How to deal with Pressure and Anxiety during NEET preparations

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or popularly known as NEET is a yearly entrance examination conducted to select the best minds among a pool of aspirants aspiring to pursue MBBS career in medical science. Whether you are preparing for NEET, JEE or for any other competitive exam, you should understand that it's it is a long journey full of ups and downs. At some point of time, you'll  you will feel exhausted but that is what the competition is all about.

Thousands of students suffer from peer pressure, anxiety and confusion throughout their preparation journey. Thinking stuff like "How am I going to perform?", “What will be the expected cutoff? etc. are some of the questions that create anxiety and stress in students during their NEET Preparation. In this blog, we have provided a complete solution to the burning question i.e. “How to deal with pressure and anxiety during NEET preparation?”

  1. At The End Of The Day, Hard Work Pays Off: “The best insurance for tomorrow is a job done well today”. Therefore, satisfying your heart by saying ‘I will do this topic tomorrow’is a pure loss for you. By piling up your syllabus and backlogs for tomorrow, you are misleading yourself. Therefore,never leave anything for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
  2. Be Consistent: As we mentioned earlier that preparations for NEET is a long journey and consistency is the key. Therefore, if you are not consistent then you will end up having a lot of pending syllabus and no time for revision. So, try to be consistent and devote at least 4-5 hours to self-study on a daily basis.

  3. Do Some Exercise: 20 minutes of cardio which can include jogging/running or practicing yoga or at least meditation should be included in your daily routine. Exercising increases blood circulation throughout your body, andthus,more blood will reach to your brain and you will feel more relaxed and fresh. Thus it will prevent you from anxiety

  4. Diet: Due to the vast syllabus, most of the students do not take proper diet during their preparation which causes stress, anxiety and many other health issues. Students should avoid junk foods as they are high in fats and very low in protein,thus, making you feel lazy, inactive and stressed. Therefore, it is recommended to eat homemade healthy food with less oil/butter/ghee and white sugar.

  5. Sleep: Adequate amount of sleep is as important as taking a healthy diet. Never think that you can outperform everyone if you study more and sleep less. Therefore,never compromise with your sleep and take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

  6. Solving Previous Year Papers: Solving previous year NEET papershelps in boosting up your confidence and it helps in analyzing mistakes so that students can correct those mistakes and master the concepts. You can buy 33 Years NEET PCB Chapterwise Previous Solved Papers.
  7.  Choosing Correct Resources: Studying from here and there is nothing but a direct source of tension. You will end up learning those things that will never be asked in NEET. Therefore,you should follow the right study material. In case of NEET & JEE, your main focus should be on NCERT as most of the questions come directly or indirectly from NCERT books. Apart from NCERT,you should refer to the NCERT based reference books.
  8. Follow Your Hobbies & Keep Taking Breaks: Preparing for NEET doesnot mean that you should start your day with studies and end it up the same way. You should keep taking regular breaks. Apart from taking breaks,you should follow your hobbies which can be listening to music, reading novels or even watching standup comedy videos. These things lighten up our mood.

  9. Spend time with your loved ones: Spending some time with your family and friends is a wonderful cure to all your problems as sharing things with family and friends refreshes our mind. So, keep sharing things about your subjects, preparation, life and many more things with your close ones.

  10. Believe In Yourself & Stay Motivated: Never give up if the things are not going your way. Always believe that you can do it. Stay motivated and reward yourself whenever you perform.

Apart from the above mentioned points; spending time in nature, playing, praying, taking a walk, taking a power nap are also very efficient when it comes about getting rid from pressure and anxiety during your preparations.