How Mock Tests lay the foundation of getting a Great Rank?


Today, change is the norm of the world and this is true with the education sector as well. Exams are no longer confined to testing how much knowledge you have, rather they are designed to test your application of learning. Application-based exams usually involve both subjective ones as well as objective ones. Competitive examinations such as NEET UG, JEE Mains and MHT-CET are among the most widely known application based, objective examinations. These exams are generally seen to test the students’ ability to go the extra mile and excel while continuing their traditional academic journey.

However, just as exams have evolved, so have the hoops that every student has to jump through. Study patterns have changed, the preparation process has become more prioritised and getting a good rank is gaining quick popularity. With newer exam patterns coming into play and better testing formats making an entry, the anxiety levels of students are on a rise.

Imagine yourself as an aspirant who is about to appear for a Computer-based entrance exam to get an entry into a prestigious college. Anxiety strikes and you are suddenly unable to remember the answers. Thus, your dream career option seems to be going further away from you.

You must be wondering how to exactly counter this issue? Enter mock tests! These mock tests basically refer to practice examinations that students take before they appear for their actual examination. Enrolling oneself into an online or offline mock test series has become the popular way of going about competitive entrance examinations. Why is that? It’s because they truly lay a foundation base for scoring great marks because these mock tests provide students with the much-needed practice. So apart from greatly sharpening your brains and giving you hands-on experience, how else do mock tests help you out? Let’s find out.

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A mock-test measures your knowledge and the lack thereof

Mock tests are generally designed to test your conceptual knowledge and your grip on the entire syllabus that is notified for the examination. This way, once you are able to complete one chapter, you can directly test yourself in a real-time examination atmosphere. Once you begin to take a mock test, you will be able to track the amount of time you take to answer each question. The minute the test is over, you will be able to get an idea of how much you studied, how much you were able to remember and how many conceptual questions were you actually able to answer correctly.

A mock test enables you to determine and segregate the important topics

All students are well aware of the concept of studying previous years’ question papers when it comes to competitive examinations. For instance, if you happen to be a NEET UG aspirant, then you would look for NEET UG books that come work both as a resource and a reference material in addition to being inclusive of questions that were asked in the previous years. Similarly, if you are an MHT-CET aspirant then opting for an MHT-CET Practice Question Papers Set is the way to go.  In the same manner, opting for a mock-test which is formulated on the basis of questions asked in the previous years will give you an idea of all the important topics. This way you will be able to divide your time in accordance with the hierarchy of importance for each topic. Another advantage of attempting mock tests is that you will be able to solve every kind of question there is and get better insights for it.

A mock test will help you assess the level of your preparation

Many online mock tests provide you with the facility of reports. These reports are consolidated data which revolves around your performance. They might range from an overall report which talks about the amount of time taken to answer each question to a detailed report which graphically represents the number of questions classified into correct and incorrect ones. Some online test series even offer you with a detailed report in comparison to that of many others who’ve attempted a similar test. You get an opportunity to view your project rank across the country as well as your state.

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A mock test provides you with a real-time examination atmosphere

 Opting for a mock test is quite different from sitting at home and attempting a test on your own. As a participant attempting an online mock test, you will be able to solve it in a similar atmosphere as that of the examination. This also reduces your exam anxiety as you will have attempted numerous mock tests before appearing for the real one. In addition to this, when you opt for an online test, you will not just be an individual attempting it, there will be a number of like minded aspirants who will sit for the test. This way you will get access to valuable information and understand the marks that you must score to be able to get a great rank.

The concept of learning revolves around two major acts. The first one is the act of repetition and the second one involves the use of old knowledge and its connection to newly-acquired knowledge. So how does one know whether they happen to be on the right path towards learning? The process of examination was formulated for this very reason, in order to measure an individual’s knowledge and learning. Examinations in the earlier days were quite a breezy affair where everyone followed the rote-learning routine and wrote long pages of answers. The amount of marks scored was directly proportional to amount of pages a person wrote.

As exams have changed, so have strategies of preparing for them. Online mock tests are ruling the roost today with a number of features which help aspirants score a great actual rank. Our Online Test Series is a similar online mock test which will prove to be an instrumental foundation for aspirants. Equipped with sterling features such as time-trackers, different types of tests, performance graphs, projected AIR (All India Rank) and SMR (State Merit Rank) we are sure that our online test series would be a perfect fit for all JEE Main, NEET UG and MHT-CET aspirants. Go on ahead and attempt a FREE Demo Test and open up a world of great possibilities and greater ranks!  

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