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    CBSE Class 10 Social Science Note for 2023-24 Exam (NCERT Based Reference Book)
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    Std 8th English Medium English Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary Book
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    Std 8th Mathematics Workbook | English Medium | VIII Maharashtra State Board
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Best Maharashtra State Board and CBSE Board School Books for 2024-2025 Exam by Target Publications

Textbooks may lay the groundwork, but it's the quality educational books that elevate students' learning experience. Whether students are navigating the intricacies of state-level exams or preparing for national assessments, our Maharashtra State Board books and CBSE Board books ensure they stride confidently through their educational journey.

Maharashtra State Board Books by Target Publications:

We’re proudly licensed by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, also known as Balbharati. Our speciality lies in crafting comprehensive Maharashtra Education Board books (notes and workbooks) for standards 1 to 10. We keep our materials perfectly aligned with the latest textbooks so students can seamlessly access Maharashtra Board textbook solutions. Our catalogue covers English Medium, Marathi Medium, and Semi-English Medium.

Standard 1 Maharashtra Board Books

Our standard 1 Mathematics workbook is tailored specifically for English Medium students. This book for 1st standard follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern.

Standard 5 Maharashtra Board Books

Our 5th class Maharashtra Board books feature Perfect Notes for English, Hindi, Marathi, Maths, and EVS 1 and 2. Additionally, workbooks for all subjects in both English and Marathi Mediums are available for Standard 5. With Sulabhbharati Marathi Grammar and Writing Skills and Hindi Grammar and Writing Skills, children are gradually introduced to the fundamentals of regional languages.

Standard 6 Maharashtra Board Books

As students step into standard 6, they come across subjects that lay the foundation for the latter part of their secondary education. To support them through this crucial academic phase, we provide 6th standard notes and workbooks for both English and Marathi Mediums. Additionally, supplementary books for learning Hindi and Marathi are also available.

Standard 7 Maharashtra Board Books

Alongside standard 7 English Medium notes for English, Hindi, and Marathi, students can also access Grammar and Writing Skills books for regional languages. Students can expand their understanding with our guides and workbooks covering General Science, Mathematics, Geography, as well as History and Civics. We also offer special notes and workbooks designed specifically for students of Maharashtra State Board 7th standard Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium.

Standard 8 Maharashtra Board Books

For Standard 8 English Medium students, Target offers ProLingo series Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills (LL); Hindi Grammar and Writing Skills (LL); English Grammar and Writing Skills (HL); Perfect Notes for English, Hindi, Marathi, General Science, Mathematics, History and Civics as well as Geography and workbooks for English, Hindi and Marathi.

Given that the Marathi course for Std. 8 Marathi Medium students is advanced, Target has introduced the ProLingo series Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing Skills (HL). Additionally, comprehensive notes for all subjects and workbooks for the three languages in their curriculum are also available.

Standard 9 Maharashtra Board Books

Keeping up with the increasing number of subjects and students’ needs, Target Publications’ range of books for Standard 9 is expanded to accommodate study guides for Aanand Sanskrit, Sanskrit Amod, Hindi Lokbharati and Hindi Lokvani. Additionally, Perfect Notes are available for the remaining subjects in English Medium, Marathi Medium, and Semi-English Medium. The supplementary language books include the ProLingo series English Writing Skills (HL), English Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (HL), Hindi Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (LL), Hindi Writing Skills (HL), Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills (LL), and Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills (HL) as well as workbooks.

Standard 10 Maharashtra Board Books

Standard 10 is one of the first major turning points in a student’s academic career. To help them excel in this crucial stage, Target Publications has a vast library of books encompassing all subjects across English, Semi-English, and Marathi Medium for the Standard 10 Maharashtra Board Exams.


Perfect and Precise Series Notes: At Target, we understand that some students prefer strictly exam-oriented notes to study for the standard 10 Board exam.


These are provided in the form of the Precise Notes series. For English Medium students that go beyond, it offers the best blend of exam-ready notes and real learning.


Std 10 MH Board Workbooks: Our workbooks ensure students have a go-to book wherein they can not just practise solving questions but also have a point source of solutions that are easy to find for quick revision.


Grammar & Writing Skills: Target Publications’ ProLingo series is crafted to help Maharashtra Board students build their grammar and writing skills. Whether students are studying English, Hindi, or Marathi, we have resources designed just for them. For Class 10 Maharashtra Board English Medium students, there are also 3 in 1 Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary as well as 3 in 1 Writing Skills Books.


