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We hope browsing this FAQs section could help you to understand all the major aspect of this website and ordering books online. However, if you think your query has not been highlighted please feel free to contact us on 88799 39714 / 15.

1.  How to order your books?
     You can buy our books online for a quick delivery. However, the other option is by visiting an outlet near you. 

2.  Is there COD (Cash on delivery) option available?
     Currently, we do not provide cash on delivery.

3.  Is there any discount if I buy books directly from Target Publications?
     Yes, when you buy books directly from us you get up to 40% discount depending upon the quantity of your order.

4.  I have got a discount coupon. How to use the coupon?
     It has been our practice to send out seasonal discount coupons, which you might have received through email or at your nearest book store. You can use the same coupon to place an order online before it expires.

Follow the following steps to apply a coupon:

     1. Add the books that you wish to buy to your Shopping Cart and click on view cart.
     2. In the Discount Codes type the 12 digit coupon code along with the hyphens into the text box and click on 'apply coupon'.
     3. The Discount coupon will now be applied on your order.* (*Provided the coupon is not expired)

5.  I wish to order online, but how can I know the courier charge?
     1. Shipping is free for all orders over Rs. 100; If the order value is less than Rs. 100, nominal shipping charges will be applicable.
     2. Shipping charges can be checked during the checkout process under "Estimate Shipping and Tax" Section.

6.  How can I know the exact billing price of my order?
     1. If your order is more than Rs. 100, the cost of the products is the final billing price.
2. For orders less than Rs. 100, the total billing cost is the cost of products plus courier charges as mentioned in point 5.


7.  Is there any preview or a sample copy of your books?
A preview copy containing first lesson/unit of each of our books is in a downloadable PDF file format.

     Just download the preview copy to find the objective of the book.

8.  How many days would it take for the order to reach my place?
     Once the products are shipped, it generally takes 2 to 3 working days for the consignment to reach your location.

9.  Do you sell ebooks of your publications?
     Currently, all the books available on this site are in a hard copy paperback format.
     The e-books are available only through our app “myenotes” for Android devices only. App can be downloaded here