Talent and Success can hardly be judged. Rather it can only be measured based on how far one has reached in the process. Success is the result of efforts put in for achieving a particular quest backed by determination and zest. Remember, the possibility of success or failure depends solely on you. It is determined by the efforts you put in, the ideologies you apply and strategic measures you take to make it possible.

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Having said that, the same applies to exams too! Herein, speaking of SSC board exams, one initially needs to ensure they have equipped themselves with the appropriate tools required for learning. This begins with being abreast of the SSC board syllabus and the paper pattern. The next step is developing an exam preparation strategy and gathering appropriate study material to sharpen your revision.

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There are barely a few weeks left for the SSC board examination. Considering the fact that you must have already completed 80% of your portion, we have covered a few ways to track your progress through the SSC exam preparation:

Measure your progress in learning

Measuring your progress before the exam is not as difficult as you would consider. Besides, solving as many questions as possible will help in strengthening your hold over the topic in addition to enhancing your subject knowledge. Textbooks are valuable resources as they provide ample amount of practice in terms of textual exercises. However, carrying out additional revision will further help widen your scope of understanding and completing the syllabus in time.

Reference books, SSC study material and SSC previous year question sets put across a great medium to assess one’s preparation, comprehend the questions asked, in addition to stimulating students to develop suitable time management techniques.

Solve at least one model paper every alternate day

Continuing from the previous point where we elucidated the importance of ‘practice’ to perfect your hold over the topic, here we have emphasized on the benefits of model papers. A model paper replicates the SSC board question paper, except for the fact that the former helps in acquainting students with the format.

Ideally, it will introduce candidates to the construction of questions, the marking scheme and reduce the phobia surrounding board exams. Besides, solving model question papers gives you a chance to modify your revision techniques in order to focus on the more difficult topics while evaluating your potential for SSC boards.

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Refrain from copying others' strategy

You can never really succeed in your endeavors if you continue copying others’ strategies. You need to plan out your own strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses. On scrutiny, you would realize that your biggest competitor is none other than yourself. This mindset will help you plan out a perfect strategy to overcome your own limits and excel while conquering strenuous challenges.

How to do it?

  • Create a plan listing the time required for each topic.
  • Identify your strong and weak points.
  • Strike a balance by learning newer topics, revising completed ones and continuing self-assessment simultaneously.

Wrap up your preparation one month in advance to your exam

During this period, keep your books aside and refrain from starting any new topic. However, go on to refine what you have already learned through practice and perfect it further.

Benefit: It will ensure you gain a perfect foothold of the topic that you have already revised. Besides, it will save your time in going through the ordeal of starting a new topic from scratch.

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Bring previous year papers to your rescue

SSC Previous year papers are always the best medium to gauge your progress. The more you solve, the better you will know where you lag and how you can go on to refine yourself. Always consider using updated material with a modified board pattern (if any) during your last minute revision. The modified board pattern of the SSC board exam 2020 includes the new 80-20 ratio. Getting a good idea of the pattern will help you prepare well.

Here's presenting a quick summary of the advantages:

  • Previous year papers help in coping with time management
  • Candidates can jot down and practice the important questions
  • The more you practice, the more it will boost your confidence.
  • Going through the question papers well in advance will help you strategize a plan to give more time in preparing topics that carry a higher weightage of marks.

Target Publication’s SSC Model Question Paper Set is curated as per the new paper pattern of 2019-2020. It enables students to gain sufficient practice to ensure they are well-acquainted with the pattern. Additionally, solving board questions will help boost your confidence further.

Download previous year question paper set for SSC board exams for English, Marathi, and Hindi Medium by Target Publication is available online on the website. Visit the website to know more.

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Back your SSC boards preparation with appropriate reference material

Reference material for board exams are perfect resources for students to gain additional practice. Besides, reference books and study guides make it easier for students to learn answers by presenting them in a lucid language. Also, they comprise a myriad of additional questions which on practice make it easy for students to gain a deeper insight into the subject.

How to choose your reference guide for SSC boards?

  • Look for the language of the book - Is it simple or complex?
  • Does it comprise of ample questions for practice?
  • Are the concepts understandable?
  • Does it highlight questions from the previous year?

Standard 10th study material offered by Target Publication thrives in presenting a medium that contributes to ease the quest of understanding concepts instead of just resorting to rote learning. Written by an expert team of subject specialists, the notes are curated to present an assistive ground for students to gain better clarity, ample practice, additional knowledge outside of the textbook as well as get an idea of solving questions.

Here is a quick look through our SSC board study materials:

We deal exclusively on providing students with study materials from pre-primary to SSC Board, CBSE Xth board, HSC Science, Commerce, as well as for B.Com. Degree college.

Besides, you can also check out our YouTube channel. The videos provide insight on selected topics presented by subject-matter experts to make your learning and SSC Ekdum Tension Free!

Do not forget to read our blogs on SSC board, to get quick run through study tips, common mistakes to avoid and much more!

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