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    Std 12 English Book Yuvakbharati | HSC Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 History Book | HSC Arts Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series Notes
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    Std 12 Geography Book | HSC Science and Arts Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Maths Book Vol 2 | HSC Science Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Arts Books | Maths, Eco, English | HSC Maharashtra Board | Perfect Series
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    Std 12 Marathi Book Yuvakbharati | HSC Maharashtra Board
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    Std 12 Hindi Book Yuvakbharati | HSC Maharashtra Board
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Best Std 12th Arts HSC Maharashtra State Board 2024-2025 Reference Books, Notes & Model Question Paper Sets for English and Marathi Medium By Target Publications

The 12th HSC Board exams are a crucial milestone that assesses students' academic knowledge and understanding of various subjects, serving as a gateway to higher education or career opportunities. With rigorous preparation and support, students strive to excel in these exams, aiming to secure a bright future based on their results.


The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education conducts the 12th HSC Board exams annually. With over 14 lakh students appearing for the HSC 12th standard Boards annually, it boasts an impressive pass percentage of approximately 99.63%. With such a large number of students taking the exams, it is essential to elevate your efforts and strive to become the best version of yourself!

Arts in the New-Age World: How HSC Arts Reference Books Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Rest?

HSC Arts has become a highly chosen stream now. An increasing number of students are opting for unconventional career opportunities, making it important to pick the best Std 12 HSC arts books. Students must have the significant Std. 12 Question banks, notes and textbooks for acing the HSC 12th Board Exams!


Many times, covering the given syllabus is not enough. For those extra marks, you have got to put in extra effort. Just reading textbooks and not referring to personal notes, reference books and question papers will not help you step up your game.

Target Publications: Empowering Students for HSC Board and Entrance Exam Success

Target Publications, a prominent brand in educational book publishing, specialises in books for Primary, Pre-Primary, SSC, HSC, CBSE (Class 9 and Class 10) and Entrance exams. With a focus on empowering learners of all ages, we provide educational books, e-books, guides and digital learning resources that make a tangible difference in real-life education. We actively work towards providing you tools to supplement your learning and push yourself to achieve greater feats.

Why Choose Target Publications for Your HSC 12th Arts Exam Preparation?

At Target Publications, we cater to your diverse educational needs, providing relevant reference books and notes based on student feedback and Board Council requirements. Thus, our team creates high-quality content for Maharashtra State Board books for 12th Std. according to the new and updated syllabus.

Choose the Best Std. 12 HSC Arts Books to Bring Out the Best in YOU!

The HSC exam is a crucial juncture in everyone’s life, and everyone deserves nothing but top-notch books. No matter what kind of student you are, Target Publications offers 4 series of books that will help you exceed expectations.

Perfect Series

The Perfect Series is the ideal choice for students aspiring to achieve holistic knowledge and explore outside the textbook. Offering benefits that contribute to their overall development, the books cover the entire textbook in question–answer format with chapter overviews, enhancing conceptual clarity for better understanding. Chapter-wise self-evaluation tests will enable you to assess your progress.


These books, available in both English Medium and Marathi Medium, will support you in your academic journey and foster overall development.


The books for Perfect Series are available in the following subjects:


Yuvakbharati Series

We present to you the Yuvakbharati Series for English, Hindi and Marathi. It goes beyond the traditional language learning approach. Dive into the world of languages with our materials curated to foster a deeper understanding and proficiency in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Precise Series

Target Publications Precise Series offers to-the-point notes aligned with the latest Maharashtra Board syllabus and paper pattern. It includes past Board questions for effective exam preparation and provides practical examples as well as mnemonics for better understanding and retention. Chapter assessments allow self-evaluation.

The Precise Series is currently available for Std 12 Economics Book (English Medium).

Smart Notes

While incorporating answers to all textual questions and additional questions, the Smart Notes Series supplements learning with QR code-linked external resources that help you stay updated.

The Smart Notes Series is currently available for Std 12 Economics (English Medium).

An HSC Arts Guide for Every Subject:

  1. For you to be able to write ideal answers, the Std. 12 Yuvakbharati English Book equips you with tools for real-world application. It covers passage-wise prose interpretation, appreciation of poetry, literature analysis and grammar assignments so you are fully prepared for your exams.
  2. Decoding language complexities, developing interest in the subject and understanding how to write answers is equally important to reading textbooks. Along with these, the Std. 12 Yuvakbharati Hindi Book provides passage-wise paraphrasing, exam-oriented answers, grammar, writing skills and qualitative tests with a dash of fun, so studying doesn’t feel monotonous.
  3. Understanding language nuances is vital for acing language learning. The Std. 12 Yuvakbharati Marathi Book offers passage-wise paraphrasing and grammar exercises. It also instils listening, speech, reading and writing capabilities. This unique approach keeps learning engaging, preventing monotony while enhancing language skills as well as exam preparedness.
  4. From preparing you for the HSC examination to strengthening your foundational knowledge-the Std. 12 Perfect Psychology Book does it all. Chapter overviews, MCQs along with For Your Understanding snippets will enable you to grasp concepts faster, understand concepts in a more holistic manner and increase exam preparedness.
  5. Being a valuable resource for students, Std. 12 Perfect Sociology Book covers all essential topics concisely. The book offers an in-depth understanding of concepts, making exams easier to write. The inclusion of thought-provoking case studies and real-life examples enhances practical application. With practice questions and model answers, it facilitates effective exam preparation.
  6. Offering comprehensive coverage of the subject, and aiding students in understanding the past, present and future of political activity, the Std. 12 Perfect Political Science Book is an absolute must-have. It presents challenging concepts, scientific analysis and real-world examples in simple terms. Once you solve the practice questions and model papers, you will be 100% exam-ready.
  7. Inside the Std. 12 Perfect History Book, you will find historical events and concepts in a clear and concise manner. The inclusion of point-wise answers and fun-filled activities enhances critical thinking and memorising skills. This makes it your trusted go-to book where you would not only gain the knowledge and skill required for your 12th Std. exam, but also be able to appreciate the roots we came from.
  8. The Std. 12 Perfect Geography Book is the complete resource for Board exam preparation. It enhances essential knowledge while cultivating an appreciation for the captivating world of Geography. The book also helps you write on-point, factual and theoretically correct answers in the exams.
  9. The Std. 12 Perfect Mathematics & Statistics Vol I & II Book provides lucid and clear explanations for fundamental concepts. Become an expert problem solver with the help of fast problem-solving methods, illustrative examples, smart checks for correct methodology use, smart recap for last-minute revision and competitive corner for entrance exam preparation.
  10. Designed in a manner where you can access answers to all textual questions, practice tests and examples, the Std.12 Precise Economics Book acts as a concise source for exam preparation. It also offers multiple objective-type questions for a well-rounded practice.
  11. Within this integrated book, readers will discover detailed explanations, clever mnemonic devices for effortless recall and convenient access to practical insights through QR codes. The Std. 12 Smart Notes Economics, known for its all-encompassing approach, nurtures a profound understanding of the subject matter while effectively equipping students with the right skills for examinations.

