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Refreshing Mandala Colouring Books (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level) for Adults by Target Publications

At Target Publications, we are dedicated not only to fostering academic excellence but also to nurturing the well-being of our valued readers. Recognising the growing interest in mindful practices and creative expression, we are thrilled to present our collection of best mandala colouring books for adults.

The Benefits of Mandala Colouring

Mandala, meaning ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, are intricate geometric designs inspired by rich cultural and spiritual significance. The symmetrical patterns and rhythmic repetitions of Mandala have long been recognised for their ability to induce a sense of calm and focus.

Colouring these captivating designs offers a unique opportunity to:


  • Reduce stress and anxiety

The repetitive and meditative nature of colouring promotes relaxation and inner peace.


  • Enhance focus and concentration

Focusing on the details of the mandala stimulates the mind and improves cognitive function.


  • Spark creativity and self-expression

Experimenting with colours and patterns liberates the inner artist, fostering a sense of joy and accomplishment.


  • Embrace mindfulness

Colouring mandalas can be a form of mindful meditation, promoting present-moment awareness and reducing negative thoughts.

Explore Mandala Colouring Books by Target Publications

Begin your artistic journey with our collection of Mandala colouring books. Whether you’re a beginner or consider yourself an advanced colourer, there’s a Mandala book for everyone. But that’s not all. With 31 perforated pages, you can display your creations and share them with the world, too.


Pick a Mandala colouring book that suits your difficulty level:


FAQs about Mandala Colouring Books

Mandalas are popular in colouring books because they’re visually appealing and have a calming effect. People enjoy colouring them because it’s a relaxing activity that helps reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Plus, mandalas come in various intricate designs, making them fun and satisfying to colour.

You can use any colours you like for colouring mandalas. There are no specific rules. Just go with what feels right to you and enjoy the process.

Colouring mandalas can benefit your mental well-being in several ways. First, it’s a relaxing activity. It helps reduce stress and anxiety by promoting focus. Second, colouring mandalas encourages creativity and self-expression, which can boost your mood. To sum up, it’s a simple and enjoyable way to take a break from the pressure of daily life and promote mental wellness.

Yes, you can absolutely use different colouring materials like markers or watercolours on mandalas.

Yes, there are different styles of Mandalas in each colouring book.

Children can definitely enjoy colouring mandalas, but it’s more commonly associated with adults. The intricate patterns and detailed designs in some mandalas might be challenging for younger children, but there are simpler mandalas designed specifically for kids. Ultimately, it depends on the child’s age, interests, and level of patience. Some children might find colouring mandalas to be a calming and enjoyable activity, while others might prefer simpler colouring pages with larger images to colour.