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    CBSE Class 10 Marathi Notes for 2023-24 Exam (NCERT Based Reference Book)
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    CBSE Class 10 Social Science Note for 2023-24 Exam (NCERT Based Reference Book)
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    CBSE Class 9 Science Notes Book | Based on NCERT Syllabus | CBSE Board
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    Class 10 English Grammar NCERT Solutions Book | CBSE Board
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Best CBSE Board 2023-2024 NCERT Reference Books, Notes, Grammar Books & Exemplar Books with Solutions By Target Publications

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most popular school boards in India. It offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students for higher education and the workforce.


Class 9 is an important year for CBSE students. It is a time to solidify their foundation in core subjects and prepare a firm groundwork for the Class 10 Board exams.


The CBSE Class 10 is a time of great academic pressure. Students are expected to perform well in their Board exams as it determines their future educational and career opportunities.

Set Up a Strong Foundation for Success in the CBSE Class 9 and 10 Exams

Achieving success in the CBSE Class 9 and Class 10 Board exams requires a thorough grasp of the prescribed syllabus, a dedicated approach to studying as well as a regular practice. The NCERT textbook, notes, guides and reference books are your greatest buddy in the CBSE exam preparation. By obtaining the best, up-to-date and easily comprehensible study materials, you can set yourself up for success.

Target Publications: Paving the Path to CBSE Exam Excellence

Target Publications, a prominent brand in educational book publishing, specialises in books for Primary, Pre-Primary, SSC, HSC, CBSE and Entrance exams. With a focus on empowering learners of all ages, we provide educational books, e-books, guides and digital learning resources that make a tangible difference in real-life education. We actively work towards providing students tools to support their learning and push them to achieve greater feats.


At Target Publications, we cater to your diverse educational needs, providing relevant reference books and notes based on student feedback and the Board’s requirements. We guarantee high-quality content for learners according to the new and updated syllabus for CBSE. Through Quill - The Padhai App, we also offer you the comfort of studying at your own pace.

Choose From a Variety of CBSE Books (2023-2024) for Class 9 and 10

We have developed an array of NEP-based notes, guides and reference books to meet every student’s needs. They are specifically designed to empower you with the best content, enabling you to surpass your own expectations and attain exceptional results.


Here are the best CBSE Class 9 books by Target Publications:


  1. CBSE Competency Based Questions Science book
  2. Science NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions book
  3. Class 9 CBSE Science Notes

Find the best CBSE Class 10 books by Target Publications below:


  1. CBSE Perfect Prep English Notes
  2. CBSE Perfect Prep Hindi Notes
  3. CBSE Perfect Prep Marathi Notes
  4. CBSE Perfect Prep Mathematics Vol I and Vol II Notes
  5. CBSE Perfect Prep Science Notes
  6. CBSE Perfect Prep Social Science Notes
  7. Mathematics NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions book
  8. Science NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions book
  9. CBSE Competency Based Questions Mathematics book
  10. CBSE Competency Based Questions Science book
  11. CBSE English Grammar and Writing Skills Book

Get-Set-Go with Target Publications

The CBSE guides and reference books by Target Publications serve as important resources for exploring topics, accessing detailed exam-oriented notes and understanding underlying concepts. This enables you to broaden your perspective, time your writing and write winning answers in the CBSE exams. After you are completely prepared with the help of notes and practice books by Target Publications, it’s time for the last lap. Go ahead and ace the Class 9 and the Class 10 exams!

Frequently Asked Questions

The full form of CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education.

There are various advantages of choosing a CBSE Board school over a State Board school: Curriculum: The CBSE curriculum is more comprehensive and up-to-date than the State Board curriculum.

Assessment: The CBSE exams are more challenging and graded on a tougher scale. This helps to ensure that CBSE students are well-prepared for the challenges of college and university.

Teachers: CBSE schools have access to a wider pool of qualified teachers than state board schools.

Resources: CBSE schools have access to a larger range of resources than State Board schools. This includes textbooks, reference materials and laboratory equipment.


Nevertheless, Government run schools and colleges have now started undergoing vast changes in curriculum and teaching styles. Education is being given utmost importance because it is shaping India’s tomorrow. Hence, make an informed decision as to which Board would suit your needs.

Reading only NCERT Textbooks and solving Sample Papers may sound like the easiest option, but is not enough to achieve great scores in the Class 10 exams. Students must have access to reference books, guides, notes, past years’ question papers and question bank solutions for holistic understanding and ample practice.

Yes, the CBSE Board exams are considered tougher than other Boards for the following reasons:

The CBSE curriculum is more comprehensive: The CBSE curriculum covers a wide range of subjects than other boards. This means that students need to have a deeper understanding of the concepts in order to do well.

The CBSE Board exams are more challenging: The questions are more application-based, which means that students need to be able to apply what they have learned to real-world situations.

The CBSE Board exams are more competitive: There are more students who take the CBSE Board exam than other boards. Competition is fiercer and students need to score higher in order to get into a good college or university.

Preparing for CBSE Board exams requires you to:

  • Understand the syllabus completely
  • Schedule a study timetable that you can follow
  • Use the right study materials and make proper notes
  • Clarify all doubts beforehand
  • Practise solving previous years' question papers and mock tests
  • Revise regularly and don’t forget to take ample rest


Yes, the CBSE Board follows the NCERT textbooks for preparing question papers. The CBSE question papers are designed to test students' understanding of the concepts covered in the NCERT textbooks.

In order to pass the CBSE Board exam, a student must score at least 33% in each subject. The passing criteria is the same for all students, regardless of their stream.

There are a few exceptions to the passing criteria. For example, students who are taking the exam in a language other than their mother tongue are allowed to score 25% in that language. Additionally, students who are taking the exam with a disability are allowed to score 20% in each subject.

Yes, CBSE Board examinations are known for their rigorous curriculum and challenging exams. It is considered to be one of the most difficult Board exams in India for the following reasons:

The syllabus is vast: The CBSE syllabus is very comprehensive and covers a plethora of topics making understanding difficult for students.

The questions are challenging: The questions are often open-ended and application-based. This requires students to think critically that makes answering difficult for students.