All students contemplating to be an engineer in the future surely won’t be oblivion to the JEE entrance exam. Especially if you are aiming for IITs across the country. And you would also be well aware of the arduous JEE preparation too. Herein, students are made to go through the herculean preparation process. Apart from how much time you devote to preparing for the exam, there are other aspects too which play an integral role in making it possible for your dream to come true.

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Herein, we have dedicated this blog especially for those students who aim to crack the IIT JEE Main exam. This will help you get the required push your zeal ahead. So let’s look through the top tips and tricks that can ensure you meet your quest for enrolling in IITs.

It all begins and
ends with YOU

Want to find the most powerful element in life which can calm the storm in the sea and turn the sea into a storm? Well then let’s acquaint you with the most powerful tool which is none other than YOU! The beginning of success starts with you with the thought seeded deep within. Ensure you firstly make up in your mind what you are aiming for. Along with you also need to convince yourself how much time you would dedicate for IIT JEE Preparation.

Note that it is not a race but a Marathon. Herein you need to be extremely dedicated to what efforts you are putting in. Thus, foremost it is necessary to take care of your health both physical as well as mental health. This is possible by thinking positive and not letting negative thoughts enter your system. Also on the physical level, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep to feel rejuvenated.

Talking further about how to plant in your mind the thought of goal setting here are tips:

Develop a timetable which is a balance between studies and enough time for rest. All study and no play can turn jack into a lazy boy. Keeping this thought in mind, only concentrating your time in studies won’t be helpful in meeting your goal. Make a timetable dedicating sufficient hours of time to study JEE Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. You can either set is alternatively, daily or on a weekly basis.

Expert advice always helps. Read what Shubham Shrivastava – JEE Main topper 2019 has got to say about the exam. Strategize your JEE Main preparation based on the strategies posed and ease your way to success!

Be dedicated and
take full advantage of the time

How proper time management and exam strategizing can help crack JEE Main Exam

Remember it is not the quantity of time you have dedicated for your JEE
exam preparation but the number of productive hours that you put in. Ensure to
put in 100% of your thoughts into what you are learning as without putting in
100% of yourself, you won’t be able to imbibe anything into your system.

Run through your

Importance of reading through JEE Main Exam Syllabus

Well, we all know how vast JEE Main syllabus happens to be. But the quest here is it not a non-doable task. More importantly, if you are aiming for scoring well in the exam, you need to cover as much syllabus as possible. The more topics you already cover before the exam, much easy it will be to take the revision process ahead. Well, unless you are not a complete wizard in all three subjects, then you can put your worry at rest.

JEE Main exam 2020 being an online examination, it is necessary to be vigilant when solving the paper. A single mistake can cost you negative marks that will bring you down the ladder. Hence, we have enlisted the common mistakes committed by students during JEE Main exam preparation. Read it to score higher in the JEE Main Exam 2020.

How to complete the

Tips to complete pending exam syllabus

This brings us to the next most important question viz. How to complete the syllabus? Well, to start with unleash your strengths and weaknesses well. Gaining an understanding of what are your actual strengths and weaknesses will aid in making an appropriate timetable. Thereby complete your potion before time. Moreover, it will also aid one in understanding the strengths and weaknesses. In addition to helping one spend their time wisely in covering the syllabus.

Having said so, you can further categorize your topics based on Easy,
Moderate and Difficult. Allocate time effectively for each topic and how much
time you wish to spend for each.

Let’s take how to prepare for IIT JEE preparation ahead and look through
how to work on your weakness and strengths when it comes to JEE preparation:

Begin with understanding which subjects or chapters do you find Also, you may also find certain subjects extremely boring or in case you are taking more time to learn it. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave the topics un-attended. If you find it difficult to understand in one go, then you can take the help of experts, teachers, and tutors to guide you. Or else you can simply go on to read it once again. However, never leave the topics just like that. More importantly, never ever leave the topics unattended or resort to rote learning. Instead, if you try to put in a few of your thoughts, you can make preparation easy.

