Geography is a subject which is quite different as compared to other subjects. Geography could be boring or difficult as it requires memorizing terms/facts/information and visualization of cities/territories on maps. Along with sincere study, if you adopt different techniques to study geography, you can score good marks in geography.

Understanding the geography paper pattern:

The most important thing before you start preparing for Geography exam, you must understand the exam pattern. You must gather information about Geography exam-paper pattern and weightage of chapters in exam. This will help you to know how you will be tested in exam and how you are going to write responses to the questions. As per the Latest Board Paper Pattern 18 marks are allotted to objective type questions, 14 marks are allotted to Maps and graphs related questions while 8 marks are allotted to long answer type questions.

Materials to study from:

Once you are aware about the type of questions you are going to face in exam, you must collect the required materials to study from. Apart from your lesson notes of class, you must refer to books that are designed according to paper pattern, where you can get lots of questions to practice.  Target’s Perfect Notes for Geography could be your one point solution for all type of questions. It includes lots of objective questions to test your knowledge. In addition to that, it covers entire textbook syllabus so that you will not miss out any topics.

Techniques to study Geography:

Geographical terms:

Geography includes numerous geographical terms that you have to memorize. Best way is to note down all terminologies along with definitions as and when you encounter while studying.  Since you have to memorize, you must revise terminologies more frequently. More you revise, more you will be comfortable to remember geographical terms.

Maps & Graphs:

Geography exam requires you to identify/mark/plot specific locations, cities and territories on maps. It also includes questions based on observation on maps. You must adapt some shortcut tricks to remember cities, specific territories. For example, you can memorize locations by their shapes, or the shapes around the locations, you. Create mnemonics to remember the names of locations.
Drawing graphs on the basis of data provided and observation of graphs proves to be very important in Geography. 

Target’s Geography Map and Graph Practice Book Std X  is designed with the intention to help you gain sufficient practice in maps and graphs related questions. You can easily grab full marks in this section only through sufficient and sincere practice along with using tricks that can help you to make your study effective.

Practice Tests - You must practice and keep on giving tests for improving his test skills. Time-bound tests must be taken regularly. This will help you to get a clear idea of your understanding of the subject and also, will help you to identify topics that you need to work on.