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Buy the best NEET-UG 2024 Exam Preparation Books, MCQ Books, PYQs & other Study Materials from Target Publications

NEET is a highly competitive medical examination in India and is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET is essential for those who seek to study medical science (MBBS, BDS) from the best colleges in India. NEET examination is mainly based on the NCERT syllabus of class 11th and 12th of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In 2023, around 20.87 lakh aspirants appeared for the NEET examination. Therefore, the NEET examination is highly competitive. Students who are aspiring for NEET must study systematically and sincerely to be successful in this cut-throat competition. Aspirants must have the best NEET books to aid and excel in their NEET preparation.

Best study materials for NEET Entrance Exam:

Before getting started with the preparation for the NEET-UG exam 2024, aspirants must have the required NEET preparation books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Aspirants must go through the detailed syllabus of NEET 2024. There are hundreds of books on NEET available from various publications. However, aspirants must carefully choose the best books for NEET preparation


Aspirants must have books for previous years’ NEET solved question papers which helps them to know the types of questions that can be asked in the NEET exam 2024. Aspirants must also have books for NEET Mock Tests and/or access to online Mock Tests for NEET.

Target Publications - A pioneer in Entrance Exam Preparation Books

Target Publications is proud to be a phenomenal brand for entrance exam books such as NEET (UG), MHT-CET, CUET-UG and JEE Main books. All books are created based on the official syllabus and are updated as per the latest exam patterns.  


Target Publications offers learning online in the confines of your home with titles such as online NEET mock tests, JEE Main mock tests, MHT-CET mock tests, etc.

Why Target Publications' books for NEET exam preparation?

Our experts at Target Publications have prepared several important books for NEET 2024 (best objective books for practice as well as reference books) for NEET that will definitely help aspirants to excel in the NEET examination. Target Publications acts as a single-point solution for the best study materials for NEET (UG) exam 2024.

Best NEET UG Preparation Books, MCQs & PYQ Books by Target Publications:

Target Publications has an array of books to help students prepare for NEET (UG). These titles include the Absolute Series, the Challenger Series, Previous 11 Years NEET Solved Papers with Solutions (PYQ), NEET 36 Years Previous Solved Papers (PSP), NEET (UG) Test Series and NEET (UG) 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests.


The Absolute and Challenger Series

Target Publications’ offers two types of books (Absolute Series and Challenger Series) for step-by-step complete preparation for the NEET exam in each subject; Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These books cover simplified theories as well as lots of MCQs and are the best books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in preparation for NEET 2024. Both series serves as the best reference books as well as objective books for NEET. These are one of the best NEET MCQ Books available in the Market. Here is the list of best NEET UG preparation books of Target Publications:


Absolute Series Challenger Series

Physics – I 

Physics – II

Physics – I

Physics – II

Chemistry – I (1.1)

Chemistry – I (1.2)

Chemistry – II (2.1)

Chemistry – II (2.2)

Chemistry – I

Chemistry – II

Biology – I

Biology – II

Biology – I

Biology - II


Features of Absolute and Challenger Series Books:

Features Description
Theory Precise theory, formulae section, & quick revision
Topic test Self-evaluation at the end of each chapter
QR codes Visual understanding of a concept or activity via video/PDF
Smart tip Theoretical or formula-based short tricks
Time saver Quick method over lengthy method for solving numerical
Caution Notifies students about commonly made mistakes
Thinking Hatke Quick-witted approach to crack the specific question
Smart code Mnemonics for important or difficult concepts
Strategy Step-by-step approach for solving a problem




Books for NEET UG Previous Years’ Solved Question Papers by Target Publications:

Target Publications offers two types of books for Previous Years NEET Solved Question Papers.

Previously Solved Papers (PSP) Books consist of topic-wise categorization of previously asked questions of last 36 years (AIPMT/NEET), 1988-2023.


Features of Previously Solved Papers (PSP) Books 

  • Compilation of 36 years of solved papers from 1988 to 2023
  • Topic-wise Weightage Analysis of the past 11 Years (2013 Onwards)
  • Chapter-wise graphical analysis of questions: It gives the idea of the sub-topic to emphasize more from the exam point of view.

Previous Years NEET Solved Paper with Solutions (PCB)consists set of 15 full-length Previous Years’ Question Papers from the year 2013 to 2023 (including second-time exams) with Answers and Solutions. This is one of the Best NEET PYQ books available in the market.

Features of Previous Years NEET Solved Paper with Solutions (PCB)  Books

  • 15 full-length Previous Years' Question Papers from the year 2013 to 2023
  • Includes papers for the examination held 2nd time in the year 2015 (Re-Test),
  • 2016 (Phase II), 2019 (Odisha) & 2020 (Phase II)
  • An ideal OMR Sheet is provided for each paper along with 15 blank OMR Sheets for practice
  • Topic-wise analysis of each paper is included in tabular form
  • Conceptual mapping of questions with NCERT Textbook Page Number
  • Smart Key is provided to crack questions efficiently

Test Series for NEET UG by Target Publications:

Target Publications offers books for the best test series for NEET 2024 which include an assortment of MCQs in the form of Topic Tests and Revision Tests along with Model Test Papers.


Target Publications also offers Online Test Series for NEET for Physics, Chemistry and Biology that includes Topic Tests and Revision Tests and Model Test Papers.

Features of Test Series for NEET UG:

  • Includes ‘2250’ MCQs each for physics and chemistry and ‘2500’ MCQs for biology.
  • Practice is provided in the form of a Topic Test, Revision Test and Model Test as per the latest paper pattern
  • 5 Model Test Papers are provided at the end for self-evaluation
  • Answers are provided to all the questions and Solutions for difficult questions

NEET 2024 Mock Test by Target Publications:

  • Target Publications offers the book “NEET-UG 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests (PCB)” which includes a set of 11 full-length Question Papers with Solutions as per the latest paper pattern of NEET (UG) provided by NTA.
  • Target Publications also offers Online NEET 2023 Mock Tests for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Features of NEET Mock Tests Book:

  • Set of 10 full-length Question Papers with Solutions based on the latest paper pattern
  • 10 OMR Sheets are provided for practice
  • Includes analysis of NEET (UG) Exam Papers from the year 2013 to 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Books for Preparation of NEET 2024

NEET syllabus is almost based on the NCERT books of class 11 and 12 of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Nearly 80-90% of questions are directly or indirectly asked from NCERT books. Hence, NCERT books are very important.
NCERT books are important for NEET but not sufficient. That is because many concepts in NCERT are given in a concise form and you may need external references to understand those concepts. Further, there are some questions in NEET that are beyond the scope of NCERT books.
When aspirants buy NEET books online or offline, they must check the following criteria:
  • The books must be aligned with NCERT books (i.e, the flow of chapters should be as per the chapter given in NCERT and the chapter should be divided into subtopics as in NCERT books)
  • The books must be as per the latest NEET exam pattern.
  • The books must cover enough MCQs (with solutions) for practice.
  • The books must have previously asked questions.
  • The quality of MCQs should be as per NEET standards.
Coaching helps in many ways to prepare for the NEET exam. In the absence of coaching, school teachers can help solve doubts. Hence, one can crack NEET just by self-study, using Books by Target Publications along with the help of school teachers.
Solving mock tests helps to access your level of preparedness for NEET UG. It also boosts confidence and speed to solve question papers. It also helps to identify concepts that you are not good at and need to revisit. Hence, solving mock tests helps in many ways.


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