Gauge in the

Knowing fundamentals can aid in getting ahead of exams

Read out the
fundamentals and get a proper understanding of what you have learned. Also,
evaluate two important things which include:

  • The percentage of
    topics you have completed
  • The percentage of
    topics which you have completed competently

Once you analyze these two criterions, it will be much easy to work on your preparation to improve the percentage.

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Give Equal
importance to all JEE Main subjects

Equal importance to all JEE Main exam subjects is must

Aiming to gain passing
marks in subjects you find boring or difficult is the most common wrong
committed by students. Do not aim for cut off marks but aim to understand each
concept giving equal importance to all subjects equally.

Your Competition is

You competition and nemesis for exam is YOU

Well, competition is something that plays a very important role when it comes to any kind of examination. However, competition with you is more important than with proving your proficiency with anyone else. However, coaching classes and schools put competition at the top making it more complex for students to comprehend what they are studying.

In the bargain, students are made to worry about others more than themselves and thereby end up losing their sleep and focus completely. However, only after you have already given the exam and joined colleges, will you find this brooding to be absolutely unnecessary. So, the primary and most important decision you need to make is to be less bothered when it comes to competition.

How to build better self-esteem?

Foremost begin by believing in you, not just for namesake but carrying
out a complete analysis. If you have confidence in yourself, then no force in
the world will ever be able to stop you cracking the exam with full force.

Use proper
reference books

Best JEE Main reference books for cracking JEE Main Exam 2020

JEE Main exam preparation is almost impossible without backing oneself with the appropriate tools and techniques. Using the best books for IIT JEE Preparation can make this learning quite easy. Apart from learning from textbooks, taking the help of other best books for IIT JEE preparation will deem more useful in completing your jee main syllabus in time.

Taking up Mock

JEE Main Mock Tests offers a great ground for revision

Apart from this, if you also take the aid of additional preparation techniques such as practicing with JEE Mock Tests and Online Test Series will make the learning process much simple. This will definitely present a lucrative platform for gaining practice as well as aid in the proper management of time and understand how the question paper is set.

Read the benefits of preparing through the JEE Main Mock Tests and Online Test Series!

Keep the Enthusiasm
and Joy Going On

Keeping the enthusiasm for cracking the exam going on is the ultimate crux for making it easy to crack the examination. It will push you ahead to perform better and keep the zeal up always.

Looking for lucrative JEE Main Study Material to prepare for your competitive exam? Well, then Target Publications brings you the finest JEE Main exam preparation books which will set the perfect ground for learning and imbibing the conceptual knowledge without the need for rote learning. For making it easy for the students to cover the vast topics and JEE Main Syllabus we have divided the best books for JEE Main into Absolute and Challenger series.

JEE Main Absolute Series

Both books are designed to present the best study experience to candidates. The JEE Main Absolute Series comprises of topic wise explanation in addition to the summary and ample of MCQs covered adding to practice exercise for students. Besides, the book also covers additional previous year questions from different competitive examinations with the view of offering to students a real-time understanding of how the questions are drafted.

JEE Main Challenger Series

In the case of the JEE Challenger Series, the book presents an explanation of theoretical concepts, formulae, and MCQs, besides additional questions covered in other competitive exams similar to JEE Main Absolute. However, topics here are covered in gist and pointers that would make a perfect ground for indulging in revision practice at the time of the exam.  Also, the USP of the book is comprised of additional model papers to assist students to gain practice and QR codes for clearing queries related to the topics.

Target Publications wishes to present a comprehensive platform for students along with presenting best books for JEE we also offer JEE Mock Tests and Online Test Series which presents to candidates the ground for gaining real-time experience of the exam.

Furthermore, you can gain additional knowledge of the topics; you can
access our YouTube Channel and access our videos to get your queries cleared.

Apart from JEE Mains, we also offer books for other competitive exams too which include: NEET UG study material and MHT CET Triumph Series. Both the books are curated to present students with a ground for clearing queries and making the competitive exam preparation easier. Follow our Blog for JEE Main and get the latest updates on JEE Main Registration, Best Books and Tips to crack the exam.

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