What are the pros and cons one should remember while taking a drop for NEET-UG?

Pros and cons of taking a drop for NEET-UG

A common trait that is witnessed among students who are dissatisfied by their rank, is juggling with the dilemma of whether to take a drop or test one’s luck. However, not always does following the intuition prove to be the right choice.

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NEET UG is an important exam for everyone aiming for the Medical or Dental field. The scores obtained in the test will decide one’s future prospects. A lot of research and thought is required to be put in before deciding to drop from NEET UG for a year or two. Herein, one needs to weigh the pros and cons of dropping out.

Here in our blog, we have presented a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of taking a drop. Along with presenting assistance for the candidates in deciding for the better choice.


Revision and proper preparation that would help in performing better.
  1. To revise and prepare well

The students often find the two year time period from passing 10th to appearing for 12th boards insufficient. They would like to improve and consolidate their concepts. The syllabus of the board exams is extremely vast. Often students find it difficult to concentrate on their preparation for NEET UG. Owing to the exhaustive syllabus, aspirants find taking a drop after 12th. This presents a better option to enhance their chances in performing better at NEET UG

Help in bettering past performance in exams
  • To improvise past performance

If you have already appeared for NEET UG during the past year and wish to improve on your scores, taking a break is a fruitful consideration. Knowing what efforts you require to put forth for cracking the entrance test, you can move on to improve it further and achieve the desired goal!

During the break, students can accelerate their preparation by solving NEET Online Tests and taking Mock Tests. Furthermore, they can enhance their capacity by referring to NEET UG study material that offers a concise and precise understanding of the subject.

Aiming for top colleges
  • If you are aiming for top colleges

Getting admission to top medical and dental colleges in India happens to be the ultimate goal of every student who appears for NEET UG examination. However, a lot depends on the percentage scored by students in the exam. Thus, instead of opting for a mediocre college and compromising one’s dream university, it is far better to take a drop and attempt the exam again with more confidence.

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But the same has a few cons too. Let’s look at them too:


Devoting time to deadlines

1.    Devote one whole year solely for studying

Taking a drop for your NEET-UG entrance examination means getting an extra year for preparation as also spending one full year while studying alone. Additionally, it can be quite taxing mentally for students who aspire to pursue further education such as Ph.D. or Masters, who can’t afford to lose an extra year as the said courses may have age limitations. Taking a break can go against such plans.

Howto perform well in studies under pressure

2.    The pressure to perform well

Taking a drop for NEET UG preparation may put on students a greater load of stress to outperform than others. There are times when students find themselves getting diverted because of exam pressure. However, it is not always necessarily so in case of every such student.

3.    Other side effects

Not all days of preparation will be hunky-dory. There will be times when one feels utterly lazy and on other days one may find the break to be completely a waste. This may make them feel depressed, discouraged and frustrated. This primarily can happen since the stakes here are higher and failing once again may mean worse for one’s future.

In conclusion, opt for a break only when:

  • If you are convinced enough that your performance wasn’t up to your potential and that you will be able to perform better if given a second chance.
  • If you wish to  change to your desired college
  • Do not take a drop if you are confident enough that you can perform better in both your entrance as well as board exams.

If you think you can manage without taking a break for one whole year, here we have a blog that can help you on how to take breaks in between when studying.  Do not forget to check this out.

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