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Premium Single-Ruled Long Notebooks and Spiral Bound Notebooks by Target Publications

Target Publications’ exclusive range of attractive Single Ruled Long Notebooks and Spiral Bound Notebooks are crafted to inspire creativity.

Featuring attractive covers, our long size ruled notebooks offer smooth pages. These long notebooks can be used for note-taking, accounting, office use, journaling, and various other creativity. Our long size notebooks are packed with convenient features which makes them perfect for students, professionals, and anyone with ideas to jot down.

The Fantastic Features of Long Notebooks:

  • A4 size ruled long notebook with attractive and unique cover designs.
  • Laminated, non-stainable, flexible cover and sturdy binding ensures durability.
  • The notebooks comes in 76 and 164 pages with high-quality 57 GSM, double-sided and single-lined paper.
  • All pages are eco-friendly and free from elemental chlorine.
  • Stay organised with Date and Page Number Map.
  • Index at the beginning of the book is given for quick reference.
  • Draw tables and charts with ease using the 1 cm reference markings.
  • Enjoy the activities provided at the end of the book.

Spiral Bound Notebooks by Target Publications:

Our Theme-Based Spiral Bound Notebooks are designed for effortless note-taking and other creative writings. This long notebook can be used as a rough copy, exercise notebook, college book, etc. They are a versatile option for anyone who needs a durable and flexible notebook.

The Remarkable Features of the Spiral Bound Notebooks:

  • Obtain an A4 size, spiral-bound single line long notebook with an attractive cover design.
  • The notebook contains 300 pages with 58 GSM paper and has a 300 GSM Matte Lamination cover.
  • The premium-quality white pages provide a smooth writing surface.
  • The strong wire binding enables the pages to be turned 360 degrees with ease.
  • Every page includes provisions for both the date and page number.
  • There are 1 cm markings on both the top and bottom margins, facilitating the drawing of grids and tables.


Q. What is a ‘long’ notebook?

Ans: A ‘long’ notebook typically refers to a notebook with longer dimensions compared to standard-sized notebooks.

Q. What types of long notebooks are available at Target Publications’?

Ans: We offer A4 size single line ruled long notebooks and A4 size spiral notebooks.

Q. Are your long notebooks eco-friendly?

Ans: Yes, our long notebooks are eco-friendly. They are free from elemental chlorine.

Q. What is the binding style of your long notebooks?

Ans: Our long notebooks are offered in two binding styles. One type features a strong glue binding, ensuring durability. While the other is spiral-bound, with pages held together by a sturdy wire.