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Graph Books for Maths, Science, Geography and Other Subjects by Target Publications

No more struggling to visualise and represent information in school or college. We have a graph book to meet all of your academic requirements. Right from basic Maths concepts to complex scientific analysis, our graph book is perfect for plotting or representing any information.

Graph Book for Various Subjects

Our versatile graph book goes beyond traditional uses. Whether you’re plotting population growth in Geography class or analysing enzyme activity in Biology, our graph book with clear grids can make data visualisation a breeze. Here’s why our graph book is needed for different classes:

Geography and Mathematics (Standards 5 to 10)

Our graph book can be useful for students in Geography and Maths class to see trends and patterns in data and equations.

  • Geography: Plotting data, such as population increase over time, climatic data, or migration trends, can be done by using graph books.
  • Mathematics: In Mathematics, you can graph the equation of a straight line or the equation of the motion of falling objects.

Science (Standard 11, 12 and BSc)

For students in the Science stream (Std. 11th and 12th), graph books are an absolute must-have during practical laboratory sessions, especially for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Social Studies (Standard 11, 12 and BA)

Graph books are not just for Geography, Science and Mathematics. They are super helpful and useful for Social Studies, too.

  • Economics: Graph books are required to represent data of GDP, inflation rates, and unemployment change over time. It helps you see the big picture of how economies grow and change.
  • History: For History, you will need a graph exercise book to compare historical data of different civilizations like population growth, literacy rates or life expectancy.
  • Sociology: You can graph survey results of demographic data in graph books—like age distribution—to analyse population characteristics and social trends.

Reasons to Opt for Graph Books Over Loose Graph Papers

Getting an entire grid paper book instead of loose leaflets or pages offers several advantages for students.

Graph Book

Loose Graph Pages

  • Keeps all graphs neatly organised in one place
  • Difficult to manage individual pages
  • Include ruled pages for tabular data
  • Only comprise graph pages
  • Standard quality and sizing across all pages
  • Inconsistent quality and sizing among loose pages
  • More cost-effective in the long run
  • More expensive in the long run

Why Target’s Graph Book is the Ideal Choice


for accurate data plotting


for tabular data


for quick referencing


for calculation

Target All Your Stationery Needs

FAQs of Graph Books

1. What are graph books used for?

Ans: Graph books are used for various purposes including Mathematical calculations, graphical representations, geographical data, technical drawings and during Science practicals.

2. Are graph books only for Maths and Science subjects?

Ans: No, graph books have diverse applications beyond Maths and Science. They are used in Geography, Engineering, Architecture, and even Art.

3. What sizes do you have in your graph book?

Ans: Our graph book is available in A4 size.

4. Are your graph books handy and easy to carry?

Ans: Yes, our graph book is handy and easy to carry.