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    Hindi Varnamala Chart for Kids | Jumbo Hindi Learning Chart (Alphabet and Numbers)
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    English, Hindi and Marathi Alphabet Learning Books for Kids | Set of 3
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Best Hindi Books for Nursery and Primary By Target Publications

From the Hindi Alphabet (Varnamala) to full-fledged words, here you will find some of the best beginner-level Hindi learning books for early learners ages 3 years and above.

Why Your Child Needs to be Introduced to Hindi in Their Early Years

Spoken by almost half the Indian population, Hindi is considered one of India's national languages. Thus, it is a compulsory part of the curriculum of many State Board and CBSE Board schools. Moreover, with the implementation of NEP 2020, this language is set to become an even more integral part of the school curriculum.

However, currently, not all schools begin teaching Hindi at the same grade. Some start as early as Grade 1 and others as late as Grade 5. To ensure your child has a level playing field, it is important that they are introduced to the basics of the language in their formative years. 

Nurture Hindi Alphabet Books By Target Publications

Just like building a house starts with bricks, learning Hindi starts with the alphabet (Varnamala). Our Hindi Varnamala picture book introduces kids to the basic building blocks of the language. This makes it easier for kids to learn not just Hindi letters, but also new words.

Tailored for children aged 3 years old and above, Nurture Hindi Akshar Gyan book is a colourful Hindi writing practice book.

Nurture Hindi Language Shabd Gyan covers Swar (vowels), Vyanjan (consonants), the Barahkhadi, Sanyukt akshar, Sanyukt vyanjan, and jolly poems.

With their emphasis on fun, practise, and clear instruction, these books can help children develop a strong foundation in the Hindi language.

What Sets Our Nurture Hindi Varnamala Books Apart?

  • Introduces all the letters in the Hindi alphabet
  • Hindi alphabet with colourful pictures will keep kids excited to learn Hindi
  • Easy instructions and basic strokes show kids how to form each Hindi letter
  • Picture examples help connect letters to everyday life
  • Fun Hindi alphabet worksheets test what kids learn
  • Tracing lines for proper letter formation
    Freehand writing space to build muscle memory

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1. What age group are these Hindi books for?

Ans: These Hindi books are designed for children aged 3 to 7 years.

2. Why are Hindi alphabet books important for children?

Ans: Hindi alphabet books teach the basics of Hindi i.e. letters. These books also help kids learn and read whole words and sentences later on. 

3. How can I track my child's progress?

Ans: The worksheets in the book can be a good indicator of your child's understanding. As they complete the exercises in the worksheet, see if they can attempt to pronounce simple Hindi words.

4. Are these Hindi books suitable for homeschooling and supplementary learning?

Ans: Yes, our Hindi books are suitable for homeschooling and supplementary learning.