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    Std 8 Perfect Notes Maths Book Marathi Medium Maharashtra State Board
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    Std 8 Perfect Notes General Science Book Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board
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    Std 8th My English Workbook Marathi and Semi English Medium Maharashtra Board
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    Std 8th Marathi Balbharati Workbook Marathi and Semi English Medium Maharashtra Board
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    Std 8th Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook (100 Marks) |Hindi Workbook for All Mediums
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    Std 8 Perfect Notes My English Book Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board
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Std 8th Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board Notes, Workbooks, Reference & Grammar Books by Target Publications

As students move forward in their education, standard 8 becomes an important stage where they build upon what they've learned in previous years and start shaping their future. In Std. 8, students transition from a more flexible learning approach to a structured Board-based study pattern.


Recent changes in the Maharashtra Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Act, 2023 has made it mandatory for students to pass all annual examinations from Std. 5 to 8. While this has created a more competitive environment, these changes have also encouraged well-rounded learning methods. Students are now motivated to explore and understand concepts, ideas and different perspectives.


Considering the high stakes involved, it's important to provide your child with the best std. 8 study materials to support their learning journey.

The Importance of Guides in Your Child’s Academic Journey

Success in Std. 8 is marked by the marks that students obtain in the exams. For this, they need to be able to write perfect answers. Guides not only provide this but also impart valuable knowledge to prepare your child for their future academic goals. With to-the-point notes at their fingertips, students can now engage in an easier way of studying. The saved effort will ultimately lead to more efficient output.


Empower your child to maximise their scores with guides and notes tailored for the Std. 8 exams.

Target Publications: Guiding Your Child Towards Success

Target Publications is a renowned name for its extensive range of high-quality educational resources. From comprehensive guides to interactive e-learning opportunities, we offer a diverse collection of materials to support students. What makes us stand out is our priority towards student feedback and adherence to Board guidelines.


Moreover, with our innovative Quill - The Padhai App, we offer a comfortable and self-paced learning experience.

Discover the One-Stop Solution for Std. 8 Marathi Medium Guides and Workbooks

Our carefully curated collection of notes, guides and reference books for Std. 8 cater to the diverse learning needs of students. These resources offer error-less content that empower students to surpass their own expectations. With our quality study materials, your child's scores and confidence will be greatly influenced in the best possible way.


Listed below are the best marathi medium books for std. 8 by Target Publications.

Perfect Notes Series for Std. 8 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

Perfect Notes is the ideal companion for your child's academic success. These contain comprehensive notes that compile every chapter in a question-answer format, providing exam-ready solutions. Watch as your child develops problem-solving methods, dives into scientific exploration and analyses historical as well as geographical events with the help of these notes.


Books for Std. 8 Perfect Notes Series for Marathi Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. My English Book
  2. Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes
  3. Marathi Balbharati Notes
  4. Mathematics Notes
  5. General Science Notes
  6. History and Civics Notes
  7. Geography Notes

Grammar and Writing Skills Books for Std. 8 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board

Did you know the key to achieving impressive scores in the Std. 8 exams lies in mastering grammar and writing skills? Many students encounter difficulties in these aspects due to limited practice and understanding. Help your child perfect these skills with our books, and witness the remarkable impact it has on their exam performance.


Std. 8 Grammar and Writing Skills books for Marathi Medium:


  1. Hindi (LL) Lokbharati Grammar and Writing Skills Book
  2. Marathi (HL) Grammar and Writing Skills Book

Workbooks for Std. 8 English Medium Maharashtra Board

The two most important things to study effectively are practice and revision. Workbooks by Target make it easy for your child to create their own systematic handwritten notes. This simplifies last-minute studying and referencing.


Std. 8 Workbooks for Marathi Medium are available for the following subjects:


  1. My English Book Workbook
  2. Hindi Sulabhbharati Workbook
  3. Marathi Balbharati Workbook

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Target's Study Materials

With Target's resources, your child will learn effective study techniques, gain valuable exam tips and manage time during the exams.


But, as parents, your support and involvement in your child's education are priceless. By encouraging punctuality in their studies, providing the best study materials and motivating them to strive for excellence, you can contribute to their growth.


Let's work together to unleash their complete potential and guide them towards a promising future.

Frequently Asked Questions of Std 8th Marathi Medium

The Maharashtra Board offers Marathi, English, Mathematics, General Science, History, Geography as well as Health and Physical Education as compulsory subjects. While, optional subjects include Computer Science, Drawing, etc.

To find the complete syllabus for Std. 8 Marathi Medium Maharashtra Board, it is essential to consult the textbooks. For accurate information, seek additional clarification from your teachers and the school administration.

At first, one must refer to the prescribed Maharashtra Board textbooks. Apart from these, extra resources like notes and reference books must also be used. The best reference books available for Std. 8 are Notes and Guides by Target Publications. They are renowned publishers that align all resources with the Maharashtra State Board syllabus and provide factually correct information so your child is fully prepared and confident for their Std. 8 exams.

The most scoring subject in Std. 8 Marathi Medium is considered to be Marathi. This may be because Marathi is the student's native language, so they are already familiar with the vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, the Marathi syllabus is not as demanding as some of the other subjects.

To score well in Std. 8 Marathi Medium exams, follow these steps:

  • Understand the syllabus.
  • Set realistic goals for each subject.
  • Seek clarification when needed from teachers.
  • Practice regularly.
  • Review and revise.
  • Stay consistent and motivated.