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The medicine industry is one of the fastest-growing segments. The industry holds the potential of transforming is healthcare services in the global stream. This very reason has triggered the growth of a number of skilled professionals in the field. Every year numerous students are taking up entrance examinations for the medicine to pursue their dream of becoming professional healthcare practitioners.

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NEET is one of the top examinations conducted across India. This is the sole entrance exam for students to gain entry to top medical colleges across the country. With more and more students appearing for the exam, it is immensely important to put in all might to qualify the exam.  This blog is drafted with the view of offering to all aspirants some potential study advice for cracking the medical exams.

This article is not just limited to preparing for NEET but for other top entrance exams too such as:

  • JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Medical Education and Research)
  • AIIMS MBBS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)
  • AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Exams)

So what are the best ways of preparing for medical entrance exams?

Be well abreast with your syllabus

Foremost be well acquainted with the entire syllabus for the exam. Having a good idea of what is the exam syllabus and being abreast of the pattern will boost your preparation process as well as aid in boosting your level of confidence. The NEET exam syllabus adheres to the NCERT syllabus of CBSE. Most of the questions are asked from Class 11 and 12. The questions asked are objective types covering major topics of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Candidates are required to solve all the answers within a time span of 3 hours. However, it is necessary to note that wrong answers will be liable to negative marking while the correct ones will be rewarded +2 marks.

Management of Time

Time is an important component in the case of exams. Managing it well is the ultimate crux for gaining brilliant marks. Thus, as a student, knowing what are the priorities and where to prioritize your time is very necessary. Reading all the whole lesson every time you sit for studying can be quite a herculean task. Hence, making placards and receiving it each day before beginning your preparation can not only help in managing time but also make the preparation easy.

Using time gracefully is the very crux of achieving anything in life. So, thus we have compiled smart ways for students to reduce their study time for qualifying the exam.

Previous Year Papers

Question papers are the magic wand for learning. In the case of NEET UG the question paper pattern hardly differs each year. If you get your hand on all the previous year papers for NEET you can get a good idea of what are the important questions asked each year, which chapters carry more weightage and how can they be leveraged for the exam. Solve as many questions as possible and when solving consider yourself to be at the examination hall. They will render you give your best output and try to finish the paper within the stipulated time. Solving previous year papers is thus the best way to make your place amongst the toppers in the NEET exam. Click here to know what are various study hacks for solving exams using previous year papers.

Do not be Anxious

Exam and anxiety go hand in hand. Especially the night before the exam is the most stressful one. It can cause a student’s level of confidence to deviate thereby leading to nightmares and sleepless nights. So, a day before the exam go through the placards and revise the lessons thoroughly to brush up the concepts. Most importantly, do not let your confidence level fall down. Keep your eye on the goal and do not disbelieve your abilities.

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Eliminate Stress and fears

Fear, when used properly, can aid in reaching success. For this know well about your strengths and weaknesses. This will aid in preparing for your exam and thereby schedule your timetable.

All that is needed at the time of the exam is to keep calm and never lose the confidence in bettering yourself each time. Target Publications brings you the best companion and your study partner who will aid in sailing through the ocean of Board exams. Our books are comprehensively designed to render to students a platform for perfecting their conceptual knowledge. Keeping in mind the essentiality of board exams we have designed the notes in a manner where students can get their queries cleared as well as gain the knowledge of the topic. Get the ultimate stress buster tips for dealing with exam phobia. Read our blog and do not forget to share your views with us.

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