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Target Publications: Leading Pre-primary, Primary, Academic & Entrance Exam Books Publishers

Target Publications is a leading Indian educational publisher of pre-primary, primary, school, college and professional books with a growing range of technologies. Believing learning can transform lives, we started out with the first reference books for MHT-CET. Today, we empower children, teens and adults alike all over India by publishing educational books, e-books as well as digital learning resources for real-life impact.

As a testament to our work, we have not just been listed as Company of the Year 2022 in the CEO Magazine, but also rated as one of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023 by the Great Companies.

Children’s Books and Early Education

A joyful world of learning awaits your child. From early learners to pre-teens, our library features an assortment of pre-primary and primary books.

Start your little one’s learning journey as early as 6 months with flashcards for English, Hindi and Urdu. Coupled with vibrant charts supported by interactive tools, you can nurture a love for learning.

Take the next step in mastering linguistic abilities—be it English, Hindi or Marathi—with books for jolly Rhymes full of vivid images.

Children well-versed in multiple languages often have access to more windows of opportunity. Our range of language learning books teach children how to read, speak and write, starting from pre-writing strokes, then progressing to letters, numbers, vocabulary, sentences and ending with grammar.

Take children on wondrous adventures they will cherish from the comfort of their home with Target’s storybooks for children. Each tale imparts valuable lessons for life through larger-than-life characters.

Designed to impart holistic knowledge, our general knowledge books for kids broaden a child’s horizon about animals, vegetables, places, environmental science and computers. By covering domestic celebrations and festivals, our picture books inculcate a sense of appreciation for the cultural fabric of India.

Let children discover their creativity through drawing, colouring and craft books. These will not just help them develop key motor skills but also boost cognitive development. Keep kids endlessly entertained, away from screens, with our fun-filled activity books packed with matching games, pencil control activities, find the hidden object and more.

School Books (Maharashtra State Board & CBSE Board) by Target Publications

Through workbooks, notes and supplementary learning resources, Target Publications builds a solid academic foundation for school students of Standard 1 to 10.

Maharashtra State Board Books

Target Publications is registered with the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, also known as Balbharati. Our publishing house prepares Maharashtra state board books (notes and workbooks) for standards 1 through 10. They all strictly follow the Maharashtra State Board textbooks. We also cater to students of different language medium schools: English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi English Medium.

Standard 1

Our English workbook and Hindi workbook for Standard One are based on the Balbharati textbooks. The colourful books are designed according to the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern of assessment.

Standard 2

Developed according to the CCE assessment pattern, Blossom Mathematics Workbook and Blossom English Balbharati Workbook for Standard 2 seamlessly incorporate play through fun, colourful exercises. Additionally, snippets of information are scattered throughout the books that serve as bite-sized explanations. The unit-wise tests are included to assess a child’s learning as they progress along their academic journey.

Standard 5

For Standard 5, Target Publication offers Standard 5 Perfect Notes for English, Hindi, Marathi as well as EVS 1 and 2. Standard 5 workbooks are also available for all subjects. Through Sulabhbharati Marathi Grammar & Writing Skills Book and Std. 5 Hindi Grammar & Writing Skills Book, children are gradually introduced to the fundamentals of regional languages.

Standard 6

As children progress to standard 6, they are introduced to subjects that set the stage for the latter part of their secondary education. To help them traverse this significant part of academics, we offer the Perfect English Medium Notes and Workbooks for students of Standard 6. Supplementary books for learning Hindi and Marathi are also available.

Standard 7

In addition to Std. 7 English Medium notes for English, Hindi and Marathi, students can also access Grammar and Writing Skills (LL) books for the regional languages to ensure they secure the best scores. Guides and workbooks for General Science, Mathematics, Geography as well as History and civics are offered as well.

We have special notes and workbooks tailored for students of Standard 7 Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium, too.

Standard 8

For Standard 8 English Medium students, Target offers Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (LL); Hindi Grammar and Writing Skills Book (LL); English Grammar and Writing Skills Book (HL); Perfect Notes for English, Hindi Marathi, General Science, Mathematics, History & civics as well as Geography and workbooks for English, Hindi and Marathi.

Since the Marathi course for students of Std. 8 Marathi Medium is advanced, Target has released Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (HL) for them. This is in addition to the notes for all subjects and workbooks for the 3 languages in their curriculum.

