammar and coherent writing skills while writing the SSC Board exams.


  1. 3 in 1 Grammar (Language Study) and Vocabulary
  2. 3 in 1 Writing Skills
  3. English (HL) Writing Skills
  4. English (HL) Grammar (Language Study) and Vocabulary
  5. Marathi (LL) Grammar and Writing Skills
  6. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Writing Skills
  7. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar (Language Study) and Vocabulary
  8. Hindi Lokbharati Grammar Worksheet with Answers

Crack the Code for your 10th Grade Exams with Target Publications' Question Bank Collection!


Target Publications offers question banks for Std. 10 that include a wide range of carefully curated questions to enhance your exam preparation.

Boost your speed and confidence with Target Publications' model question papers, mock tests and Std. 10 question banks. These resources facilitate effective preparation, help you stay focused and alleviate exam anxieties, ensuring you are fully prepared for SSC Board exam success.


Target Publications offer question banks for Std. 10 in:


  1. A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions: Covers all relevant Board questions from 2019–2023 topic-wise and subtopic-wise.
  2. Solutions to SSC Board Question Bank: Includes solutions to the Std. 10 English, Marathi and Social Science question banks released by the Maharashtra State Board in 2022.
  3. Solutions to SSC Board Question Bank: Provides solutions to all of the questions in the Maharashtra State Board's Std. 10 Science Part I & II and Mathematics Part I & II 2022 question banks.
  4. SSC 54 Question Papers and Activity Sheets with Solutions: Includes 5 model activity sheets per subject along with previous years’ Board question papers (2020, 2022 and 2023) with solutions.
  5. SSC 12 Question Papers and Activity Sheets with Solutions: Includes 10 model question papers, their detailed solutions as well as the latest solved Board papers for Hindi Lokvani and Sanskrit Anand (Composite).
  6. SSC 11 Question Papers and Activity Sheets with Solutions: Includes 10 model question papers and the latest Sanskrit Aamod (Entire) Board papers with detailed solutions.
  7. Std. 10 Mathematics Challenging Questions: The book exclusively covers 22 out of 80 marks based on the revised paper pattern. It challenges you to think beyond in order to answer complex questions.
  8. Important Question Banks (IQB): IQB provides complete support for last-minute preparation in the Std. 10 Board exams. Featuring a wide range of important questions and solutions, it includes a model activity sheet and a convenient QR code for accessing the answer key.

IQB Series are offered for the subjects:


Unleash Your Potential with Target Publications for SSC Board Exam Success!

By equipping yourself with Target Publications' Std. 10 reference books, notes and question banks, you get valuable resources to explore topics, access exam-oriented notes and master fundamental concepts with precision. These materials serve as invaluable tools to enhance your understanding, optimise time management and construct winning answers during the SSC Board exams.

Target Publications also offers Std. 10 books for Semi-English and Marathi Mediums.

FAQs of Std 10th English Medium Books 

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education offers more than 90 subject options to students. The main subjects include 1st Language - English, 2nd Language - Hindi/Marathi/Tamil etc, 3rd Language - Marathi/Hindi/Tamil etc, Science and Technology, Mathematics, History and Geography.

For more information on the available languages, please visit the official Board site.

Though the Board prescribes few textbooks and the SCERT question bank for Board exam preparation, it is important to use notes, reference books and model question papers. This will help you have a holistic approach to answering questions on time. Target Publications offers numerous such options to complement your study preparation.

The best reference books available for Std. 10 are Notes and Guides by Target Publications. They are reputable publishers that align all resources with the Maharashtra State Board curriculum and provide factually correct information so you are fully prepared and confident for your Std. 10 exams.
As of now, there are no changes announced by the Maharashtra Board. But keep a close tab on the official website in case any unforeseen changes are made.

There's no need to worry when everything is within reach with just a click! Explore for free access to Std. 10 previous years' question papers and other free learning resources.

The grammar weightage for the written English Kumarbharati paper is 24 marks out of 80, while for the written Hindi Lokbharati paper, it is 14 marks out of 80. Additionally, the written Hindi Lokvani paper assigns 8 marks out of 40 to grammar, whereas the written Marathi Aksharbharati paper designates 14 marks out of 80 to grammar.

To address your concerns about how to prepare for grammar, Target Publications has a 3 in 1 Grammar and Vocabulary book that explains grammar topics in a simple way. Exercises are also provided for practice.