Std 10th Board Question Banks: Solved Maharashtra State Board previous years’ question papers and sample practice papers are key to securing exemplary marks in the SSC Board exam. That is why Target has a specialised collection of question banks for SSC 2024. This includes A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions 2019-2023, 54 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium, Sanskrit Aamod 11 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions, as well as Sanskrit Anand 12 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions.


IQB (Important Question Bank) Books: Our IQB is important for students preparing for the Board exam at the last minute or seeking the most crucial questions from the SSC Board exam perspective. Not only does it contain the most important questions, but also their answers, smart tips and tricks. The IQB series is available for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium.


Thus, from notes to question paper sets, our Std 10th Maharashtra Board books ensure students are well-prepared for the SSC Board exams.

CBSE Board Books by Target Publications

We have an array of NEP-based CBSE reference books, guides and NCERT textbook solutions to meet every student’s needs. They are designed to empower students with the best notes, enabling them exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results.

CBSE Class 9 Books:

Our Class 9 notes, guides, and reference books are written in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, helping students grasp even the most complex topics. They include a variety of questions and answers, along with useful tips and strategies to support learning.


  • CBSE Competency Based Questions Science
  • Science NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions
  • Class 9 CBSE Science Notes

CBSE Class 10 Books

We've developed notes, guides, and supplementary study materials for CBSE Class 10. From comprehensive notes to helpful marks boosters, we provide everything students need to excel in their Class 10 Board exams.


CBSE Class 10 Prefect Prep Notes: Enhance the studying experience with our CBSE Perfect Prep Notes for Class 10! They strictly follow the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. These notes include solutions to NCERT textbook questions, Previous Years' CBSE Board Papers up to 2023, latest Sample Question Papers (SQP), and Additional Practice Questions (APQ). They are also packed with engaging features for Gen-Z students like comic strips and videos, along with a Model Paper for self-assessment.


  • CBSE Perfect Prep English Notes
  • CBSE Perfect Prep Hindi Notes
  • CBSE Perfect Prep Marathi Notes
  • CBSE Perfect Prep Mathematics Vol I and Vol II Notes
  • CBSE Perfect Prep Science Notes
  • CBSE Perfect Prep Social Science Notes

CBSE Class 10 Marks Boosters: These marks boosters aid Class 10 students in enhancing their exam performance. To ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for their exams, we provide solutions to all NCERT textbook questions, along with additional competency-based practice questions.


  • Mathematics NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions book
  • Science NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problems and Solutions book
  • CBSE Competency Based Questions Mathematics book
  • CBSE Competency Based Questions Science book

CBSE Class 10 Grammar and Writing Skills: The Class 10 CBSE English Grammar and Writing Skills and Hindi ‘B’ Grammar and Writing Skills explain grammatical concepts in simple terms with examples. Solved exercises, practice questions and past CBSE Board papers are key highlights of these books.

Explore Boundless Learning with Target Publications

Whether students are enrolled in the Maharashtra State Board or the CBSE Board, Target Publications is the right destination. With our comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, notes, guides, and practice papers, we ensure that students from both boards have access to high-quality resources.


Moreover, we also provide the comfort of self-paced learning through our Quill - The Padhai App.

FAQs of School Books by Target Publications

While both, Maharashtra Board and CBSE pave the way for successful academic journeys, their paths diverge in certain aspects. The Maharashtra State Board follows the curriculum developed by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). While CBSE follows the curriculum developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The MSBSHSE curriculum is available in Marathi, English, and Hindi. The medium of instruction is determined by the individual school and not the Board. Schools can choose from Marathi, English, or Hindi as their primary language. Whereas, CBSE primarily uses English as the medium of instruction.

On our platform, you will find notes, workbooks, question banks, practice papers, and score boosters for both Maharashtra and CBSE Boards.

Yes, we offer materials for English Medium, Marathi Medium, and Semi-English Medium students.

Yes, we provide Perfect and Precise series notes, workbooks, grammar & writing skills books, question banks, and important question bank (IQB) books to help students prepare thoroughly for their Board exams.

For CBSE Class 9 students, we currently offer notes and marks boosters for Science. Educational resources for the remaining subjects will be available soon.