Standard 9

Keeping up with the increasing number of subjects and students’ needs, Target Publications’ range of books for Standard 9 is expanded to accommodate study guides for Aanand Sanskrit, Sanskrit Amod, Hindi Lokbharati and Hindi Lokvani. This is in addition to the Perfect Notes for the remaining subjects in English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium.

Supplementary language books include English Writing Skills (HL), English Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (HL), Hindi Grammar (Language Study) & Vocabulary (LL), Hindi Writing Skills (HL), Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (LL), and Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Skills Book (HL) as well as workbooks.

Standard 10

Standard 10 is one of the first major turning points in a student’s academic career.  To help them clear this stage, Target Publications has a vast library of books they would need to study, prepare and practice for the Standard 10 Board Exams.

Perfect & Precise Series Notes:

For English Medium students that go beyond, the Perfect Notes Series offers the best blend of exam-ready notes and real learning. At Target, we also understand that some students prefer strictly exam-oriented notes to study for the standard 10 Board exam. These are provided in the form of the Precise Series of Notes.


Mathematics workbooks are additionally provided so students have a go-to book wherein they cannot just practise solving problems, but also have a point source of solved mathematical problems that are easy to find for quick reference. Workbooks are available for English, Hindi and Marathi as well.

Grammar & Writing Skills:

Along with individual Grammar and Writing Skills books for English, Hindi and Marathi, there are also 3 in 1 Grammar (language study) & Vocabulary as well as 3 in 1 Writing Skills Books for students of Standard 10 English Medium.

Practice Books:

The book of Mathematics Challenging Questions helps students train to solve out-of-syllabus application-based questions. With the MCQ books for History & Geography, Science and Maths, students can practise answering objective questions. To practise graph and map-based Geography questions, we have the Map & Graph book.

Our library for Standard 10th Marathi Medium and Semi English Medium comprises the Precise Notes and Map and Graph Book.

Board Question Banks:

Past-solved Board question papers and sample practice papers are key to securing exemplary marks in the SSC Board exam. That is why Target has a specialised collection of SSC 2024 question banks. This includes Board Questions with Solutions 2019-2023, 54 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium, Sanskrit Aamod 11 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions, Sanskrit Anand 12 Question Papers & Activity Sheets with Solutions.

IQB (Important Question Bank) Books:

If you are a student preparing for the Board exam at the last minute, or a student looking for the most important questions from the SSC Board exam perspective, then Target’s Important Question Bank (IQB) series is what you need. Not only does it contain purely the most important questions, but also their answers as well as smart tips and tricks. The IQB series is available for English Medium, Marathi Medium and Semi-English Medium.

CBSE Books (Notes, Exemplar & Competency Books)

If you are looking for exemplary study materials for CBSE that strictly follow the NCERT syllabus, then Target Publications is the platform to get them.

For class 9, notes are written for the Annual Exam. They are packed with smart study techniques like mind maps and videos to help students grasp concepts easily. The Class 9 books on NCERT Textbook & Exemplar Problems–Solutions carry all the answers to in-text, textbook and exemplar questions. Students can practise and train to solve application-based questions, which account for 50% of marks in class 9, from the books on Competency-based Questions for each subject. These are specifically created in alignment with the Central Board of Secondary Education’s vision to train its students to think critically, outside the box.

Our catalogue for class 10 includes books for improving English Grammar and Writing Skills in addition to student-friendly notes, competency-based questions as well as NCERT Textbook & Exemplar Problems-Solutions—all uniquely developed to help students prepare for the class 10 Board exams.

Best College Books by Target Publications

Between classes, practicals, tuitions and extracurricular activities, it could be difficult to find time to prepare notes for college exams. Hence, our experts have written notes with answers from an exam point of view for both, junior college as well as undergraduate college students.

Junior College Reference Books

Here you will find study materials for all three streams of junior college, namely, Science, Commerce and Arts.

Standard 11 Notes

There are 2 kinds of notes for the Standard 11 Science Stream. The Perfect Notes series is for students who intend to prepare for the annual exams as well as Entrance Exams like NEET and JEE. In addition to answers to textual exercises, each set of notes from this series has snippets of information from NCERT, QR code-linked videos and more. Perfect Notes is available for Physics (P), Chemistry (C), Mathematics (M), Biology (B), Geography as well as for languages English, Hindi and Marathi.

The Precise Notes series, on the other hand, is for students who wish to prepare strictly from the exam point of view. This series has guides for PCMB. Students can access free concept videos for Std. 11 Science through the Target Publications online portal.

