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    NEET UG Chemistry Test Series with Answer Key & Solutions | 2250 MCQ's
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    NEET UG / JEE Main Challenger Chemistry Book | Vol 2 | JEE/NEET
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    NEET | JEE Main Challenger Chemistry Book Vol 1 with MCQs
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    NEET UG Challenger PCB Books Medical Entrance Exam| Pack of 6 Books
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    NEET UG Mains PCB Books Absolute with Chapterwise MCQs
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Best NEET 2023 Chemistry Books, PYQs, Test series, Notes & Other Study materials By Target Publications

NEET Chemistry refers to the chemistry section in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a medical entrance exam for admissions to many prestigious Indian medical and dentistry institutes.

Questions asked in NEET Chemistry are based on the syllabus of CBSE class 11 and class 12. Of the one hundred and eighty questions in the competitive exam, 45 belong to Chemistry. Thus, Chemistry carries 25% of the total weightage in the NEET examination.

Candidates can score maximum marks in the Chemistry section by frequently reviewing the syllabus, understanding concepts and solving practice objective questions. However, the books available to prepare for NEET are many. Candidates need only the best NEET books for Chemistry.

The Best Chemistry Books for NEET

The best books for NEET preparation, especially for chemistry, include an impeccable NEET guide for Chemistry, which should serve as both, a point of quick reference with helpful tips and a practice MCQ book.


Candidates would also need a book of previous years’ NEET-solved question papers to boost marks. It will aid candidates in understanding the pattern of questions asked in the entrance exam. Taking offline NEET Chemistry mock tests and/or online mock tests for NEET Chemistry will contribute to elevated scores as well.

Target Publications—Trusted Competitive Exam Preparation Partners

Target Publications has nearly 20 years of expertise in educational publishing and has gained a respected name for all types of learning resources from pre-primary to college, particularly for NEET (UG), MHT-CET, CUET-UG and JEE Main. Each title completely conforms to the official curriculum and updated as per the most recent exam paper pattern.


With Target Publications’ Quill - The Padhai App, students can learn at their own pace. It has a vast digital library along with online NEET mock tests, JEE Main mock tests and MHT-CET mock tests.

Why Target Publications' Books for NEET Exam Preparation?

Prepared by a team of experts and academicians, Target Publications has the best NEET (UG) preparation books. From NEET reference books to NEET objective books for practice, we have the resources a candidate would need to not just crack the NEET exam but excel in it with the best scores possible.

Best Chemistry Books for NEET by Target Publications

Target Publications has dedicated titles for every stage of NEET preparation. These include the Absolute Series, Challenger series, NEET 35 Years Previous Solved Papers (PSP), Previous 10 Years NEET Solved Papers with Solutions (PYQ), NEET (UG) Test Series and NEET (UG) 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests.

Chemistry Absolute Series and Challenger Series

With easy explanations, concept videos and quality multiple-choice questions, Absolute Chemistry and Challenger Chemistry are the best NEET preparation books for Chemistry.


Target Publications Absolute Chemistry Volumes 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2 are packed with more than 8,000 multiple-choice questions in total. Challenger Chemistry Volumes I & II have over 4,000 MCQs for students who wish to train to solve the most challenging questions. The mix of concept-based questions and application-based questions makes both series the ideal books for Chemistry NEET.

Features of Absolute and Challenger Series Books:

Features Description
Latest Solved Question Paper Question Paper from the latest NEET exams provided with Answers
Past Entrance Exam Questions Includes problems from various prominent competitive exams
Theory Precise theory and formulae section for quick referencing
Topic test Self-evaluation at the end of each chapter
QR codes Visual understanding of a concept or activity via video/PDF
Smart Tip Memorise or revise key points and formulae at a glance
Connection Enables students to interlink concepts covered in different chapters
Caution Informs students about commonly made mistakes
Thinking Hatke Smart approach to crack the specific question
Smart Code Mnemonics for important or difficult concepts
Gyan Guru Illustrates real-life applications or examples related to the concept discussed
General Reaction Simplified organic reaction of compounds having the same functional groups
Knowledge Badhao! Additional information relevant to the concept
Remember This Highlights key points in a chapter, misconceptions, order of reactivity, exceptions, point of difference, misconceptions etc.


Previous 10 Years NEET Solved Papers with Solutions by Target Publications

Within the book ‘Previous 10 Years NEET Solved Paper with Solutions (PCB)’ lays a collection of 14 full-length past question papers spanning the years 2013 to 2022. Tests taken for the second time in 2015 (Re-Test), 2016 (Phase II), 2019 (Odisha) and 2020 (Phase II) are also covered. Each paper is followed by an OMR Sheet containing the Answers. In addition, 14 blank OMR Sheets are provided for practice. Smart Keys provide smart, time-saving solutions to questions. Relevant pages from the NCERT Textbook are mapped for quick reference. Each paper's topic-by-topic analysis is presented in a tabular form.

NEET Previous Solved Papers by Target Publications:

Target Publications’ 36 Years Previous Solved Papers (PSP) Chemistry contains 1,834 MCQs from the past 36 years of AIPMT/NEET. All questions are arranged topic-wise and subtopic-wise. The Chapter-wise Graphical Analysis of questions helps students decode important sub-topics. With the addition of Topic-wise Weightage Analysis of the past 10 Years, it is the best MCQ book for NEET Chemistry.

NEET (UG) Chemistry Test Series by Target Publications

The NEET (UG) Test Series for Chemistry covers a variety of Multiple Choice Questions. Two thousand two hundred and fifty questions are segregated into 30 Topic Tests, 10 Revision Tests and 5 Model Test Papers. Answers are provided to all the questions, and detailed solutions are given for tough questions.

NEET Mock Test by Target Publications

Target Publications NEET-UG 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests (PCB) has 10 full-length NEET Question Papers, prepared according to the latest NEET (UG) paper pattern. Students can get ample practice using the 10 OMR Sheets. Answers are provided to all the papers so students can self-evaluate and track their progress. An analysis of past NEET (UG) Exam Papers from 2013 to 2022 is included, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about NEET Chemistry

NCERT textbooks are an absolute must when preparing for NEET Chemistry. However, they are not sufficient to pass NEET because you must not only know how to apply concepts but also solve questions on time. This requires consistent practice by solving as many MCQs as possible and taking mock tests. If you have access to previous years' question papers, you will get insights into the pattern of questions asked, the most important topics and subtopics, which improve your scores by a huge margin.
Target’s Absolute Series and Challenger Series are the best reference books for NEET Chemistry. Not only do you get practice questions, but also concise theory for last-minute revision, tips and tricks for solving questions quickly and accurately, concept videos, previous years’ exam questions, the latest solved NEET question paper and practice questions.
You can easily acquire a NEET Chemistry score of 150+ using reference books with these simple steps: Strategise, Study and Solve. Go through past question papers to understand the trend of important topics and questions. Then prepare your study schedule accordingly. Ensure your concepts are thorough enough you can apply them. Memorise all the smart study tips and tricks in the reference books, then practise solving MCQs subtopic-wise. Start with simple concept-based questions, and then move on to application-based objectives. Practise solving questions from previous years’ NEET exams. Lastly, take as many mock tests as possible to train to complete your paper on time.
Target Publications’ Absolute Series has the most suitable reference books for NEET Chemistry.
Organic Chemistry is not difficult in NEET. However, students generally find Organic Chemistry difficult as a subject itself. To score more marks in Organic Chemsitry, focus on understanding concepts rather than memorising nomenclature, structures and reactions. Practise also goes a long way in longer retention and time management.