Beginner’s Guide for
Smart Study Strategies

Often we see that in spite of preparing very strongly for a forthcoming examination, it doesn’t fetch us our expected results. We are often disappointed with ourselves after the results arrive. Even when we study for hours on ends, we are not able to actually achieve what we wanted. Ever wondered why such blunder happens? Ever wondered where we end up being wrong? Ever wondered what is actually wrong with our study techniques? These questions bring us to our topic of discussion today.

In this blog, we are going to talk about eight very smart and effective ways which can help reduce your study time and bring you impressive results. The key is to study smart and not only study hard. These are all tried and tested ways which a smart student chooses to gain higher marks. These ways not only will reduce your study time but also bring new confidence in yourself which is extremely essential to write an exam well.

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#1 – Understand the
Topic, Not Just Memorise

It has been a habit of most learners to mug up a topic
without even realizing the true essence
of it. This habit can turn out to be a curse
when the questions in the examinations are structured in a roundabout way. Such
questions are to be answered with the knowledge that you have gained, not with
the mere answers that you have just memorized
and not understood. Therefore, understanding a topic properly is very
essential, when it comes to studying smartly. If you actually understand the
essence of a particular chapter or topic, you can easily answer any question
pertaining to that chapter. This will save you time and also prepare you for
all sorts of roundabout questions that may appear in your question paper.

#2 – Concentrate When
Attending a Class

Nowadays a lot of students are mostly inattentive when a teacher is teaching in a class, or a tutor is giving a lecture in a coaching centre. This is another major reason behind the gap the remains in study methods. Try to be attentive when you are attending a class or a lecture. This will help you understand a topic better and you can also jot down important notes related to a certain topic. You can also record the whole session in your phone or a simple audio recorder so that you can listen to the important parts again, if and when required.

#3 – Participate in
Mock Tests

Sitting for a Mock test or solving question papers can actually give you a fair idea regarding how far you have understood a chapter or a specific subject. Also, this will help you access the areas on which you need to work more. Mock test results will enable the will to know subjects are stronger and which are the comparatively weaker ones. This way you can focus on the weaker ones a little more. You can test yourself with the help any reasonable online test series, previous years questions papers or mock test paper as produced by various publications.

#4 – Choosethe Correct Set of Books

The best way to study definitely begins with choosing the best books to read. Books can be your ultimate guide while preparing for an important examination. Choosing correct textbooks as well as reference books becomes instrumental in preparing a student for his exam papers. Therefore, getting your hands on the proper books is literally half the battle won. Also, buying books and not reading them will never fetch you expected results. So when you are buying a book that you need, make sure you read them properly as well.

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#5 – Make Use of
Online Study Materials

There is a lot of informative study material that is available online. These online study guides can be the ultimate go-to option when you are in doubt regarding a certain chapter. This will help you to stay updated with the new trends and new concepts that are being introduced daily in academics. Using such online study material smartly can be fruitful to a great extent while preparing for any noteworthy examination.

#6 – Get Involved in
a Study Group

Another very smart way to reduce your study time is to get involved in study groups. In this case, you will have to make sure that the members in the group are all serious about the studies and they are willing to share their own study tips with another group members from time to time. Group study makes the whole process of learning a little less monotonous and a little more fun. This is an innovative way to keep oneself motivated.

#7 – Take Proper
Breaks in Between

One should take a break of at least 7-10 minutes after each hour of intensive study. Incorporating small breaks in your study pattern can boost up your self-confidence. Also, you will not get bored easily. A small study break in between studies helps in improving your daily study habits, keeping you motivated to sit with your books and study materials for specific hours in a day.

#8 – Keep Revising
& Reviewing

It is very important to stay in touch with whatever you have
learned previously. Never keep the
revision part for the last few remaining days before the exams. Constant review
and revision of previously learned chapters and topics will help you retain the
knowledge that you have already gained. Therefore, you should take the revision
part very seriously.

Last Words

Incorporating the eight above-mentioned techniques will definitely help you in reducing your usual long hours of study. The effective smart study should always be preferred, rather than stretching your study hours unnecessarily. Developing appropriate study skills at a young age is considered to be a blessing. So now it is completely up to you, you can use the above-mentioned study strategies to gain a faster and smarter result and fetch higher marks than usual. We hope our blog will help you out in your need. Std. 10th and Std. 12th happens to be the toughest examinations which mark the future of one’s career. Target Publications offerings for Std 10th Maharashtra Board and CBSE Board. For Std. 12th we provide books for Commerce and Science stream. The books are compiled to render the best reference guide to ease the board examination preparation. Our IQB series for Std. 10th and Smart Notes for Std. 10th and Smart Notes for Std. 12th are collated offer a lucrative platform for enhancing subject knowledge of the subjects. In addition, Std. 10th books comprise of coverage of textual questions as well as audio-visual aids in the form of QR Codes and meticulously compiled Model Question Papers for practice.

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