With the Smart Notes series for Standard 11 Commerce, students can score their absolute best by studying from guides for BK, SP, OCM, Economics, Mathematics, English, Hindi and Marathi.

If you are looking for exam-oriented notes for Std. 11 Commerce, then your search ends with the Precise Notes series for Commerce. These guides for Economics, SP (Secretarial Practice) and OCM (Organization of Commerce & Management) carry answers to all the Maharashtra Board textbook questions along with mnemonics to remember and recollect long answers quickly.

The Std. 11 Commerce Supplementary Questions Book covers interpretive and objective questions for all commerce subjects to further elevate marks in the exam, while the Book Keeping and Accountancy Solutions to Textbook Problems carries detailed solutions to all the questions in the textbook. Target Publications additionally offers free learning resources for Std. 11 Commerce.

Target Publications’ notes for Standard 11 Arts include Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Mathematics, History, Geography, English and Hindi. All the notes are made available in English as well as Hindi. There are also free learning resources for students of Std. 11 Arts on the Target portal.

Standard 12 Exam Preparation Notes 

Standard 12 is the second major turning point in a student’s academic journey as the HSC Board exam plays a major role in deciding the course of a student’s career. Hence, Target offers notes created especially for the HSC Board exam.

Two types of notes are available for the Standard 12 Science Stream. The Perfect Notes Series is designed for students preparing not just for the HSC Board exam, but also competitive/entrance exams. Subjects covered include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, English, Hindi and Marathi.

The Precise Series for Standard 12 Science has notes focused purely on the Std. 12 Board exam.

In order to ensure students get crystal clear conceptual clarity, concept videos for Std. 12 Science are provided for free on Target’s platform.

Target’s Standard 12 notes for Commerce are available in the form of Smart Notes as well as Precise Notes. In addition to notes, Supplementary Questions Book for the core subjects and Solutions to Textbook Problems for BK and Accountancy are also provided. Students can also access free learning resources for Std. 12 through the website.

Notes for the Standard 12 Arts stream are available in both, English and Marathi. The guides answer textual questions as well as extra questions for practice. To keep students up to date, there are plenty of resources for Std. 12 Arts that can be accessed for free through Target’s platform.

Target Publications offers HSC 2024 question banks/model papers for Commerce and Science. Students can also get valuable insights into the trend of Board questions through A Collection of Board Questions with Solutions.

Owing to our joint venture with Tech-Neo Publications, we even feature Std. 12 vocational notes for Computer Science, Electronics and IT Science as well as Commerce.

Through reference books such as the Basic Concepts of Physics Simplified and Basics of Calculus Simplified, students can strengthen their understanding of fundamental topics to make learning more complex subjects—like Engineering—easier in the future.

Degree College Books

The student-friendly reference books for undergraduate courses comply with the University of Mumbai’s latest syllabus and exam paper pattern.

Target’s notes for second-year Bachelor of Commerce Sem 4 Auditing is written by seasoned accountants. Its lucid language, question–answer pattern and smart recaps engender better conceptual understanding and memorisation, resulting in better scores in the exams.

Also written in question-answer format are our TYBcom Smart Notes for Sem 5 Business Economics, Sem 5 Commerce Marketing, Sem 6 Business Economics and Sem 6 Human Resource Management. Each set of notes contains exam-like answers to questions. But they also go beyond the textbook. Each lesson has auxiliary real-life examples that connect theoretical concepts to the world, facilitating quick absorption and longer retention.

Best Entrance Exams Books by Target Publications

Entrance exams play a very important role in deciding the course of a student’s career. Admissions to various undergraduate courses from Engineering to Medicine and BSc to BA depend on scores and ranks secured in these exams.

Target Publications houses a special team of experts that prepare the best entrance exam books.

MHT-CET Entrance Exam Books

As the pioneers of MHT-CET exam preparation books, Target is the best publication for MHT-CET.

The new and improved Triumph Series of reference books for MHT-CET contains all a student could need to prepare for the state-level entrance exam, be it quick revision tools, previous years’ MHT-CET questions, or practice multiple choice questions (MCQs) or time-saving tips. These MHT-CET 2024 all-in-one preparation books are available in 3 variants based on the syllabus covered: Std. IX, Std. XII as well as Std. XI and XII combined. For convenience, the Solutions to MCQs in the Triumph Series is available in paperback format.

Coupled with the MHT-CET Test Series for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology; Solved MHT-CET 2023 PCM Solved Papers; Solved MHT-CET 2023 PCB Solved Papers and the MHT-CET 21 Model Question Papers, students can get outstanding scores in the entrance exam.

