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The term monkey mind turns out to be true at the time of examinations. It is the time when the mind drives and goes haywire without being transfixed to the actual need of the hour. And in order to bring it to one point, it is necessary to calm for a while and relax it a bit. This enables the mind to retain things better and boost concentration. Failing to channel the mind in one direction often leads to phobia and anxiety which is well known as exam phobia. Before it creeps inside it is better to trick it out right away. So, if you too are going through the same, do refer to our blog on ways to deal with Exam Phobia and pave towards success.

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All study and no breaks can make one completely stressed. Here in our blog, we have mentioned top techniques to take breaks while studying. Readout to unleash the tricks and tips for taking breaks:

1.    Take short breaks

Take short breaks in between 15 to 20 minutes after every session of learning. As per research, the brain can take only 45 minutes of matter and later to it, the brain will throw away everything. This happens because the brain follows an ultradian rhythm i.e. a natural cycle of concentration that every human experiences off and on through the day.

The amount of time one’s brain can take in information will tend to vary from person to person. While some can take in data only for 45 minutes, others can go straight up to 90 minutes. Thus, knowing your caliber you can experiment with your timings and thereby take longer or shorter breaks.

For example – The ideal time for taking a break after a 45-minute study session is 15 minutes whereas if you have taken a 90 minute break then the best time is 25 minutes.\

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2.    Follow your schedule

Feeling bored after a certain point of time is natural. However, the crux here is how well you schedule your time table for breaks. Do not exert when your mind is unable to take in information that will only turn waste as your mind won’t be able to take in any information. However, in case you wish to take a break, ensure you stop at a point that you find naturally stopping.

You can try:

  • When reading a textbook either stop at the end of the page or end of the sub-chapter.
  • Do not try to postpone your break as your mind and brain are already conditioned for a break.

3.    Shift your gears

A good way to retain what you have studied as well as to complete the portion is to take breaks in between. After you have invested ample amount to time into one chapter, shift your gear to another chapter or presumably another subject altogether. This will help stimulate your brain pathways and make the process a joyful one instead of monotonous.

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Now the question comes, how will you use your break?

Well, the brain needs constant relaxation. However, doing nothing and just resting will ultimately turn it lazy. Thus, you can utilize your breaks wisely by indulging in healthy habits.

–    Go out and get some fresh air

–    Indulge in some mild exercise. Physical activities help promote blood flow and make one feel rejuvenated.

–    Do pushups, jumping or play some favorite sport instead of indulging in vigorous physical activity.

–    Talk to your friend or have a conversation – it can help in rejuvenating oneself

–    Snack on healthy food. It is a lucrative way of spending your time. Ensure to have food which is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you are feeling down munch on some dark chocolate. As it contains a small dose of caffeine and a lot of antioxidants, eating a small piece of it will not only help in boosting mood but also give you the required energy.

–    Mediate and try some deep breathing. Meditation helps in circulating blood across the body thereby relaxing your mind and brain much better. Thus after a good refreshment, your brain will be back to absorbing information quite well. Learn some magic tricks that can transform your frustration into confidence.

–    Read some poems or books other than your exam study material. This helps to refocus on where you left your read and get back with full swing.

–    Listen to music

–    Take shower in warm water

4. Avoid distractions and negative break activities

If you are going for a stroll during the break, ensure to not get allured by junk food stalls or unhealthy food. Munching on such foods that lack nutrition will only zap your brain and suck away your energy while studying. Also, avoid taking too much caffeine. Though it may act as a temporary stimulant, it will leave dried of energy later.

Your short nap may soon turn into a prolonged sleep. Shorter power naps do help refresh the brain but naps longer than 20 minutes will slow down your work, make you sluggish and leave you unmotivated.

Keep your smartphones away while taking a break. Browsing through social media or playing video games will prolong your break leaving you with no mood to study later.

Do not think about studies while on a study break. Remember you have taken a break to rest and recharge your mind rather than pondering over how much of study activity is left to cover.

Take breaks, but do not break away from your study process. Plan Concentrate and Follow, and no one can stop from you coming out with flying colors.

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