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Power Up Your 2023-24 SYBCom: Comprehensive Notes, Practice & Resources from Target Publications

Compared to FYBCom, the SYBCom syllabus of Mumbai University introduces new subjects while diving deeper into previously introduced concepts. SYBCom subjects form the core for TYBCom. So a strong understanding is crucial for future success. Moreover, many competitive careers require strong fundamentals built-in SYBCom.


However, don't mistake seriousness for stress! Now get the best BCom 2nd year study materials at Target Publications.

Excel in SYBCom Sem 4 Auditing with Target’s Smart Notes:

Time to forget endless note-taking. Our SYBCom Sem 4 Auditing Smart Notes are here to help you study smartly.


Boost your confidence with these 3 game-changing features of SYBCom Sem 4 Auditing Smart Notes:


  • Get exam-ready answers in a structured, handwritten format to enhance preparedness.
  • Complex concepts are broken down into bite-sized chunks, with real-world examples for clear understanding.
  • Smart Recaps, Smart Codes and a Model Question Paper allow for active learning, and in turn, 3 times better retention of what you learn.

Transform Learning with Target Publications!

Remember, the path to a bright future starts with one small step and an amazing SYBCom book. Grab your copy of Target Publications' SYBCom Semester 4 Auditing Smart Notes and watch your academic confidence soar!

From Junior College to Degree Dreams: Simplify Your Academic Journey with Target Publications

From 11th Std. Commerce books to degree notes, we cater to every step of your academic climb. We've also got you covered with TYBCom books designed give you the best results. With Target by your side, conquering your academic goals becomes a rewarding adventure.

FAQs for SYBcom Maharashtra Board

SYBCom subjects vary between 5–8 depending on your university, but core options include Accounting, Finance, Economics, Law, Statistics, Marketing, and Organizational Behaviour. Additional subjects like Taxation, Cost Accounting, and HR may be available.

Scoring in SYBCom Sem 4 depends on you, not the subject! Focus on subjects you understand and enjoy, like writing-heavy Business Communication or analytical Marketing Management. Put extra effort into tricky ones like Accounting or Cost Accounting.

Students generally find subjects like Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Business Economics, and Taxation a bit more demanding due to their conceptual depth, intricate calculations, and application-oriented approach. But remember, difficulty is subjective. Focus on your own strengths, utilize resources like lectures, study groups, online video tutorials and professors, and adopt effective strategies like consistent practice and clear understanding.

Tame the SYBCom Semester 4 with these quick tips! 1. Plan: Chart your course with a study schedule, prioritising tricky subjects like Mumbai Board's Accounting or Cost Accounting. 2. Practise: Drill those calculations into your head, join study groups for concept clarity, and solve past papers to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 3. Utilise the right resources: Attend lectures, tap into professors' expertise, and leverage online libraries. For helpful educational resources aligned with the Mumbai University curriculum, turning to Target Publications is your best choice. 4. Focus on understanding: Don't just memorise; grasp the depth of concepts and apply them to real-world problems. Remember, consistency and smart strategies are your anchors to success!

Navigating SYBCom Sem 4 Auditing just got smoother! Target Publications' Smart Notes for Auditing are your compact guide to conquering complex concepts, formulae, and crucial points. Perfectly aligned with Maharashtra Board syllabus and exam patterns, these notes offer crystal-clear explanations, real-world examples, and exam-ready answers—all in handwritten style.