NEET and IIT JEE Books

Target Publications has also earned a trusted name amongst thousands of students throughout India who are preparing for national-level exams such as NEET (UG) and JEE (Main). All our JEE and NEET 2024 exam preparation books follow the syllabus prescribed by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Our Absolute and Challenger series are not just NEET/JEE reference books but also JEE and NEET MCQ books, replete with ample practice MCQs, smart study techniques and concept videos. The Absolute series prepares students for the exam while the Challenger series ‘challenges’ their preparation through complex MCQs.

Target offers NEET books of two kinds: full-length question papers as well as topic-wise past questions. With full-length past papers and OMR Practice Sheets, the Previous 10 Years NEET Solved Papers is one of our best publications for NEET. If you are looking for topic-wise and subtopic-wise past NEET questions, then 35 Years NEET Previous Solved Papers for Physics, Chemistry and Biology is what you need. These books give students a clear picture of the nature and trend of questions asked in the NEET (UG) 2024 exam.

To gain the speed and accuracy needed to crack the NEET (UG) exam, Target offers NEET sample papers through the NEET (UG) Test Series and Full Syllabus Mock Test with Solutions.

In addition to the JEE 2024 entrance exam books, students can practise solving numericals in our book of JEE Numerical Value Type Questions.

For students who require further conceptual understanding, there are free online learning resources for NEET and JEE available on our website.

CUET Exam Books

Target Publications’ CUET exam preparation books can give students a helping hand in getting impeccable scores in the Central University Entrance Test (UG). The CUET (UG) Notes for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English strictly comply with the NTA syllabus and the latest CUET paper pattern.

Practice Paper Sets are available for General Tests, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Accountancy/Book-Keeping as well as Business and entrepreneurship.


Our wide range of blank books has crisp, clean-cut pages that give you the ultimate smooth writing experience. 

The India Series A4 size long notebooks come encased in covers of fantastic places in India. They are best for college, office and household purposes. Spiral-bound notebooks are available, too.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out or a professional artist, you will enjoy creating art in our drawing books.

Choose from an assortment of school small notebooks tailor-made for every need of a school student. With 56 single-line, four-line and square pages each, students can take notes for 3 subjects in one book. We also carry single-line, double-line and four-line books. From small to big square notebooks and one side plain to both side plain, you will find them all here.

Graph books for school, colourful scrapbooks for journaling and project exercise books are offered, too.

Mandala Colouring Books

The act of colouring can be a soothing experience. It can offer a much-welcome break from life’s daily stresses.

Hence, Target Publications has created Mandala colouring books for adults. A book is dedicated to beginner, intermediate and advanced-level colouring.

Professional Books

Target Publications is a platform where you can find selective professional books. They include Does Quantum Physics Tell Us the Truth?, Mandatory Arbitration in India and Inter CA Economics for Finance.

Study Online with Complete Convenience

At Target, we strive to satisfy every academic need a student might have. This includes being able to utilise the power of E-learning. Thus, in 2019, we delved into the world of Ed-Tech through our mobile application, Quill - The Padhai App. Now students can access a massive library of E-books curated by experts anytime, anywhere. What’s more is that there are a plethora of mock tests students can take through the online test series for MHT-CET, NEET (UG) as well as JEE (Main). Download the Quill App here.

Free Previous Years’ Question Papers

Previous years’ question papers are not just a means to understand the exam pattern. A careful analysis of past exam question papers can reveal a trend in questions. But there’s more; it can also help decode the most important topics and subtopics for each subject. With this knowledge, preparing for the exam in question becomes more systematic, and thus, simple.

Through our platform, students can access previous years’ exam question papers for multiple Board and entrance exams—for free! 

Students from Maharashtra Board can view and download standard 10 SSC Board exam question papers for English Medium, Marathi Medium, Semi-English Medium and Hindi Medium

Previous CBSE class 10 Board question papers are also available.

Target Publications has amassed exam question papers for standard 12 Maharashtra Board Science English Medium as well as Commerce English Medium from the past 10 years. These include examinations held for the second time.

We also offer HSC Maharashtra Board Exam question papers for Std. 12 Commerce Marathi Medium, Arts English Medium and Arts Marathi Medium.

In addition to Board exams, students can boost their entrance exam preparation, too, with previous years question papers (PYQ) for MHT-CET, NEET (UG), JEE (Main) and CUET (UG).