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The NEET exam is a national level exam held for rendering admission to MBBS and BDS courses across top universities in India. The exam is conducted by the NTA which is attempted by over 15 lakh students every year. As per research, there has been a rise of 14.4% in the number of students appearing for the exam every year. Thus, this increases the level of preparation and hard work to make it happen.

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Being the sole national level exam, it makes it immensely important for students to put in their heart and soul into making their place among the top list. Strategizing it appropriately, you can go on to dividing your topics in the form of the timetable which will be beneficial for you to learn later.

As you have still 10 months left for the NEET exam, you still have sufficient time to perk up your practice and guarantee your admission among top colleges. Here we have presented a 10 month time table for preparing for NEET 2020 examination. Here we go:

While we do have 10 months to complete the entire portion yet 2 in this would be lost in the preparation of HSC board exams. However, if you study along with your boards, it will spare time from repetitions and help you gain a deeper perspective of topics from Chemistry and Physics which are usually the difficult ones.

So here is the simple trick of making your NEET exam preparation an easy one:

Divide the topics

Based on the number of topics in the NEET syllabus, you can divide them accordingly for each month. For example – if there are 60 topics to be covered in the exam, you can go on to prepare 3 topics each day with simultaneously continuing the revision every single day. Coming to the three topics you would be covering every day can either be of the same subject or three different subjects based on which topics you wish to cover.

However, one thing which you are required to follow without fail is following the timetable every day as even a single change will pile up the burden on you. Furthermore, dedicate at least 4 hours for a topic covering every aspect of the topic from reading the theory, understanding the concept and solving MCQs.

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Devote your time for gaining general knowledge related to different topics

Additional to the NEET syllabus which you would be covering, also ensure to dedicate your time to gain knowledge on topics related to general knowledge as it is also included in the NEET.

Simultaneously prepare for HSC board exams

While preparing NEET you must not forget your board exams, and hence devote sufficient time for its preparation as well. It is recommended to complete your NEET preparation in advance and then go on to complete the portion of Board exams. In between, you can continue acquiring a general knowledge of your preparation.

Restart your revision a month before the NEET 2020 exam

Before one month of the NEET exam when you are free from the preparation of board exams, get into a quick revision mode. Herein, solve mock tests and set the timer to understand how soon can you complete the exam. You must also include previous year question papers that would help you in scoring better.

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Other Miscellaneous points to keep in mind:

  • Do not skip meals to study. No matter how busy your schedule is, ensure you have a healthy and balanced diet that would aid you in remembering things well.
  • Includes nuts and fruits as well as milk in your daily diet. It will not only keep you fresh but also reduce lethargy which is usually caused by eating junk food.
  • Drink a lot of water. It is necessary to keep oneself well hydrated. As a student, you tend to utilize more energy and hence it is essential to be healthy and drink a lot of water for good concentration.
  • Give enough breaks to your routine. Indulge in physical activities like Yoga, walking or dance. Physical activities are known to build concentration and thereby turn you more focused.
  • Mediate as much as possible. This is to gain focus and to build concentration.
  • Do not stay awake for a long time. Sleeplessness will turn you cranky and reduce your productivity.

Target Publications offers a one-stop solution for all NEET 2020 Exam aspirants by presenting them with an organized platform wherein students can prepare for the exam efficiently. NEET Absolute and NEET Challenger series are divided based on the caliber of students and their level of understanding. The challenger series makes it easy to learn in points and tables while the absolute series makes it easy to imbibe the theory.

Our other offerings for NEET 2020 Exam preparation include:

Also, you can read through our blogs and gain a quick understanding of the topics along with eminent tricks for cracking the exams smoothly.

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