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Std 7th Semi English Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

Welcome to Target Publications’ standard 7 Semi-English Medium—a place where you can find 7th standard Semi-English Medium books based on the latest Maharashtra Board textbooks.

Target Publications: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Semi-English 7th Standard Books

Target Publications has been empowering students for the past 17 years by delivering the study materials they need to shine academically. What makes our Std. 7 notes and workbooks stand out is how we seamlessly blend parent, student and teacher feedback into them, yet ensure the resources follow the Maharashtra State Board’s guidelines.


Furthermore, we offer the option of self-paced learning through our mobile application, Quill - The Padhai App.

Perfect Notes Series for Standard 7 Maharashtra Board

Target’s standard 7 Semi-English Medium Perfect Notes strictly adhere to the latest Maharashtra Board syllabus. They consolidate the Maharashtra Board (Balbharati) textbooks in a question–answer format. Simple summaries are also included for each lesson. Thus, students not only get exam-ready answers to the exercises in the textbooks but also a complete understanding of all concepts. The sprinkled-in fun facts add a spark to learning.


Explore our range of 7th standard Semi-English Medium books:


  1. 7th Standard My English Book
  2. 7th Standard Hindi Sulabhbharati Guide
  3. 7th Standard Marathi Guide
  4. 7th Standard Mathematics Guide
  5. 7th Standard General Science Guide
  6. 7th Standard History and Civics Guide
  7. 7th Standard Geography Guide

Workbooks for Standard 7 Maharashtra Board

We also offer 7th standard workbooks to complement the notes. As you know, practice and revision are key to securing outstanding scores. With Target’s 7th standard Semi-English Medium Workbooks for all subjects, your kid can get both. Once they are done practising answering the Summative and Formative Assessments in the ample space, your child will have organised, handwritten notes at their fingertips. This makes revision a breeze.


Std. 7 Workbooks for Semi-English Medium:


  1. Std. 7 English Balbharati Workbook
  2. Std. 7 Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  3. Std. 7 Marathi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  4. Std. 7 Mathematics Workbook
  5. Std. 7 General Science Workbook
  6. Std. 7 History & Civics Workbook
  7. Std. 7 Geography Workbook

Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Std. 7 Maharashtra Board

Grammar and writing skills form the fundamental basis of any language. Mastering these skills not only enhances language proficiency but also translates into better performance across various subjects. At Target Publications, we provide top-notch grammar and writing skills books designed to bolster your child's understanding. Aligned with the latest Maharashtra Board curriculum, our books feature clear explanations, examples and ample practice questions, enabling students to refine their communication skills effectively.


Std. 7 Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Semi-English Medium:


  1. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar and Writing Skills

The Portal to Academic Excellence Awaits

With the right guidance and tools, every child has the ability to shine in academia.


We help them strive for that excellence by nurturing a passion for learning.


Target also offers Std. 7 Maharashtra Board books for Marathi Medium as well as English Medium.


Are your kids back to school ready? Discover the perfect stationery to take care of all your child’s academic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 7th Semi English Medium

The subjects for Std. 7 Semi-English Medium Maharashtra Board are English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Science, History and Civics, and Geography. In addition to these core subjects, students may also choose to take one or more optional subjects, such as, Sanskrit, Urdu, French, Gujarati, German, Computer Science, Art, Music and Dance. However, the availability of these optional subjects may vary from school to school.
The difference between Std. 7 English Medium and Std. 7 Semi-English Medium is the medium of instruction. Barring Mathematics and Science all subjects are taught in Marathi. The medium of instruction for the former two is in English. Moreover, the subject Marathi is taught at an advanced (higher) level while English at a lower level.
Different students may find different subjects to be the easiest to score high in Std. 7 Semi-English Medium, depending on their interests and abilities. However, Mathematics is often considered the highest-scoring subject, especially for students who understand and can apply mathematical concepts. This is because Mathematics is the only subject where it is possible to score full marks.
Target Publications has notes and workbooks for all the core subjects of Std. 7 Semi-English Medium Maharashtra Board. In addition, we also have dedicated Grammar and Writing Skills.