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Std 5th English Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

Welcome to Target Publications’ collection of 5th standard English Medium books for Maharashtra State Board students. Here, you can discover a range of guides and workbooks made to help your child sail through exams smoothly.

Are Supplementary Study Materials Important in Std. 5?

Earlier, Maharashtra Board students of Std. 5 to 8 were directly promoted to the next class; the circumstances, now, however, have changed. Recent amendments to the RTE Act require annual exams for Std. 5 and Std. 8. If students cannot clear their exams or retest, they have to repeat the class.


While SCERT textbooks help both students and teachers navigate the academic year, supplementary study materials help students truly understand what is taught and offer enriching tools for exam preparation. So equipping your child with the best 5th standard study materials will help them sail through their exams.

What are the Best Supplementary Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Medium Books?

  • Guides: From revision tools to answers that score well in the exams, guides provide students with all they need to prepare for exams.
  • Workbooks: Workbooks offer the opportunity for much-needed writing practice.
  • Grammar and Writing Skills Books: These books ease the challenge of scoring well in languages.

Explore the best supplementary 5th class books of Maharashtra Board.

Perfect Notes for Std 5 English Medium Maharashtra Board

The Perfect Notes series is a collection of Maharashtra Board 5th standard English Medium guides. It is based on the latest Balbharati textbooks and follows the CCE pattern of assessment. Perfect Notes is written in question–answer format, covering all textbook exercises. Not only does it provide your child with answers they can write as is in the exam, but also fun facts that make learning a blast. Chapter overviews, coverage of various question types and projects all make these Std 5 English Medium books an absolute must-have.


Explore the Perfect Notes for the perfect scores:


Workbooks for Std 5 English Medium Maharashtra Board

Just like the Perfect Notes, Target Publications’ workbooks follow the Maharashtra Board’s CCE pattern of evaluation. Each workbook is equipped with ample space for practising writing answers. Once completed, your child can now use their handwritten notes to revise or study. We have made sure to throw in some activities in the Fun Time section so learning remains interesting.


ProLingo Series: Std 5 English Medium Grammar and Writing Skills Books

Building strong language skills from an early age is key to a successful academic journey. That’s why we developed the ProLingo Series. Here’s why schools are growing to love these grammar and writing skills books:


  • Tailored specifically to the latest Maharashtra Board Textbook, it progressively helps students become proficient in languages
  • Answers all grammar and writing skills questions from the Balbharati Textbooks
  • Explains the rules of grammar and writing in a language kids will understand
  • Helps kids develop written and verbal skills they need to succeed in school, college and the workplace

Explore the ProLingo Series for Std. 5 English Medium:


Helping Students Reach for the Stars Since 2006

At Target Publications, we realise that, given the right tools, every child can achieve academic excellence. Thus, we built our legacy of 17 years on providing students with exceptional educational resources. Our catalogue today encompasses not only children’s books but also Maharashtra Board books, CBSE Board books and competitive exam books.


Looking for small notebooks for school? We’ve got a variety of them to take care of all your child’s academic needs.

FAQs about Std. 5 English Medium

Subjects taught in Class 5 English Medium Maharashtra Board include English, Hindi, Marathi, EVS Part 1, EVS Part 2 and Mathematics.

Yes, having a clear and well-defined syllabus is essential for effective exam preparation. It provides structure, direction and clarity, helping both students and teachers navigate the academic year and perform well in examinations.

To score well in Maharashtra Board Std 5 exams, children need to focus on understanding key concepts, follow a disciplined study schedule, practise regularly and use textbooks with reference materials. Tailored as per the Maharashtra Board’s CCE pattern, Target’s notes and workbooks are some such good reference materials that make learning easy. Seek timely help from teachers when needed is crucial as well. Teach children how to manage time effectively during exams, to attempt all questions and review their answers.

Target Publications has amazing notes and workbooks for all Std 5 subjects. They are based on the Maharashtra Board’s CCE Pattern of evaluation. They also have English, Hindi and Marathi Grammar and Writing Skills books to help children build a strong foundation of language skills.

Yes, Target Publications’ books are more than enough to get good score in Std 5. However, the textbooks prescribed by the Maharashtra Board are also required.