Importance of reading in kids

Reading is important for any human being who aspires to have a successful life. The perception of life is created by reading books. It is found in a study that brain connectivity will increase according to the reading period, especially in the somatosensory cortex, the part of the brain that responds to physical sensations like movement and pain. These researchers used MRI scans to measure the effect of reading a novel on the brain and show how reading is important to create a better life.

But why reading is important for kids?

Albert Einstein once said, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tale". Reading at a young age has vital to play in child development. Reading books and storytelling with toddlers stimulates brain development and strengthens their emotional relationships. Nurturing the kids to good readers can do wonders in their future life. Reading is important for kids because:

  • Reading Improvescreativity and imagination: One can uncover new realms of imagination by reading a good book. Researches have shown that early learning and reading can affect creative areas of the brain.
  • Reading Develops the brain capacity: A better reader can perform well in school. They will learn things faster and will show improvement in academics. Neuroscientists at Emory University found that reading a novel increases brain function to an extreme level.
  • Reading improves language capability and develops early literacy skills: Reading habits in children can improve their language skills. Reading storybooks for kids in English will make them understand the usage of that language better.
  • Reading will help them to understand the world better: Books open a world of knowledge before the kids. Children can understand about our society by reading books.

But kids won’t read complex novels or professional essays. Then, what will they like to read? Storybooks are the answer. The story 'The Glass Slipper' and the character ‘Cinderella’ is something that no one will forget. The story influenced and continues to influence millions of kids across the world. Aesop stories are another example that shaped millions of lives. These stories introduced many kids to the world of reading. Storybooks will introduce new ideas and words to the children.

For small kids, storybooks with pictures will work fine. Focusing on stories at a young age will develop concentration in children and can improve their creativity. Stories they read will evoke their imagination to visualize the words.

Along with the self-reading, shared reading with the parents is also important for kids. Jim Trelease, author of the book 'The Read-Aloud Handbook' says, "Every time we read to a child, we're sending a pleasure message to the child's brain… You could even call it a commercial, conditioning the child to associate books and print with pleasure". Shared reading can enrich their listening, spelling, and reading skills along with vocabulary. When parents are reading with them, kids will learn the language even before they notice the alphabet.

Reading for the kids may seem simple but it is not so. It's the time when children are learning many things. Parents should take extra care and special attention while reading to the children. Here are some tips that can help you while reading for kids:

  • Even though reading at a regular time is good, read whenever the kid asks for it. It will connect them more with the reading habit.
  • Point to the words while reading. This can help to develop language skills. Follow the words by fingers from left to right on the page.
  • Allow the kids to choose books. Giving them opportunities to select books will increase their interest in books.
  • Read slowly so that the kids can understand the language clearly.
  • Ask questions while reading for kids. This will increase their involvement and improve their imagination.
  • Use colourful books with pictures for toddlers while reading. Point to the illustrations and explain the story. This helps them to understand the story better.
  • Use different voice modulations while reading a storybook. This will make the kids more active in reading time.
  • Finally, have fun while reading. Make reading an enjoyable experience.

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