Add the Final Cherry on the Cake by Solving Model Question Papers for the Std 12th!

Studying alone is not enough to crack the HSC Board exam on time. For that, you need speed, which only comes with solving practice mock tests. Moreover, practising will boost your self-confidence, eliminate exam fears and keep you calm and composed during the exam. So start preparing for your HSC Board exams with Target Publications' Hindi and Marathi Yuvakbharati Model Question Paper Sets for Std. 12.

What’s inside the 12th Arts Question Banks?

  1. 10 model question papers
  2. Answer sheets
  3. 12th Arts model paper
  4. HSC previous year's question paper
  5. An answer sheet in handwritten format to promote neat and organised answer writing

Get-Set-Go with Target Publications

The reference books for HSC 12th Std. Arts by Target Publications serve as useful resources for exploring topics, accessing detailed exam-oriented notes and understanding underlying concepts. They will enable you to broaden your perspective, time your writing and help write winning answers in the HSC Board exams. After you are completely prepared with the help of notes, model question papers etc. by Target Publications, it’s time for the last lap. Go ahead and ace those Board exams in a jiffy!

Taking the Next Step-Arts Entrance Exams!

Now that you have the HSC exams on lock, it’s time to tackle the Entrance Exams like CUET!


The Common University Entrance Test (CUET-UG) 2023 grants admission to all Undergraduate Programmes in Central Universities under the Ministry of Education.


Over 12 lakh students registered for the CUET exam in 2022. With the highest number of students among all Indian Competitive Exams, the CUET has become the most intense Entrance exam in India.


But, don’t worry! We have got you covered!


Target Publications brings you two categories of books for CUET preparation: CUET Notes and CUET Practice Paper Sets. Together, these provide you with everything you need to secure the best scores in the competitive exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Std 12th HSC Arts Maharashtra Board

In the 12th Arts stream of the Maharashtra State Board, the subjects typically include:

Compulsory Subjects: English, Political Science, Economics, Sociology

Optional/Elective Subjects: French/Hindi, History/Geography/Psychology, Environment Education, Modern Indian Language/Modern Foreign Language/Classical Language

Please note that the availability of optional subjects may vary for different colleges. It is always best to consult the specific college or the official Maharashtra State Board guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

There are several books available in the market to prepare for the 12th Arts stream of the Maharashtra State Board. Here are some recommended books:

Maharashtra State Board textbooks: These are the official textbooks prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board and cover all the subjects in the Arts stream. They are easily available in bookstores and cover the entire syllabus.

Reference books: Many publishers release reference books specifically designed for 12th Arts students. While these books don’t contain direct answers students can use in the exams, they provide additional explanations, practice questions, and sample papers to help students understand the concepts better and practice for exams.

Guides: Guides or guidebooks are condensed versions of textbooks that contain ideal answers from the HSC exam point of view. They focus on key concepts, important questions and exam-oriented content. These guides provide a quick review of the syllabus and often include solved question papers from previous years. Target Publications offers the best guidebooks which include smart study techniques in addition to the above-mentioned.

Online resources: Apart from physical books, there are various online resources available for 12th Arts preparation. Educational platforms and online learning portals offer study materials, video lectures, practice quizzes as well as interactive tools to aid in exam preparation.

Primarily you should refer to the Maharashtra State Board or NCERT textbooks as they cover the entire 12th Arts syllabus. However, these alone are not enough. You need additional resources that can enhance your conceptual clarity. The Perfect Series by Target Publications helps you achieve that and more. It carries notes for all core subjects while covering the entire textbook in a question-answer format. These books are available not just for English Medium but also Marathi Medium.

Preparing for Std 12 Arts requires a systematic approach and effective study strategies. Here are some tips to help you prepare for Std 12 Arts for the academic year 2023-2024:

  • Understand the syllabus thoroughly
  • Create a study schedule
  • Use the right study materials
  • Make concise notes
  • Seek clarification for your doubts
  • Practise solving previous years' question papers
  • Take mock tests
  • Revise regularly

Remember to stay focused, maintain a positive attitude, and stay motivated throughout your preparation. Good luck!