No matter how much time you devote preparing for your SSC board exam, but if you are unable to put across your knowledge on the answer sheet, then all the hard work goes in vain. As per studies, it is observed that students often tend to get anxious ad stressful while attempting to an exam in the examination hall. Moreover, the pressure turns so intense that they often end up forgetting what they have learned during the preparation. This is a natural emotion faced by most students but that doesn't mean there is no way to manage the stress. Following are a few effective tips while giving your exam and writing paper can help you get over the anxiety and score well.

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In this blog, we will go through some tricks and techniques to assist you to prepare and write your exam the best way:

Identify your priorities

set question paper priorities

Once you read the questions, you will get a proper idea about which question can be attempted first. So, mark out all the questions which you are confident about. Secondly, it is not mandatory to write the answers in the same given order as in the question sheet. So, answer those questions which you are confident about. Apart from assisting you gain confidence, it will also spare sufficient time to think about the answers to questions that you find are a little tricky.

Be crisp and answer to the point

Before writing your paper, read the question carefully. Try to understand the sense of the question. Further, try limiting your answer to the question asked and avoid including long paragraphs of explanation about something which either is not asked in the question or that which does not need explanation. Thus, keep your answers brief, concise and write in a manner the answers are justified.

For example: If the question requires you to 'Define Deforestation', then you are required to write the definition of deforestation only. You need not include its causes, effects or reasons. This is often done by students to make the answers lengthier. Longer the answer, the more you will score is a myth. Your examiner is only looking for a valid explanation. Adding other parts will turn it completely absurd and vague.

Choose your optional questions with care

choose the optional questions carefully

Usually, a few questions in the SSC board exam paper are provided with internal choices. Herein, the student is required to select between either of the choices. However, the trick here is that students often go on to choose the question instinctively. Only to later regret not choosing other options on which they had a better idea. This happens because of haste.

So, when you are given the option to choose the questions, firstly read them carefully, not once but twice and create a mental picture of how you will answer in each case. In this manner, you will be in a better position to analyze your knowledge surrounding a particular question and cross off your doubts.

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5 Important Tips to help you get through Board Exams!

Answer all questions in order of sequence

SSC Board exams, unlike competitive exams, do not have any negative marking for wrong answers. So, there is absolutely nothing to lose if you answer any additional questions. Begin with reading each question in the SSC boards questions paper carefully. Re-read them and try to gauge its demand and which genre it belongs to. Only if you know the answer go ahead. In the case, you are still confused then apply your brain and try out a smart guess. Better leave it for last and don’t lose time.

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Maintain a clean handwriting

write with good handwriting

Your handwriting can either fetch you marks or get it deducted. Reason - A clean handwriting is easy to read, while a shabby one makes it difficult for the examiners to understand. So ensure you maintain a sufficient and balanced space between each word. 

  • Be consistent with your handwriting from Page 1 to the last. 
  • Do not over space or squeeze ten words in one same line. Overlapped words may cause a fall in your scores.
  • Keep your paper neat and clean.
  • Leave at least one to two-line gap before and after every question.

This will make your paper appear clean, readable and consistent.

Summarized compilation of essential writing tips for board exams:

  • Refrain writing additional lines just to increase the length of the answer.
  • Instead keep it brief, to the point by including right keywords.
  • Use concise words. It will help in increasing the answer quality.
  • Use full forms of words like do not for don’t, could not for couldn’t, etc.
  • Your answer sheet must be readable and presentable. Avoid overlapping, squeezing and cutting words. Space each word properly.
  • Include diagrams wherever required to make the answer meaningful.

Recheck your answer sheet

Once you have finished answering the questions, do not forget to check the answer sheet at least twice.. Re-read what you have written. Often while reading the answers, we come across mistakes, spelling errors, grammar, which if were left unaltered could have affected your marks. Also, check if you have answered all questions and not skipped any important one.

  • Tie the answer sheets well, in case you have taken supplements.
  • Recheck you have written your roll number.

Implementing the above-mentioned techniques properly while writing your answers, will surely help you score optimum marks in your SSC board exam 2020. Also, it will help in completing your paper on time. Most importantly, remember to be positive, calm, and give your best without worrying too much about results.

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