Best paper attempting Tips for JEE Main 2020

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Joint Engineering Entrance (JEE Main) is an important entrance exam for enrolling in Engineering and Architecture programs across India. It is conducted by the NTA i.e. National Testing Agency. Previously it was conducted by CBSE, however, it was taken over by NTA in the year 2019. Along with certain changes were incorporated in the JEE Exam pattern

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  • The exam would be conducted twice a year i.e. in January and April.
  • It will be a computer-based test conducted online.
  • Candidates can attempt both the sessions.

JEE Main Exam 2020

Come 2020, NTA is all set to hold the first session of the JEE Main exam from January 06, 2020, to January 09, 2020. The result for the January session will be released on 31st January 2020. With hardly a week left for the JEE Main exam, it is obvious for candidates to feel tensed and numb regarding how to attempt the paper as well as what are the tricks to apply for the same.

Herein, gaining an insight from the toppers of JEE Main proves to be a ray of hope for aspirants. It not only helps in boosting their confidence but also assists them in attempting the exam with a positive frame of mind.

So here we have presented a quick run through the paper attempting tricks for JEE Main suggested by toppers to make your sail through the exam easy and hassle-free:

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Latest changes in JEE Main pattern

JEE Main 2020 is a computer-based exam held through online mode. The NTA has introduced a few more changes. As per the new paper pattern, the questions will be divided into MCQs and Numerical Value Type Questions. For example, the JEE Main 2020 Paper I for engineering comprises of three subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics each comprising of 25 questions each. Out of these 25 questions, 20 questions will be MCQ type and the remaining 5 will be numerical value-based questions.

Difference between MCQs and Numerical Value Type Questions

For Numerical Value Type Questions

  • The numerical value type questions will not comprise of any options
  • There won't be negative marking for wrong answers in the case of Numerical Value Type Questions
  • The answer to the questions must be either in the form of integar or fraction.

For MCQs

  • Candidates will have to select one out of the four given options in the question.
  • -1 will be deducted for every wrong answer from the MCQ section

Now that we have understood the recent changes that are brought about JEE Main paper pattern, let us look into the important criterions to keep in mind during JEE main Exam.

Points to keep in mind during JEE Main Exam

Be on time for exams

Be on time for the exam

The JEE Main 2020 exam is a computer-based test conducted through online mode. Carry all the essential documents with you to the exam center. This includes:

  1. JEE Main Admit Card 2020
  2. Downloaded copy of the online application
  3. Identity card (Aadhar Card)
  4. A passport size photograph.

Ensure to be on time at the exam center. Upon reaching the exam center, candidates will be required to go through the pre-examination process. Hence, being on time at the exam center will ensure there is no delay; neither is there any encumbrances faced. Besides, candidates reporting the exam center after the gate closes will not be allowed to enter the test center.

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Reading Instructions for JEE Main Exam

Read the instructions carefully

According to toppers, reading instructions is of utmost necessity. So before you begin with attempting the paper, ensure to read the instructions well. It will give a proper idea of how to attempt the paper and what are the steps to follow.

Browsing questions during Exam

Browse through the questions in the first 5 minutes

Take a quick run through all the questions in the first 5 minutes to gain a good idea of what the questions are.

Numerical based questions for JEE Main Exam 2020

Attempting Numerical Based Questions

As per the latest paper pattern of JEE Main 2020, each paper will now comprise of Numerical Value type questions. Unlike MCQs, these questions will not have any negative marking. However, the candidates need to come up with a precise answer which can either be in the form of integer or fraction.

Begin with reading the questions thoroughly. Solve the numerical sum on a rough paper by applying the correct method and check it thoroughly before writing down the answer.

The numerical response question is a novel addition in the JEE Mains exams. Herein practice alone will not help. Gaining a good understanding of how to solve it will help on the day of the exam.

Importance of reading each question  during exam

Read each question carefully

The total duration of the exam will be 3 hours. Herein, we recommend candidates to not haste and use the time appropriately. Furthermore, ensure to read each question carefully. In the case you are obscure or unsure about any question, leave it and move to the next question.

Do not spend more than 3 minutes behind a question, if you wish to complete the entire paper in time.

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Question Attempting Tricks for JEE Main Exam

Attempt the questions cycle wise

Do not begin with solving tough questions. Rather attempt the questions that you are sure of and then move to the next one. Start with attempting the easy ones to avoid losing out marks. In case you are unsure of any answer; better leave it than attempting the wrong one. This will save you from losing an extra mark thereby reducing your scores. Don’t get upset if the paper is tough. You can rather score in other sections.

Importance of time management during competitive exam

Keep a note of the time when attempting the paper

Ensure to keep a tab on time when attempting the paper. Avoid spending more time on a single question. Be mindful of which questions you are attempting, thus to ensure the entire paper in completed in time.

Mark the answer and click on Save

In case you are sure of an answer, mark the answer and then click on Save. Because unless you don’t save the answers, they won’t be counted among the answered questions.

Thus, if you don’t wish to lose your marks unnecessarily, make sure you click on save and submit before moving to the next question.

How to attempt online exams

Recheck the answers before clicking the final submit button

Go through all the questions once again before clicking on the 'Save' and ‘Submit’ button. Ensure you mark the answers appropriately and later save it. More importantly, maintain a calm mind and do not panic all through the exam.

In concluding thoughts, we would like to add that it is the overall performance that will matter on the day of the exam. Hence, put in your best performance to ace ahead in your JEE Main 2020 exam.

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Check out our blog section for more information on study techniques for JEE Mains 2020 exams.

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