HSC 12th Standard Commerce Board Exam 2020

The time between February and March is very crucial for a 12th standard student. This is the time when their 12th standard board examinations are going to take place. The next batch of students must already start their preparation for 12th standard HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination. The Maharashtra HSC result 2019 will be available in May and it will inspire the next batch for sure. So it is time to fasten your seat belts and take a drive into the huge world of 12th standard commerce books to read.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (also known as MSBSHSE) is responsible for the execution of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination in Maharashtra. The HSC exam 2020 will be held around February –March, 2020. The timetable of the forthcoming examination is still not announced, but will be duly announced in the official website of MSBSHSE. The exams dates for all the streams (Commerce, Science and Arts) will be declared together.

At this point of time, there are a lot of relevant questions in the mind of a 12th standard student. Like how to plan properly for the forthcoming examination, which are the best commerce books to read for HSC 2020, how to make 12th standard commerce board exam preparation more effective and so the list goes on. In this particular blog, we will talk about various important aspects of HSC Exam 2020. We will provide planning tips and tricks for you, with a special highlight on the students belonging to the Commerce Stream.

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HSC Exam Planner for Commerce Stream

Nobody can deny the fact that the 12th board examination serves as an important phase in a student’s career. The future path of a student depends mostly on the percentage of marks that he/she achieves in the 12th board exam. This percentage of marks actually becomes an important aspect while selecting a desired stream for higher education as well as for selecting a profession or career later in life. So it is essential for a student to give undivided attention to the 12th board examination.

So let us now focus on some aspects that has to be kept in mind while preparing for HSC 2020 Commerce exam –

  1. No doubt 12th board exams are crucial, but never be pressurised due to that. This statement is applicable not only for the HSC 2020 aspirants but also for their parents.
  2. Make sure that you maintain a balanced routine all through the year to score high in the 12th board examination. Remember that studying hard but only during the last few days will not work. However, studying in a balanced way, throughout the year, is going to fetch you better results.
  3. It is mandatory to stay calm within, while setting up a routine for study. Remember that no good work is done in a hurry.
  4. Maintain a positive spirit and try not to get disheartened when a subject or a topic seems slightly more difficult than the other one. Give it more time, you’ll surely learn it.
  5. Keep your mind away from unwanted worries and tension. If you are able to keep your mind fresh, then half the battle is already won.
  6. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities. Stop underestimating your talent and also stop comparing your marks with others.

At this crucial point, it is important for parents to stop comparing their children with others as well. The unwavering support from parents becomes instrumental in fetching high marks in HSC 2020. If the parents are confident about their children, the children naturally become confident about themselves. This works as an important factor in the journey of a student’s life.

Tips for HSC Commerce Examination 2020

A student should be aware of the necessary tricks and tips that can help him/her stay highly motivated to gain organic results in Standard 12th commerce board examination 2020. The last few days immediately before the exam should be meant for relaxing yourself and revising the important parts of the syllabus.  Proper rest and complete eight hours sleep on the night before the exams can help you focus and concentrate on the answers during the examination.

Similarly, there are many other tips and tricks that can help a HSC 2020 aspirant in his/her journey. Some of the most important tips are jotted down below foe you –

#1 Proper Planning: Make a full-proof plan for HSC examination 2020. Set a routine for yourself and make sure that you follow the routine meticulously. Set time aside for each subject separately. Give more time to the subjects that seem more difficult than others, or the ones that you are weak in.

#2 Self Study: At this point of time, focusing on self study becomes essential. Give more time to self learning and studying at home, rather than tuitions or coaching classes (or even group studies). Prepare personal notes on each subject, pointing out the important areas. These notes will be helpful in the last few days before the exam. You can completely rely on NCERT solutions. Every NCERT book for standard 12th will help you clear your basic concepts.

#3 Practice: Keep a few days of the week aside only for writing down the answers that you have already learned. Make this a habit. This will improve the speed of your writing and help you while write the answers fast in the exam hall.

#4 Revision: Keep revising the topic and chapters that are completed, time and again. Also, revise the important aspects of each chapter when you are done with a subject. Make sure that you stay in touch with what you have already learned and don’t keep the revision part only for the last days before examination.

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Few other important tips are as follows:

  1. Never start a new topic or chapter just a few days before the exam.
  2. Solve mock test papers
  3. Explore some good e-learning or online courses
  4. Make sure that you take proper rest. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.
  5. Give yourself a break of minimum 5-7minutes after each hour, while studying.
  6. Maintain a healthy diet and don’t think about skipping any meal when you are preparing for your exams. Drink sufficient amount of water regularly and stay hydrated.
  7. In case you have questions or doubts regarding any topic or chapter, clarify your doubts immediately. Don’t keep the doubts to be cleared at a later stage. Ask for help from your teachers, parents and friends, whenever required.

Popular Books for 12th Standard Commerce Board Exams 2020 Preparation

Here is a detailed list of books to read that can help you reach your desired goals and gain high marks in HSC commerce board examination 2020.  The books are as follows –

We have tried to provide you all the meaningful information regarding 12th standard commerce board examination 2020. We hope you found our blog helpful. Generally, the level of stress goes high immediately before the examination but don’t worry! This anxiety is natural. Try to remain calm and don’t put yourself under any pressure. Prepare properly and make your own SWOT analysis. Study well and give extra attention to the weaker topics and subjects. Follow a proper healthy diet and take proper rest. Don’t stretch yourself too much before the 12th board exams. Put all your energy in the right direction and in choosing the rights books for HSC Commerce Board Preparation. We wish you all the best from our end.

We have always thrived to offer students references that will help them sail through the exam preparation without any trouble. Target Publications’ Std. 12th Commerce Notes are compiled meticulously keeping the students at the focal point who are set to appear for the H.S.C. Commerce examination. We also offer varied combos and series of Smart Notes whose concepts are designed in the best of manner to ease the pressure of examination.

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