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12th HSC Board Examination sets the ground for an individual’s career. Thus it becomes a  crucial turning point in one’s life. Commerce is one of the most opted fields by students after the completion of std.10th.

The very reason is:

  • It’s comparatively easy than other faculties including Science and Arts.
  • Students often think it is convenient to study less in front of the other streams like Science and Arts.
  • Peer Pressure – if two or more of your friends are taking up admission in the stream.
  • You want to enjoy your Junior college and not spend time memorizing formula and theories.

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Well, while a few points mentioned above happen to be true, many are fallacies. To begin with, there is not a single stream which doesn’t call for hard work. While it’s true that science stream requires a little more hard work, commerce has its own set of difficulties. If you are a commerce student, you will be well aware of the dilemma created by subjects like Book Keeping and Mathematics. If aced well they prove to be scoring subjects in the HSC Boards.

Mathematics in Commerce

Mathematics in Science is a compulsory subject. However, in the case of commerce, the students do have the leeway of either opting or not choosing the subject. (If it’s compulsory in your college, then you have only one option – to opt for it). Irrespective of whether it is for science or commerce, the dread of this subject remains constant since childhood.

If you are someone who has the phobia of the subject, then you have landed at the right place. Here in our blog we have enlisted preparation strategies which can help you to ace the subject without trouble as well as enhance proficiency in it.

What is your pattern?

Foremost know your exam pattern. There is a myriad of topics in Mathematics. However, there is all possibility of getting confused with the Mathematics book for Commerce and Science. And hence, knowing the entire Commerce topics will help in deciding which are your weak spots and what are your strengths. Once you have got your pattern for mathematics, go on to note down the topics you are weak at and those which you are well acquainted with.

You can either create a chart or file jotting down the important topics. The next step after this is to build your timetable enlisting how you are going to go about with the preparation strategy.

Build a timetable

Building a timetable can always be useful as one can go in a systematic manner with the preparation. Setting a goal and working accordingly can ace one in completing their portion sooner. Mathematics is a subject which cannot be aced at one go. You must practice and revise every time and every single day so as to retain what you have studied.

Set a timetable in a way that you are able to cover all the difficult topics in the start along with sparing enough time for revising the easier ones. Get the best self-study tips for 12th Commerce Board Examination with our brilliant planning, tips, books, and timetable to get through your 2020 board examination smoothly.

Go the Inverse Pyramid way

This means start with the difficult topics and move up the ladder by revising the easier ones. It makes it feasible for students to put off a load of studying a vast topic and also be assured the topics are revised in tandem to the completion of the difficult topics.

Take enough breaks in between

“All study and no play makes Jack a lazy boy”

Your brain needs enough rest. Continuous study and work can lead to a lot of stress piling up thereby making the brain weaker. Hence, it is necessary to take breaks and rest in between so as to rejuvenate one’s senses.

It is not how much you study that counts, but how much you are able to retain that makes the difference. After every 2 hours of study take a break of 30 minutes. Either take a nap or go play some game.

Do not concentrate on multiple topics

Don’t ride two horses at a time. Concentrate on one topic at a time. No matter you take two or more days in finishing the topic do not jump to another topic unless you haven’t finished one. Solve all the sums, solved examples as well as unsolved ones to get abreast with all the concepts before moving to the next topic.

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Take help from experts

When studying there may arrive moments wherein doubts crop regarding a certain topic or concept. Herein, taking the aid of teachers and experts will prove to be beneficial. If you have any doubt with a certain Mathematics problem note it down and get the doubts cleared by your teachers.

Do not rely on books alone

HSC Commerce Mathematics is a vast arena and hence relying on only SYJC Commerce books mentioned by colleges alone won’t make the sail easy. Refer to other books to available in the market by different authors which offer a detailed understanding of the subject in a concise and precise manner.

Visit our website for SYJC Commerce books in Mathematics that are collated as per the latest syllabus in accordance with the pattern as set by Maharashtra Board.

Take Online Tests

Studying is not alone useful unless not backed by revision and practice. A lot has been eased with varied Online Test Series launched for preparing students with the basic concepts and understanding of the subject.

Learn more about the benefits offered by e-learning. Read our blog on the same.

Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers prove to be very beneficial for students. Going through previous year papers one can get an easy idea regarding the questions which were asked in the previous year and those that are repeated. One can also know about which topics and questions have more weightage and which have the least.

Also, do not forget to read our blog on 5 things every student must know about the HSC 12th Commerce Board Exams and the top tricks to write an exam paper with a creative kick

Solving past year papers will make the sail easy as it will aid students to get accustomed to the syllabus and thereby building their chances of scoring more in HSC Boards. Acing a mathematics paper for commerce is not a tough thing. The most important element is gaining the perseverance to try until you succeed. With the right study material and support, any student can come out in flying colors leaving back the phobia of Mathematics. Check out our website for HSC Books for Mathematics and make your journey towards success hunky dory!

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