Preschool Education - It helps kindle the joy of learning!

The brain of children between the age group of 3 to 5 years happens to be like a sponge that can instantly absorb anything that is taught. Thus, harnessing this opportunity and introducing kids to early learning can aid in inculcating them with the right habits in addition to kindling their curiosity for learning more.

Unlike yesteryear, when a child’s learning process started only by the age of 5 to 6 years the present day scenario has evolved over the years. Kids are now given early exposure to learning techniques that were otherwise not introduced until they were enrolled in schools. Preschool education helps in initiating the process by introducing kids to the varied aspects of learning from writing, reading and building motor skills which you will gain an insight into in the coming sections.

Moreover, children are offered a platform to build their cognitive and creative skills. In a way, it helps children in gaining a sense of autonomy and confidence in their own abilities thereby helping them develop good habits leading to the building of physical, motor and creative skills.

For example, The present-day pedagogy has evolved from the mere recitation of poems and repetition to the use of audiovisuals. This assists in stirring the curiosity in the mind of kids to connect the images with the words.

Modern-day Preschool education

Modern-day Preschool education

Preschool education today plays an essential role in ensuring your child is not left behind in the race of education. From introducing newer methods of teaching that is melded with technology to that of a modified curriculum, enrolling your kid to preschool can help in a myriad of ways. Kids enrolled in preschool have a pro in comparison to those who are not. Considering the enhanced pedagogy, today a 4-year-old kid is more competent considering the exposure they are given at a young age. Thus, by the time they are enrolled in nursery or Jr.Kg. they are well aware of most concepts. Preschool thus ensures in utilizing the strengths and capabilities in the perfect manner.

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For example, the modern-day preschool curriculum includes inducing in kids, the basics of the language that are phonics. This puts across a novel approach to learning, wherein the primary aspect is improving the basics of the language through sounds and then moving ahead towards assisting them in building words.

Keeping the same thought in mind, many publications are introducing books on phonics or preschool children. They concentrate on presenting kids with a comprehensive platform to learn and relate sounds of alphabets and thus strengthen the basics of their English words. Herein, kids learn to identify words by sound, the appropriate pronunciation of words and how to use them in a sentence. You can check out our Phonics books by Target Publications, where we have introduced kids to the basics of alphabet sound using colorful illustrations and examples.

In this blog, we have further elaborated on other ways a preschool can help in molding kids in an overall manner.

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Kindling the power of imagination

Kindling the power of imagination

Imagination is the very core that needs to be ignited. Drawing, coloring, and craft help in kindling imagination. Kids learn to connect to their immediate environment and to relate the objects in the surrounding. For example, making kids draw an apple accompanied by the letter A and later coloring it red will help glue in their mind the very idea of apple being red. Thus if they are shown letter A or the picture of an apple, they would be able to relate both with each other. This helps in sparking imagination and making them learn alphabets in an effective way.

Beginning from the basics

Beginning from the basics of language learning

The primary aspect revolves around improving the basics of kids before moving ahead. For example, Drawing and Colouring book delves into teaching kids the basic strokes used in drawing like sleeping lines, standing lines, slanting lines, etc. To present kids a comprehensive platform for beginning their learning process, we present our books for preschool kids offerings. This includes stroke book, drawing, and coloring book, coloring and plays with dots, Art and craft books and much more. Visit our website to view more.

Story Telling and Rhymes

How Story Telling and Rhymes assist kids in learning and imagination

Storytelling plays an integral role in readying students for learning as it involves reading, listening, and repetition. Apart from inculcating in kids the habit of reading at preschools, use methods to spark their expressions and voices to different each character and thereby instill more excitement. In addition, preschool rhymes also make a great way of introducing kids to the world of imagination and poetry. This also helps in building the analytical thinking process thereby also building their communication skills.

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Turning kids effective communicators

What helps kids turn into good communicators

By the time a kid is enrolled in preschool, they typically would have already started to communicate their likes and dislikes orally in their mother tongue or home language. The shift in pedagogy deals with developing kid’s oral language skills by presenting a comprehensive environment that facilitates kids to read with ease, relate to the surrounding.

Free Play Activities

Indulgence in Free Play Activities at Preschool.

These preschool learning activities enable children to make choices, take decisions and help them build the right bonds and choices. Activities like mealtime, toilet breaks are carried out to allow kids to learn good habits. They learn how to eat nutritious food, drink clean water, wash hands, keep surroundings clean, etc. Preschool learning offers an inviting environment where students are boosted to think, interact and build self-esteem.

Group Activities building social and emotional bonds

Group Activities building social and emotional bonds in kids

This is done by making them indulge in activities including different kinds of play such as indoor and outdoor, active and passive, etc. It gives kids screening of their strengths and abilities. The outdoor activities include running, jumping, skipping, balancing acts. It helps in building connections with other kids and thereby enhancing their bond.

On the other hand, preschools also make students indulge in indoor games like block play, identify objects, art activities that help in nurturing their imagination and creativity. Alongside, it also assists in strengthening their eye and hand coordination.

Thus preschool learning prepares kids to read, understand words and acquaint themselves with storytelling. In addition, preschools make a child able to perform tasks on their own. They are introduced to the broader world assisting them in interacting with fellow kids and building bonds.

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